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  3. FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Teams: All registered pilots can be found here. . . . Current Blue Team includes: 1.Pulk Lotniczy Adler Legion Jasta 2 Jasta 5 / Schusta 27b Jasta 99 New Wings (NW) Blue Freelancers Current Red Team includes: Jagdgeschwader 1 (Jasta 11, Jasta 10, Jasta 6, Jasta 4) Jasta 30 3rd Pursuit Group USAS (103rd Aero Squadron, 93rd Aero Squadron, 213th Aero Squadron, 28th Aero Squadron) Simulated Combat Group (SCG) The Wrecking Crew (TWC) Red Freelancers
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  5. Phase A (1918): Central Scout (fighter) aircraft: Albatros D.Va - tbd Pfalz D.IIIa - 20 scouts Fokker D.VII - 10 scouts Central Multipurpose aircraft: Halberstadt CL.II Halberstadt CL.II (200 hp.) Entente Scout (fighter) aircraft: S.E.5a - 10 scouts Sopwith Dolphin - 20 scouts Entente Multipurpose aircraft: Bristol F2B (F.II)
  6. FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Plane-set: The following is the plane-set for the FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign". Since the FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" is a semi-fictitious event with little historical precedent, the aircraft selected are merely meant to suggest the pitch air battles of World War One. There is definitely an attempt at a progression of technology, however. As we move through Phase A into Phase B, pilots should feel that in-game time is in fact passing. For an excellent overview of each of these aircraft, please refer to Bender & Trupo's Multiplayer Aircraft Guide. If there are any questions, or possible oversights, please contact @Klaiber FIF 2020s Plane-set - Phase A
  7. Here are the current pilot assignments for FIF 2020: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ltdnqeaajz5gs18/FIF2020_registered.xlsx?dl=0 There are two tabs at the bottom. One for the Blue Team, and one for the Red Team. . . . This document has been created in Excel, but should be readable in OpenOffice Calc. As new people register, or change squadrons, the document will be added to and corrected. Since pilots only need to register to FIF once, pilots will be carried over from year to year. Please make sure that you are on correct team before you start flying within a tournament mission. Player sides will be strictly enforced. Should anyone have any questions, let @Klaiber know via email or PM.
  8. FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Schedule: A dry run / test mission will be held on Saturday, May 30th at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC, as per the FIF Calendar. . . . Phase A (1918): Week A1 (Saturday, 6 June 2020) Week A2 (Saturday, 13 June 2020) = Blue Team = Red Team Week A3 (Saturday, 20 June 2020) Week A4 (Saturday, 27 June 2020) = Blue Team = Red Team
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  10. Thanks! This is great. I'll try and implement this.
  11. Kameraden, Did a bit of streaming during our testing last night, this was a very impressive start. S!
  12. Salute guys! I'll be online at 2pm Central US time (1900 UTC) this Sunday on the Flying Circus Flugpark. Should be a fun time to fly together and hone our skills as a group! 😎👍
  13. I haven't been updating this but here is the latest: v1.7.5 ------ Added: * Driver Swaps! This premium feature adds the ability to do driver swaps in race sessions, without needing any game plugins! This leverages Assetto Corsa's "Partial Driver Swap" functionality and adds our own software on top of it to make it fair for everyone! - Driver Swaps work in Championships and Race Weekends - Configuration of Driver Swaps is done per-race in the Entry List section of the race form. Turn on Driver Swap and add multiple GUIDs to an Entrant, separated by ';'. - You can configure how long a driver swap should take, and disqualification and post-race penalties if people set off too early! - You can also set a minimum number of Driver Swaps that each car must make. - Driver Swap result files show which lap was completed by which driver (using the AutoFill Entrant list where possible to put names in) - Driver Swaps require compatible tracks. A compatible track has the timing line before or after all of the pitboxes. You can follow this guide (written by @mike855 - thanks!) to modify a track to be compatible: https://github.com/JustaPenguin/assetto-server-manager/wiki/Driver-swap-track-editing * Premium users can now specify a spectator car slot in Championships and Race Weekends. The spectator car will be added to the back of the grid and excluded from Championship Points and Race Weekend grid decisions. * A landing intro for hosted servers that points users in the right direction. * You can now broadcast a 3-2-1-GO countdown to all drivers from the Live Timings Admin Panel. * You can now duplicate Championships using the dropdown next to "Edit" in the Championship list. * You can now sort (and split!) Race Weekend Entry Lists by Championship Class - so you could for example run separate qualifying sessions for each class! * You can now manually choose drivers when filtering between two Race Weekend sessions, instead of picking split numbers. * Championships and Race Weekends now autofill the schedule input with the latest date currently scheduled in that Championship/Race Weekend, hopefully this will make life easier for some admins! * Added a new lua plugin function for onChampionshipEventStart that can add ballast to drivers based on their finishing position in some other event in the championship. * Added the option to toggle on/off exporting a second race to ACSR inside an ACSR enabled championship. * Championship Events and Race Weekend Sessions now show the date they were completed on. * Added a Championship Overview tab that shows colour-coded points across all events in a Championship. * Added a popup to Custom Races, Championships and Race Weekends that drivers can use to view details of the event. * You can now activate a timed scanner for new Scheduled Events that you have created/imported manually. Experimental, and only intended for advanced users. * Added a new option in config.yml (`use_car_name_cache`). When enabled, this loads the name for all cars into memory and uses them where possible in web pages. This improves the accuracy of car names (e.g. "Mercedes 190 EVO2" becomes "Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II") * Real Penalty Tool integration! You can now use Server Manager to configure [Real Penalty Tool](https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/real-penalty-tool.29591/). Much like the sTracker and KissMyRank integration, the ports and forwarding for this plugin will be automatically configured. Fixed: * Race Weekend Championship sorters are no longer available in non-Championship Race Weekends. * Improved handling of track JSON files * Fixes an issue where the Content Manager Welcome Message disappeared in the previous update. * Fixes an issue where Race Weekend Sessions may not have the correct number of Championship Points fields. * Improved accuracy of DLC/Original Game information in content lists. * Race Weekend Sessions now indicate if there is an extra lap at the end of a race. * Fixes an issue where starting a race would sometimes cause Server Manager to freeze. * Content Manager now shows Championship descriptions for Championship Race Weekends. * Championship Race Weekends now send users their Championship points summary when they join. * Fixes an issue where the full grid would not be shown in the Race Weekend filter preview. * Made the new password screen a bit more visually unique, and added a paragraph to explain to new users that they should set their own password rather than using the default one. * Tyres with unsafe characters in the name (e.g. sv60's) should no longer cause issues with the Custom Race form. * Updated championship event start Lua plugin to take and return the full event entry list. * Fixes an issue where drivers would persist in the connected drivers table in Live Timings when they disconnect without completing a lap. * Fixes an issue where car tyres would not be added when cars are manually added to the content folder. * Where applicable, server password fields attempt to reject browser autofill.
  14. Gen, I'll run a test tonight, weather is pretty nice out and I'm hoping to get some yard work done. S!
  15. S! @Lipfert No, I want to install Reshade 4.6.1 (the latest) once I get Il2 Bos all good with the settings. This new graphic came with my new settings for Nvidia modify last night. I will try to change it more like your Nvidia settings and see if I get this weird explosion colors. I don't see it in FC? Cheers, GenMarkof
  16. S! @DeFreest Larner Let me know when you have a new update for the 3rd Pursuit Group USAS' Squadron Skin-Pack. I'm doing a clean up for all my skins in Il2. Cheers, GenMarkof
  17. S! @Lipfert I was playing last night and in BOS and not FC, when my bomb explode, I see a strange orange color for a few seconds before seeing after the grey smoke. Also, when zooming, when shooting a target, I get some weird effects before seeing the explosions of the target? If this sound coming from one of the settings from the Nvidia or the Il2 graphic settings, please let me know!!! Thanks, GenMarkof
  18. Vonrd

    New alphas?

    I agree... skins look really good and the f%#kn "wet look" is gone! I wound up having to completely un-install the game and do a fresh install. Luckily I had done a complete backup of it before the update.
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