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  2. Is there a 3rd party making a 210? I'm really hoping my Carnado planes, and Ifly & PMDG 737s transfer.
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  4. damn... did read too late... but would be happy to join right now! (would be avbailable in 5 Min)
  5. S! Lee, I might go for it... I just hope that the game interface and gameplay will be as good has the look and feel of this new version. On my part, I might try to use a 210 (with a special fuel gas tank)... and try to cross the Atlantic from the North to reach Iceland, and then the North part of Europe! =GenMarkof007=
  6. I have not pre-ordered, but I'll be buying next week. I have a new Air Hauler 2 Company set up, based out of KMKE, and ready for the new sim. Bonanza to start, hauling cargo. Then I'll reconfigure the Bonanza for passengers, pick up a Baron to go with it, and a Caravan for cargo.
  7. S! All, If you would like to join today SCG mission, please don't wait until the start time to ask me for the TeamSpeak address and PW (I might not be replying after the start). I will try to get on the SCG TeamSpeak around 2:00-2:15 pm (EST). Before that, I might be on JG1 TS until moving to SCG... for any questions or info. Again, I invite you all to try ounce a Combined Arms event to see how things works between Air and Ground Units - if we get enough players! ps: I started to play Tanks on the Finish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War server - lots of fun and many planes over the sky! Cheers, =GenMarkof007=
  8. Lee, Not yet, just working on the new release by Team Fusion. I'll circle back, as I would like to run an Air Transport career in a DC-3 or something similar. S!
  9. I pre-ordered. Anyone else? TrackIR will be supported at release and VR maybe by October, with the HP Reverb the first supported headset. I see Thrustmaster is releasing an Airbus side-stick version of the T.16000 and an Airbus style dual throttle, likely motivated by the FS 2020 release. Currently busy doing some clean-up and maintenance on my flight sim workstation.
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  11. Moxy, The invite was done by a personal message from SCG_Neun (PM) to me... I took his invitation, and transfer it to all JG1 members with our JG1 'Tank Crew' channel. No official link to this SCG event, other that what they post on the Multiplayer channel of IL2 Sturmovik 'Tank Crew forum'! =GenMarkof007=
  12. S! All, SCG_Neun sent us an invite for the SCG Sunday Combined Arms Event that will be at 2:30 pm (EST) this Sunday. At this time, I don't have any information on the mission. If this change by Sunday, I will try to update this post! ------------------ Online Server should be: SCG - Name of mission not none for now - PW= come and ask by Discord... has been change by SCG!!! The Discord invite will help communicate with us, short of joining our website. Look under combined arms discussion https://discord.gg/q4paCPn ------------------ Sometimes, they play Human vs AI, and other times, it's Human vs Human players. For those that don't have the 'Tank Crew' game, I don't know if they have the basic (free) tanks available for this event! All are welcome! =GenMarkof007= pm me if you want the SCG TS address & PW.
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  14. Lee


    I live in Virginia Beach and the storm center went by about 40 miles west of us. Power out from 0645 Tuesday until 0100 Wednesday.
  15. Anyone that's downloaded this, and read the description remember who Kurt Steiner was ?
  16. @Jonne, was a lot of fun. Thanks for being my RIO. Just checked out the Tacview. Turns out we were shooting at their KC-130.
  17. power back on! hopefully i'll make it onto the war grounds tonight
  18. What time did you think you'll be online? If I"m available, I'll join you.
  19. Will be online later this evening, doing something in DCS. Have not decided on what though.
  20. This is a mission I built when I first got into IL2-GB year or 2 ago. Works with current version of game, TC needed to play it as it is a Tiger Mission. I could use some editing on the descrip. Basically you along with a wingman tiger start on the Spas side of the river. You need to take out all enemy in the town, tanks, trucks, AT guns, etc. There will be a para drop that will deploy some AT guns. A column of trucks is right on your heels on the road headed in that when they arrive will deploy some 88's. Behind them, is a column of some PZ4, Stugs to reinforce you. There will be enemy attacks from the south and the east which must be destroyed. Bridgehead at Spas.zip
  21. Hey Goat, I got hit with the same storm. Was knocked out for 24 hours, but thankfully was able to get back online tonight. Stay safe! And of course, PM me if you need anything.
  22. Sorry to hear that Goat, was a rough ride on the east coast. S!
  23. S! AngryGoat, Stay Safe and hope everything will come back soon for you and your family! I'll try to get my P-47-D-28 skin ready for when you get back online! Cheers, =GenMarkof007=
  24. Hey guys not sure when I’ll be back. The wind storm took out our power in the area. Left 45% of the town dark. Give ‘‘em hell!! And tell the ground crew to polish and clean my machines for upon my return. SALUTE Angry Goat
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