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  2. I maintain that EVERY time I've been bounced they were invisible planes! 🎯 I don't think it's as common in the WWII part of the game but I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's happening. It's the same engine after all.
  3. I would post your video in the bugs section of the IL-2 boards: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/48964-invisible-plane-bug/
  4. Invisible aircraft have been a huge problem in Flying Circus. I've heard that it happens in WW2 as well, but haven't personally seen it. I think it has something to do with view distances. Though 1CGS has been very quiet about how they hope to fix it.
  5. Still has to de cloak to fire! Mox
  6. I was excited to see McLaren on the podium and yes I saw the celebration last year in Brazil!. Unfortunately, this will be the only race I watch this year as they have fallen into my boycott group, for personal reasons. 😢😢
  7. I got bounced by a P-51 on Combat Box and had no idea where he came from. Reviewing the recording left me with even more questions
  8. It was certainly an interesting race. It appears as if many teams are feeling the sting of limited season length and labor-hours in their factories due to COVID Shutdowns; Italy got hit particularly hard hence why Ferrari is struggling particularly bad. (After reading this I see Firefly mentioned this in the OP of the thread! Glad I'm not just crazy!) Lots of Hydraulic/Gearbox control related issues for Merc and Williams, which doesn't bode super well. Extremely high retirement rate due to Mechanical DNF in general today, which could really shake things up as the season goes on, considering how short it is. Happy for the pace of the new McLaren. Interested to see how the rest of the season pans out. My best bet is that we'll start to see the usual HAM-BOT-VER podium pattern once we get to the 2nd or 3rd circuit on the calendar and the teams are spooled up and operating at full tilt again. I hope to God I'm wrong, though. Love this sport, but have grown sick of watching it from 14-19' after being spoiled with 2009-2013 growing up. My gut feeling about the Albon/Hamilton incident is that according to F1 rules, more of the blame is on Albon; but as a driver I can pretty much tell HAM committed to the corner, then couldn't correct or back out and just got tangled in Albons wheel tracks and understeered into him - ALB was also trying to square the exit off (cut in at a steep, flat angle for traction) since he was on the Outside so they were naturally always going to hit each-other there. Sucks to see. Gutted for Albon. I feel like ruling it a racing incident w/ no penalty or the eventual actual outcome of a 5-second timed were pretty spot on by the stewards. It doesn't give Albon his race back but since it wasn't a particularly large mistake it doesn't warrant a 10 second timed or Drive-through. Watching the Ferrari onboards I feel like they're having problems with the Rear Roll-centre of the suspension and/or engine back-torque of the car. Both cars seemed to over-rotate when coasting on transition between braking and turn-in point. Vettel seemed to be having a much harder time of it than Leclerc did, and frankly the high casualty rate and pure luck managed to net a Ferrari Podium in this race. They'll probably be 5th-8th the rest of the season depending on how the McLaren gets developed and if Sport Pesa Racing Point can figure out how to update their reverse-engineered car. I'd watch for them to drop off it they haven't managed to understand the fundamental design concept by Hungary/Great Britain as everybody's gone through their first large ration of updates.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Just found out that Lando shortened Lewis' lead on the last lap not by half a second, but by 1.5 seconds... I realise Hamilton was being held up, but WOW, what a stunning performance from Norris! Btw, apparently McLarens recorded the fastest times in every sector. There's some serious pace from the MCL35. I'm really glad that Zak Brown's hard work is paying off now. They couldn't have timed that performance better, as the team looked like it was going to get into serious financial trouble. Now they'll have an easier time finding a long-term investor.
  11. True, Albon was 2/3rds of a car length ahead of Hamilton. @Barton - McLaren didn't take that long to get on the podium, remember Hamilton's penalty and Sainz's belated podium in Brazil last year? There's a popular theory circulating the interwebs - if Hamilton hits Albon a McLaren ends up on the podium. 😂
  12. No fireworks display? Make your very own... Cue Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"...
  13. No question about Hamilton's penalty, Albon had him cold and he knew it.
  14. I'm glad to see McLaren back in the fight again! Was very cool to see them pick up their first podium in a long time. I think Hamilton's penalty was definitely justified although maybe Albon could have given him a little more room but I haven't scrutinized that completely. And it's easy to armchair general all of that when you're not in the middle of it. Still, Hamilton I think was a bit early getting on the throttle and couldn't quite hold as far inside as he should have. At any rate, Bottas has a nice lead to begin with. If he can keep this performance up over the entire season (unlike 2019, which he also started very strong) he could be the first person not Hamilton to win the championship since Rosberg. Who knows though, if Mercedes ends up with reliability issues it could be anybody's year. I'm definitely interested in how well Ferrari does next year with Leclerc and Sainz.
  15. Agreed, Bottas kept a cool head under enormous pressure. Hamilton's penalty was IMHO justified, but whether Albon was bit optimistic when he went for an outside pass is another matter. Vettel looks like he doesn't give a flying crap about what's going on, he's there to collect his pay and bugger off at the end of the season. Carlos drove a fine, measured race and demonstrated why Ferrari picked him over a 4-time world champion. Leclerc is showing incredible maturity and drove so well he must've made The Professor (Alain Prost) proud, and that's with a car that's now firmly in the midfield in terms of raw pace. Norris has incredible one-lap speed (he gained half a second on Hamilton on the last lap! On fresh rubber, I know, but still) but needs to get used to running at the front of the field - maturity will come with experience. It's great to see McLaren second in the constructors' standings, but I don't think that will last (IMHO their best-case scenario is third, which would've been unthinkable two years ago). Red Bull has had a catastrophic start of the season. Worse still, that was on their home turf. The Pink Panthers screwed up by not calling in Perez during the first Safety Car. Checo is renowned as a master of tyre management, but in these conditions and after so many laps on mediums he had few options left. The Mercs looked imperious, but I wonder if they can keep those reliability woes in check - that gearbox issue looked very serious. If the rest of this year's races are going to be half as eventful as this one then we're gonna have a very exciting season. Can't wait for next week!
  16. A bit late but I hope you had a happy 4th july 😁.... for me it was just another saturday 😉
  17. Happy 4th! I had an excellent time!
  18. Bottas giving Hamilton some pressure. Hamilton made a mistake pushing out into Albon but at least he looks better than Vettel. I don't think Vettel is going to be staying in F1. His prospects are looking a bit grim with his performance over the last 2 or three years.
  19. What a race! I'll let the video do the talking...
  20. Last week
  21. Hi @Drunken_Jedi Welcome! Thanks for taking a look at us! And I'm glad to hear that you like the website. I'll send you a email, to the address you registered with. Looking forward to talking more soon!
  22. Hi @Vernon Whitley, Welcome! The FIF tournament is on vacation at the moment, for the Summer. But we'll be back again in a few months! In the meantime, I've added you to the Red Team. You should now be able to see their area on the forums when you login. The Red Team uses JG1's Teamspeak. You should see a link within the Red Team area giving you that information. If you don't see it, just shoot me a message. @Klaiber Here is a link to the tournament calendar: http://forum.jg1.org/topic/3010-flanders-in-flames-calendar/ When missions are running, they happen on Saturdays at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC. On mission days, we recommend that everyone arrive on TS about 15 to 20 minutes early. The server password is passed out via TeamSpeak. Should you have any questions, just let me know.
  23. Hello DJ, welcome to JG1 boards. Our CO will drop you a message shortly.
  24. Hi everyone, first off... very snazzy website you got here, I like it. I've recently found myself with some free time and been having an absolute ball with the MiG-21bis. I enjoy flying the Hornet and other "modern" modules, however they feel pretty bland of character compared to the older jets. My main focus in DCS previous was the Viggen, being a "mud mover" at heart. However I've found myself quite taken by the MiG, enjoying the quick start ups and not needing to enter lat/long coords for a flight plan manually and wait for a cursed INS system to align. Just start the old girl up and go flying. I live in the UK, working in the NHS meaning my availability can be a little variable especially with my degree studies coming towards their conclusion. Especailly if I've been given a row of night shifts etc, or if I have an assignment deadline approaching. I've been flying since the original LOMAC days as part of the 159th GAR, with plenty of time spent in the Su-25T. From there I also had a few years flying in Falcon 4.0 and IL-2 1946. It's a little scary to think I've been involved with LOMAC/DCS in some form for almost half of my entire life! I've also got IL-2 and most of the associated expansions which I picked up for a bargain price a while back, but haven't gotten around to flying yet. However if someone wants a bomber pilot look no further :), multi-crew in the He-111 looks a blast (Wellington for the Tobruk exp looks awesome too). Modules owned: FC3 Bf-109K Spitfire Mk.IX A-10C Ka-50 UH-1 Mi-8MTV AV-8B Mirage 2000C MiG-21bis MiG-19P AJS 37 F-18C F-14B Combined Arms Persian Gulf, Normandy and NTTR terrain packs (sadly I can only install NTTR because of lack of SSD space atm, waiting to get another M.2 drive). I think that's everything... I don't even want to tally up the total cost of all that. I fly with a HOTAS Warthog, Thrustmaster pedals and Track IR, have a headset and mic etc for use in Discord/TS or whatever comms software you lads prefer. Have a little experience in SRS too but had a few issues getting it setup initally. I've familiarised myself with most of the Fishbeds systems, I have the startup procedure (as I do it anyway) memorised and can get the old girl up and running within 60 seconds. Also somewhat reasonably versed in RSBN/Arc navigation and recently been practicing the PRMG approaches including big/small box. Always happy to learn new tricks however and have been looking for other MiG drivers to fly with. Anyone here fly the Viggen much? Would be nice to get back in the pit of that one and get some practice in! Also, do you have a Discord server or a public server I might be able to hop into and perhaps get to meet a few of you? Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you in the skies soon o7. Cheers! DJ
  25. Mmmmmmm, bacon. Happy 4th !
  26. My dear American friends, on this special holiday please accept this gift of sizzling bacon from your European colleagues. Sincerely, Firefly XO II.JS, JG-1 "Fritz Schmenkel". MOV_0007.mp4
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