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Helpful information regarding Refly rules

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Posted 08 August 2016 - 03:40 PM

Hi All,


I recently received a question regarding the Refly Rules (Friendly Territory and No Man's Land), found within the tournament ruleset:




The person who asked was kind enough to allow me to post this.  I thought it might help people.


. . .


Question #1: If I landed my scout aircraft at an active friendly two-seater base, would I lose my plane?


If you're in a scout, and you land at a bomber base, the answer is yes.  You'd lose it.


All of this has to do with aircraft numbers at the bases, and whether or not you pull from those numbers when taking off.


Let's say there are two scout aerodromes (AF1 and AF2), and one "bomber" aerodrome (AB1).  Both AF1 and AF2 have the same aircraft.  And AB1 has two-seaters.


If you took off from AF1 at the beginning of the mission, that's your home base.  And every time you refly, you take off from AF1.  If you've landed at AF1, you refly in the "same" aircraft you landed in (i.e. it doesn't pull from the field's total number, saving your team aircraft).  If you've ditched somewhere else, you respawn at AF1 in a "new" aircraft that does take away from your team's total number at that base.  If too many people ditch, and not land, your team could run out of aircraft!


With AF1 as your home base, you can emergency land at AF2 (the other scout base).


When you do this, you're taking off from AF2 in the "same" aircraft you landed in!  Thus, you're not pulling from AF2's total number.  This is because AF2 has the same aircraft type as AF1, and thus they can refuel and repair you.  However, if your aircraft is destroyed when landing at AF2, it's a write off.  You'll now have to go back to AF1 (your home plate).  And your team loses the aircraft.


So, if you emergency land at AB1 (the bomber base) in a scout aircraft from AF1, the aircraft is lost.


This is because AB1 doesn't have the same type of aircraft as what you're flying.  When you hit refly, the aircraft disappears.  You'll now have to reup at AF1, in a "new" scout aircraft that takes away from your field's total number.


Of course, you (as a pilot) can always switch between a scout base and a bomber base in order to change mission roles (fighter to bomber, back to fighter).  That's completely cool.


You just can't switch back and forth between AF1 and AF2.  AF1 will always be your home base.


Question #2: Would I then have to refly from my home Aerodrome in another aircraft?


As in the above example, if you don't land your aircraft at a base that supports that aircraft type, the aircraft is lost.  And you must pull from your home base's total number.  


If enough people do this, you could technically have an aircraft shortage in the later parts of the mission.


Question #3: Will my aircraft appear after 5 minutes at the home Aerodrome?


If you've landed at a base that supports your aircraft type (and it's not severely damaged), it automatically is credited to that aerodrome.  There is no wait time.


The 5 minute waiting time is actually for you.


After landing or ditching, you must wait 5 minutes before reflying.


Hals - und Beinbruch!

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 12:50 PM

Another question about the refly rules: Say that I have spawned in at the airfield at the beginning of the mission, and discover that I have a technical problem, for example my TrackIR doesn´t work or I have no ingame sound. I may or may not have started rolling on the ground before I discover that something is wrong, but I have not taken off. I realize I must restart my game to fix it. Do I have to wait for 5 minutes before I can take off again?

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 02:12 PM

Good question!


If you've spawned in, but have not taken off, you can refly immediately.  So, for example, you can turn your engine on, roll around the field, and then shut your engine off, hit refly, and be back in.


Once you're wheels up, however, the 5 minute refly penalty starts.


So, if you take off, and fly a circuit over the field, and then land 1 minute later, you now have to wait 5 minutes.


Hope that makes sense. :)

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