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FIF 2017 "Winter Campaign" Description

Description FIF2017

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Posted 08 January 2017 - 01:20 AM

Welcome to the Flanders in Flames 2017: Winter Campaign!
Ypres. Belgium. 1918.

Occupying a strategic position for both the German and Allied forces since the initial 1914 “Race to the Sea”, there have been over a million casualties within this region.

So horrific have the intense and sustained battles been that much of the area surrounding city is considered sacred ground, made so by the blood of those who have died. Chlorine and mustard gas (nicknamed Yperite, after the city) rain down on the front-lines. Hundred of thousands of shells impact onto the cratered landscape in epic bombardments, destroying and maiming everything in their path.

In March, the German “Spring Offensive” arrives.

The German High Command hopes to push the British forces out of Ypres, and back to the channel ports, and out of the war. Both the German Sixth Army and the Fourth Army stand ready to attempt the breakthrough, supported by the new stosstruppen (stormtroopers). They call this offensive “Operation Georgette”.

The Allies, in turn, are determined to hold the line at all costs. Ypres must not fall into German hands. The British First Army, reinforced by two divisions of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps, take the brunt of the offensive, and many of their divisions are initially overrun.

However, with the arrival of French reinforcements, the initial German gains soon are marred by heavy losses. As the Spring turns to Summer, an increasing number of American soldiers arrive as well, and the advantage seems to slip to the Allied forces.

By late Summer, the Ypres Salient is witness to a series of pitched battles known to some as the “Battle of the Peaks of Flanders”.

Flanders is now in flames.

. . .

The twins are back!
Sgt. Waldo - Royal Flying Corps
Sgt. Otto - Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte
While infamous as lousy rear gunners (that usually shoot their own plane before they can hit an enemy), both Waldo and Otto are back as the lousy observers that tell you what they saw after you land.
If Waldo or Otto see anything suspicious, and if they can remember where it was, they will run up to you after you land to give you the details.
Occasionally after finishing an artillery spotting mission, Waldo or Otto may tap you on your shoulder to point out something.
While not the best observers, they are all we have.
When Waldo or Otto localize a target, they will give the sector letter and then a number pad specifier. The number pad is the same as a computer number pad with '1' in the bottom left, '5' in the center and '9' in the top right.
Most secondary targets will be at a village or named target to help with localization.
For example:
"You spotted an armored column at Faversham, Sector S. 8."
Looking at the map, you find Sector S:

You then overlay the number pad onto Sector S, and find Faversham in S. 8:


Hals - und Beinbruch!

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