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  2. I'm a sucker for a pretty lady with a powerful voice doing a cover of a song from my youth.
  3. If you’re down to just needing “collector planes”, I suggest the U-2VS and Ju-52. Then get fun ones like the Hs-129 and P-38.
  4. I'm in there like Swim wear. What does the squadron think would be best for me to buy? I'm guessing planes, now that I have all the base modules?
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  6. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/66231-halloween-sale-is-on-25-85-off-select-items/ Crazy low prices on some things: BOS – 85% Off BOM – 75% Off BOK – 75% Off BOBP – 50% Off FC1 – 50% Off Yak-9 – 30% Off Yak-9T – 30% Off Fw-190 D-9 – 50% Off P-38 J-15 – 50% Off U-2VS -75% Off Ju-52/3M – 75% Off Bf-109 G-6 – 75% Off Yak-1B – 75% Off Spitfire Mk. VB – 75 % Off LA-5FN – 75% Off HS-129 B-2 – 75% Off P-40E-1 – 85% Off Macchi MC.202 – 85% Off Fw-190 A-3 – 85% Off LA-5 Series 8 – 85% Off Blazing Steppe – 75% Off Fortress on the Volga – 75% Off Ten Days of Autumn – 75% Off Havoc Over the Kuban – 75% Off Achtung Spitfire! – 75% Off Hell Hawks Over the Bulge – 30% Off Ice Ring – 30% Off Desert Wings Tobruk – 25% Off Cliffs of Dover Blitz – 75% Off All ROF Content – 75% Off
  8. This post is to the JG1 guys that flew American this past Sunday. I'd like to apologize for the lack of flak protection there. What happened was I moved that base from way North to Aachen to reduce flight time, and in my hurry, I placed flak there, but I did not test it out. The original mission had the American base.....off base with a scheduled attack on the German base, so I had standard flak protection for German base to make it realistic. I did not know who would fly American or OKL at that time...and I let Terref decide on that and he chose OKL. So, if it placed you guys in a bad situation I apologize, it was an oversight of trying to tweak these kinds of missions, based on the number of pilots that signup. As the numbers come in on the last day, it makes anything preplanned kind of difficult. Such as do we even fly PVP in the air, or just go with AI. We will switch the air combat side so you guys can fly Luftwaffe next time, I promise.... Neun
  9. Gus

    Pimax 8kX VR

    Just some additional thoughts on the Pimax 8kX after some more VR sessions with it: I´m going to sell the P8KX immediately after received the Reverb G2. Didn´t expected the 8KX to have this bad optics after long time using the Pimax 5k+. Surely the wide FOV is great to have, but Pimax did a bad job developing this one piece. My conclusion is, that developing the 5K+ and the other ones of this series included the development of new wide FOV lenses. In this development they had a display with same dimensions but different resolutions for the series before 8KX and worked on the lenses for it to create this outstanding FOV. For the Pimax 8kX they simply replaced the displays from before with high resolution displays, but with different characteristics and kept the housing and lenses as before. This results in a much smaller sweetspot in the 8kX , what makes the flaws in design apparent all the time. These flaws a mainly a bad convergence between the line of sight through the lenses on to the displays. Whith the original design like in the Pimax 5k+ this flaw could have been covered by the bigger sweetspot, which allows different angles and IPD settings to get a sharp and converged image all the time, but the 8KX´ design doesn´t allow any more space to cover the issues. It´s very exhausting for the eyes to deal with the optics of the 8KX as a constant concentration and force to the eyeballs are needed to focus on a point with both eyes simultaneously. God knows I´ve tried to make this piece work convenient. I´m not so much taking care of comfort or headphones, as I could manage to make these things fit for me, but there´s not much anyone can do to balance the issues of the optics of the headset. The wide FOV and high resolution work fantastic on a first glance, but the lack in quality due to engineering the Pimax 8kX become very apparent and annoying after a time of using it.
  10. If I remember correctly, BelSimTek (when they were still an independent company, and not attached to Eagle Dynamics) announced the Mi-24P and the AH-1G. The Mi-24P is supposed to come out later this year, so who knows about the status or future of the AH-1G. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4156456&postcount=86 My guess is that the Cobra is on the deep backburner.
  11. I'd love to see a Cobra in DCS, also. Any variant.
  12. Last week
  13. Yup, the replacement process has been going on since about 2010. Most of the Zulu Cobras in Marine service today are converted Whiskeys, but about a quarter of all the airframes are newly built. Not sure if the USMC order is finished or still in progress. In other news, the state-run Polish Armaments Group recently signed a memorandum with Bell about potential collaboration in the Viper/Venom programme if the AH-1Z is selected as the replacement for our Mi-24Vs. I really hope we get a Cobra in DCS, the prospect of a full-on Iran-Iraq war reenactment is just too enticing.
  14. Oh, you meant that whisky.
  15. I don't know a lot about the Cobra, unfortunately. They're being replaced by the Zulu Cobra, right?
  16. Today is a sad day in aviation - the classic "whomp, whomp, whomp" of two-bladed Cobras is no more, the Marine Corps retired the AH-1W today. https://news.bellflight.com/en-US/192399-united-states-marines-retire-bell-ah-1w-after-34-years-of-service
  17. S! All We have done our first two sessions. For our next two sessions we switch sides. Red team will be Central and Blue team will be Entente. That will be the end of Phase A. For Phase B we will advance the plane set and do four more sessions. A glitch was found in one of the Central Arty Spot Secondary. The vehicle unit at Bip was not spawning. Error found and corrected. Regarding flying outside of the area marked on the map: You can fly anywhere you want to go. There are no rules on this. It can be very dangerous. The map area shows the borders of where you will find targets. Inside this area flak AI is set to low. Outside this area flak AI is set to high and is very deadly.
  18. Congrats on the launch of your new website! I'll definitely have to check out "A German Airman Remembers." Thanks for the tip!
  19. Looking forward to this Cole! (since it's a scholarly effort, I thought it appropriate to address you by your given name). BTW... we used to do this in grad school... I had no idea that is was such an old tradition... Then when the victim bent his head back to receive the coin, all the conspirators poured the contents of beer and wine bottles into the funnel."
  20. Hello everyone! As you all know, WW1 aviation has long fascinated me. I believe the story of WW1 (and even more specifically, WW1 aviators) tends to be overshadowed by WW2 and doesn't get as much press as it deserves. I also enjoy reading/writing and now that I no longer have to write college papers (woo hoo! 😁), I occasionally get the itch to research something and write about it. That being the case, I present to you, "Climbing Higher" - my personal blog on all things WW1 aviation! Every so often, when I have the inclination and free time, I'll be posting articles about WW1 aviation to my personal blog (linked below): https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher My first post is a book review of a rarer WW1 aviation memoir: "A German Airman Remembers" by Hans Schröder. To see my thoughts on this unique read, just click on the link below! https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/a-german-airman-remembers-book-review
  21. FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign" - A2 Results (Saturday, 17 October 2020): Blue (Central) Objectives Completed: 11 Espionage completed Artillery Spotting completed HQ Recon completed Aerodrome destroyed Factory destroyed Bridge destroyed Moving ship destroyed HQ destroyed Espion target destroyed Reserve Unit destroyed Recon secondary completed Red (Entente) Objectives Completed: 9 Factory destroyed Artillery Spotting completed HQ Recon completed Bridge destroyed Aerodrome destroyed General captured Trench Attack completed Recon secondary completed Front line Unit destroyed Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (to date): Blue Team = 12 + 11 = 23 Red Team = 3 + 9 = 12 . . . Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/9368/ . . . Server Screenshots:
  22. @US103_Tobin, are you still mid-move? If so, I hope things are going well!
  23. One of the tightest Rhythm sections and most stacked woodwinds sections you're ever going to hear in a big band ever. Phil Collins big band is still around even these days but unfortunately a lot of the great old Cats like George Duke are dead or dying/can't play anymore.
  24. Americans will have an airbase now at Aachen, which will reduce flight time to the battle. 707th Tank Brigade, will start off with all tankers, Judge will be Commander. After taking 116th Forward Base, Neun, Butzzell,General, and if numbers are good, Longwood, will switch to German MkIV's coming out of Schmidt. Butzzell will command the German Panzer Unit. Our mission will be to hold Schmidt at all cost. If we lose Schmidt, we will regroup into a reserve Zug that was a few km outside of town. We will attempt to retake Schmidt.American Airforce will be comprised of JG1 members with Thorns. Luftwaffe will be comprised of SCG with TeRReF as Leader. JG1 can appoint Leader for USAF. I was going to do separate briefings for air side, but it's simple. Targets of opportunity, with opposing objectives such as protecting your own airbases, the Train Depot at Heerlen, and possible German reinforcements coming from Durlen, and of course any artillery, and your tanks on the ground.
  25. 👍 Good fix, it does sound like your problem was caused by factors different than the old garden-variety Windows Update thing. With regard to keeping track of the files, you keep them all in the same folder as the config file, and you'll see them all together when you list files by file type (extension). If you follow the naming convention I described above, you can tell exactly how the controllers are configured in each file just by the name of the file. Of course the fewer controllers you have, the easier it works. I used it quite easily with 3 separate controllers, but it probably wouldn't be nearly as valuable with 4 or more. In the end, just being able to edit the file as described is the most useful thing, being faster and more error-free than the game interface, if you have any familiarity with simple text editing and file explorer locations. S!
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