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  3. I have no experience with the T-flight pedals but based on what you have said would suggest CH Pro pedals as a potential alternative. Their fidelity is pretty good & they arent terribly expensive. I had one last 10yrs so they are pretty bulletproof.
  4. I plan to be there! S! Maus
  5. Vonrd

    Weds 1/27/21

    We will need air assets as well I believe.
  6. Vonrd, Tanks only? S!
  7. I'll definitely be there.
  8. Kameraden, I bought these pedals because my rig is narrow and my Crosswinds don't fit right now. Something I need to fix, but I don't feel like tearing everything apart right now. My impression is narrow, but not bad for the price to be honest. S!
  9. Honestly, the biggest problem (for me) with a full-on Pacific module for IL-2 is that everyone wants the Battle of Midway. But that style of carrier versus carrier operations just doesn't translate easily into a computer game, no matter how realistically that computer game tries to be. Yes, even 1CGS can get aircraft carriers to work correctly. But, that's not the issue. The issue is that no server we play on is going to put the carriers at a realistic distance from each other, because no online pilot is going to want to fly 2+ hours out and 2+ hours back for a single sortie where
  10. I think there was talk about Midway or Okinawa for Pacific.
  11. The aforementioned one sided slaughters is why I think an early war scenario would be best for any Pacific theatre scenario. The IJN would still have an intact aviation air wing along with their CV’s. That, and the A6M2’s etc would be more on par with the main US offering of the time, the F4F Wildcat (which I adore) plus P-40’s and whatever else. It would be amazing to see the Dauntless, Avenger and Devastator also, some fun options for multi-crew.
  12. I have them and use them now about 3 years. I needed some time to get used to them as the pedals are so close together. What you need is training.
  13. Okay, let me do some debugging on my end.
  14. Hi Paul, I use normal time passage. I haven't tried out any other time settings. Otherwise the command seems to work very well. The 'harsher' version of build 8 really removes the objects from the list, instead of merely rendering them 'inactive'
  15. We need all hands available for TNS this week. We need to just check a couple things which needs pilot numbers. Please attend to let us figure it out. We are really close otherwise.
  16. If it were to happen, for one of the EIF campaigns, I'd park and American aircraft Carrier off the coast of France and have a Corsair/Hellcat fight vs 109s and 190s.
  17. I had fun in that Ghost Skies Campaign. IIRC that was one of the catalysts for us playing both sides in every campaign. I got a couple good fights in that and had fun but, yeah, American machines controlled the fight completely as long as they didn't get complacent and slow. I have flown Zeros against F6F hellcats and Corsairs in 1946 and you just have to be way ahead of their attacks. It's a lot like fighting Bf-109s in CloD in a Hurricane or Mk.1 Spit. Drag them down to the deck where they can't dive away and beat the snot out of them. Granted, shooting IJN/IJA planes in Am
  18. Yesterday
  19. Snaggle and I go back to "AIRWARRIOR" days when online flight sim was .... ouch... painful. The Dx 486 was a stud machine... and internet connection was 99% of your game enjoyment. We actually got in an "event" and the only open slots were on the Japanese side. They called the Betty Bombers "Zippos" and the plan was for the good guys that ran the thing to attack our formation with Spitfires. Our Zeros could turn like crazy but were about 50kts slower than the Spitfires. They wiped out the entire 12 ship formation in two passes. Yeah, that was fun.
  20. After TAW we switched to combat box where we flew allied side (same group of pilots like we had before: @Greif@Vonrd @Heinrich @loopy and me)... after defensive patrol with Spits we took P-38s to attack defense position. As combat box has Tacview recordings enabled I drop my file of the fight here: dogfight.2021-01-23_23-35-11_00.acmi For me tac view does not load any ground objects so its not helpfull to see our performance on the ground attack, but it contains the fight against a 109 that joined us And it shows that also a FW-190 was there but it did not join the party for what
  21. Lovely, guess what I'm buying tomorrow . Hyped that they're adding the Mosquito and Typhoon into the sim, the Tiffy is a awesome aircraft. I love the "Razorback" P-47's too, the bubble canopy models just don't look right to me by comparison.
  22. Thanks Baron! They're all placed on the Blue Team, with Adler Legion.
  23. Amazing. I would wish I were able to give it a go to experience what it feels like. Thanks for quenching my curiosity with your explanations You wouldn't happen to visit the Netherlands while taking your equipment with you anytime soon, would you?
  24. @Klaiber I give you more I hope it‘s okay. We have three more pilots. All are Russians, so it would be great if they stay with Adler Legion in the same team. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Checkist All three +3 GMT
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