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  2. Not sure right now. Still working out ideas. But it would probably be helicopter and CAS focused.
  3. What kind of scenario did you have in mind? The Golan Heights has some really cool terrain and defensive positions to have a large scale ground force conflict. Would be heaven for CAS/ground strike.
  4. Yeah, Syria's performance is much improved. I still have to do some tests to see if I can use it for a big mission. But I'm very hopeful!
  5. Just in case you're fittin' for some Fitters:
  6. S! No fuzz with the Il2 steam version for the update! Just bought the (2) two collector flak truck and Il2 Normandy. I did try the numbering for the Gaz truck and it work just fine! ps: @Butzzell, if you can add the Gaz truck to your map/mission... I might give a try tonight! Cheers, GenMarkof
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  8. You have to resave all editor missions
  9. Check again... there's a hotfix out just now
  10. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar1UoBZBsAJMiTge6G7tqPow0u6Z?e=H88u0O pw is Wingwalkers The 'stang is a work in progress (but flyable), the Spit is pretty much done
  11. I'll figure something out, maybe a drop box where one of you can grab them (not sure how to make them 2k, I'm NOT the artist...)
  12. To be honest the left half of the panel is the most useful for me. I did plan it this way so I could keep my hand on the stick while adjusting a cowel or radiator. The two marked GS Bright and GS Wing are for the gunsight. They have actually turned into yaw and rudder trim for IL2. With the elevator trim being on my Warthog throttle. The beauty of using the Leobodnar board with the quick connects you can always redo what you don't like. If I decide to get a house I will redo my sim pit to make it even more ergonomic.
  13. 4.6o1 is ready Lots of good stuff. Info here. I had to delete my update folder tp get it to install.
  14. Awesome, thank you, @Razwald
  15. It was a bad photo so I deleted it. Here is a new one. I didn't realize how dusty it was until I saw this. I know what I'm doing later.
  16. Is your panel somewhere on the forum? If not, I'd be interested in seeing what you've done for VR, please. I found the thread but the pictures aren't loading for me. Could be my work internet.
  17. I flew a VR sortie on Syria, MiG-21 free flight, and it was noticeably improved than pre-2.7. I've also flown a sortie on max detail in VR (accidentally left on from my screen shots) in the Caucuses and found it to be about as good as my "VR settings" pre-2.7. There were certainly optimizations made across the board. I'm glad Syria got a lot of love.
  18. Seemingly the 2.7 update massively increased performance on Syria for a lot of people, I was watching Spudknocker on YouTube and he said it performed much better since the update with vastly reduced stutters.
  19. Monday night I was doing some helo flying on Syria (Gazelle). Just to see what it would do to my system I cranked all my settings (except civ traffic & smoke stacks) to max & ran the new clouds at overcast 4. Flying low level I was delighted with the detail & surprisingly my frames didnt get below 70. Admittedly I have a pretty high end system but some of the ppl with performance problems on Syria also have good systems so I really dont know what underlying problem is?
  20. Pretty cool! I love google earth, its cool as hell being able to catch glimpses of things all over the world!
  21. I bought Syria last night, spent forever downloading it so didn't really get to play it until today. Holy hell... WOW! After flying on the Caucasus for so many years this is a real step up in fidelity. Frame rates seem to be alright too all things considered, so much low down detail flying the Mi-8 over Damascus and towards the Golan Heights etc was a real treat. The Hind is going to be unreal fun on this map, same goes for any low level work. I hope somebody does a full IAF paid campaign with voice overs etc, so many historical events you could cover with the IAF's F-16 fleet.
  22. If you are into DIY. This is the board I used to make my control panel. What's nice is it adds 8 more axes to use. It helps in IL2 a lot especially in VR. It also helps in DCS but do to the clickable cockpit, isn't as necessary. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=180 They also make a version that needs solder versus plugging wires into sockets. If you are into that.
  23. One of the moment I never forget is the low-level full-thrust flyby of Su-22 three-plane formation, when I was on the last military airshow in the town I live. I spotted them early, they got bigger and bigger but there was no sound. Then they flyby some 50 m away and just a moment later deafening bang came behind them. Regarding the MiG-23 - this Beauty is on the stand at the airfield gate here, in Ceske Budejovice: You can see it right here: https://www.google.com/maps/@48.9518622,14.4529139,163m/data=!3m1!1e3
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