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  3. Here are my favorite Su-25 videos: The second one is called "The Rooks Arrived" by Nikolay Anisimov, and the lyrics are translated: Urgent mission now, as always. Looks like our guys got caught. We are flying days and nights At own peril and own risk. Marking place in my map-holder In that square like in a birdcage Our recon gasps for air Trapped in damned mountains Got objectives on the briefing - Need some luck to start completing We’re pushed for time or else Whole platoon is gonna die. Engine start - no time for runup The technician in old suit Slaps my aircraft’s wing edge And two “rooks” are taking off! We can not admire the landscape - We should be on guard while flying Making turns between the mountains Come on, bro, don’t be so slow. We're flying round the hill and Taking look while in a pullup. Whoa! What a gangbang’s there! Care, wingman and stay tight! Hey, down there, hold on dogfaces Time for us to take an action! - ”Gatlings, 30 to your left!” - Shouts the “ground” in headphones Making turn and laying HE-s And while breaking over target Craft is suffering heavy bumpings Like I’m driving country road Traces round me like the web strings I’m maneuvering on toes What a story do we have here - Like the Rooks by Savrasov We arrived for the rescue Getting very warm reception But the “ground” is keeping silence, Come on, recon, speak to me! Somersaulting and rolling Upteenth time I'm telling: I’ll retire after this one, Don’t want coffin in my home. Why on hell to military? When in civil - different story I would have a car, a mansion And be piloting a "bus". My poor “rook” got heavy damage I will bite them back for this one And i see in my direction Flying purple-colored balls Though the miracles still happen - I’m alive, but being hit hard Smart in eyes from perspiration And no refuge from the heat. Getting hot - it’s not just warming Sending “presents” to the ground Very hard to fly the flag Under such a hail of lead Air gun is like a tank’s one - Bark and bumpings from it firing Like I'm mouse in a tin can Being pummeled by rock drill!!! Let’s not get into the reports For them not to drink for our souls’ Squirming like snake on the panful All my ammo have been used. Simulating air attacks Time to get out of this battle Fuel tanks are close to empty And plane’s cracked all it’s ribs. Shivers ran down my spine: "Rook" is nodding like he’s tired So, my life is open question - Craft is absolutely wrecked. But it's still alive and breathing Like there's someone up there helping And i hear in the headphones: “Hey, flyers… Thank you, guys!” On back bearing, decrabbed Left behind all shells and bullets Law invented by Bernoulli Keeps my “rook” in the air Craft holds on on wing and prayer And the blood from nose is running Looks like i’ll get in med.unit A good healing grue from doc. Outer, inner5 and the landing Drag chute smacked behind, deploying After taxiing i’ll step backwards And don’t touch me for some time. Somewhere’s fight, but far from here And around is such a summer… Tech will give me cig and fire Cheer up, guys, life's going on!
  4. …. I just LOVE that mouse......
  5. Hey Katz, as I mentioned in your PM, it's great to talk with you again! We haven't had the chance to fly the Fw 190A-8 very much yet. But a lot of us are very excited to check her out. The I-16 as well. Do you fly any of the modern DCS aircraft? We fly most of the modern fixed wing aircraft, as well as a few helos. We actually just participated in a DCS event today, flying our beloved MiG-21bis:
  6. The loss of Black 6 as a flying aircraft was a big blow to the aviation community. It's great to hear her in all her glory.
  7. FIF 2019 "Spring Campaign" - B2 Results (Saturday, 15 June 2019): Blue (Central) Objectives Completed: 14 Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed Destroyed Entente Aerodrome Entente Moving Ship Destroyed Destroyed Entente Factory Destroyed Entente Bridge Central Prisoner Rescued Destroyed Entente HQ Strategic Recon Completed Reserve Unit Destroyed Front Line Unit Destroyed Off-Road Entente convoy Destroyed Wreath Drop Completed HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed Red (Entente) Objectives Completed: 11 Destroyed Central Factory Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed Destroyed Central Bridge Destroyed Central Aerodrome Entente Prisoner Rescued Trench Attack Completed Reserve Unit Destroyed Central Moving Train Destroyed Wreath Drop Completed Front Line Unit Destroyed Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (to date): Blue Team = 13 + 14 = 27 Red Team = 13 + 11 = 24 . . . Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/8880/ . . . Server Screenshots:
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi Guys, It's been 10 years or so since I was a member of JG1 and they were the most informative and pleasureable years of my squadron flying. About that time I left the current servers to become more deeply involved with DCS. So I'm interested now in understanding just where JG1 is regarding servers and primarily with the advent of the FW190-A8 if DCS is it the program of choice. Since I am well invested in DCS and all they "toys" they offer, I would stay in their system and servers. I am very interested to know if JG1 has migrated to the DCS servers and maps. Best regards to the squadron, Katze
  10. Years ago i downloaded this recording in .wav form, never thought I'd hear it again. Thank you!
  11. He really has turned into an expert scout pilot who is fully capable of downing any enemy at any time. He'll be back at the top in no time. S!
  12. In the above recording you got to hear it first with the canopy open and then when they shut it, took off and did maneuvers. Although somewhat more attenuated with the canopy closed, it still was a tremendous difference from the sim, IMHO.
  13. In response to the untimely demise of a certain US103_Talbot... French soldiers observed a lone Pfalz D.XII drop the following message from high altitude in a message canister over their lines. The message was quickly forwarded to the 103rd HQ:
  14. Our time on Wargrounds was a bit abbreviated last Thursday. Nonetheless, we did get some "big wing" formation flying in and had a scrap with the 103rd and friends. As so often happens, they fight ended briefly, with one JG1 pilot's engine being shot out in enemy territory. Some good large-scale maneuvering on both sides! The 103rd had multiple 2 or 3 ship flights spread out covering a wide area of operations behind their lines, which was quite impressive to see. You can catch that all on part I of my stream: After that, we nipped off a little early because the Albatros D.Va and Se5a are now live in Flying Circus!!! So of course, we had to try them. I mainly operated the Se5a, with one rather abrupt flight in the Albatros near the end. You can see my first flights with these birds here in part II of my livestream: Finally, I wanted to mention that after a long absence, we were pleased to see JG1_Sturtz drop in and fly a sortie with us on Wargrounds. Salute man, was great to see you airborne again! We'll catch you on Cuban's server next week!
  15. This must be harder to accomplish than it appears. I don't know why... but I can tell you that from the driving/racing aspect it makes a tremendous difference. Inside the cockpit of a plane, not so much.... not as thrilling.... but definitely a sensory perception that belongs. I have long complained about the over-rev scenarios in flight sims because believe me... when you have an engine turning that fast YOU KNOW IT. The sound of the engine is well ingrained into your head from hundreds of hours of listening to it. You can feel it in your ass, and if it misses ONE stroke you are going to know it and that times 10x if you are out over the water. Driving sims have taken the exact engines to the tracks and recorded them and they can be masterfully replicated. I have told the story dozens of times when GPL came out in the late 90's I was staying with my girlfriend in New Baltimore, Michigan on Lake St.Claire. Her father was living there at the same time and he was in charge of a test cell running the Packard Merlin engines built under license and he advanced to the level where he was working on the original Cosworth engine. When I played GPL I had installed the MOD pack for the correct engine sounds.... and he was oblivious to it.... the Ferrari, BRM, Brabham, Cooper... nothing made a difference... but when I ran the Lotus 49 with the original Cosworth V-8... I can still here him stumping across the wooden floor and stammered to me...wha wha where did you get that old 8 stacker? That was his child... he knew the sound of that engine in a heartbeat. It is extremely immersive... but make no mistake, the sound in cockpit is mundane... but outside, it is a symphony.
  16. So the static artillery/objects don't actually need to correspond to the columns? So GermanyCarsColumnC could place japanese cars, for example?
  17. Really came to life on my Klipsh speakers/subwoofer. I could FEEL it. This is what the sims need; realistic sound. I'm especially disgusted with the machine gun sounds in BoX / FC. "shh-shh-shh". Really? They gotta be able to come up with something better than that. A plane like the P-47, it oughta SHAKE the plane. Open cockpit plane, machine guns are LOUD when you're right next to them (watch any live-fire video). Sure they can't get a real recording for everything, but there's a lot out there. People joke about planes like the "tractor" D.VII in RoF....have you ever heard an engine with straight pipes or bad gaskets at low RPM? Just like that. N28? Lawn mower, maybe, but that's exactly how the real ones sound. Why the others are so much different I can't understand.
  18. Last week
  19. This is really interesting: https://youtu.be/--2H9Dj9eMY
  20. This is the plane that makes me really regret that they do not have individual key-bindings in this game. P-38 gonna be worse.
  21. S! All, Well, after a few days working on the paint skin for my next Formula 2 - JG1RT No 17 car! Still, a few things to tweak and I should be ready to take it out on the road! Enjoy! Gen
  22. Makes me wish we could do this in DCS!
  23. Chiefs stood still for 4 campain days until I added wagon8 objects
  24. S! Congrats to all. Congrats to all red team... really a great bunch of pilots... and that what make each weekend a great fun adventure! Cheers to all our friendly squadron that help JG1 doing our best each weeks! Cheers, Gen
  25. The customization of the column's individual vehicles is only for when they are "deployed" for combat (in other words, converted to static objects). When they are acting as mobile columns, they'll appear as per the game. This little feature was added initially for multiplayer dogfight mode (where there were no mobile columns, only static objects) and then expanded for campaign mode so that each side could have mobile artillery (so a campaign designer wouldn't have to add static artillery to each and every location). For example: [GermanyCarsColumnC] Default/Artillery artillery.Artillery$Armor.4-PzIIF stationary.Stationary$OpelKadett artillery.Artillery$SdKfz251 artillery.Artillery$Howitzer_150mm artillery.Artillery$Howitzer_150mm artillery.Artillery$SdKfz251 artillery.Artillery$OpelBlitzMaultierAA When this column is static, two of the vehicles "convert" into 150mm Howitzers which are trained on the enemy's nearest position.
  26. If there are no wagon8 objects available for the Allieds, they should always be fully supplied.... (And the same is true for the Axis.)
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