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    S! All We had a mission with no big disco dump. We still do not know what caused the discos. We will run the same mission on December 7. Even map. Blue team will be Entente and Red team will be Central. This will be the final mission for this campaign.😥 Sorry we have had these problems. FiF is in transition to Flying Circus. For those that want to see a preview, after the Dec 7th session of FiF the server will be changed over to an FiF Flying Circus mission. It will take about 10 minutes to change it over. More about this next week.
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    DeFreest Larner

    Screenshot art

    Super awesome! The 'Cannon Bore' one is outstanding! Inspired me to try one of my own
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    Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to hop on Jasta 5's Flying Circus server and test out the Arras Map for the first time. Typically, numbers are around 50 or so people for this event (I have seen server logs listing as many as 120 for one mission last month! 😮). This particular week, numbers were more like 30 or so, but I still had some super cool fights! And hey, just flying around the Arras Map was so much fun in and of itself. 🤩 Here's one particular dogfight I got into over the mud: You can view the full livestream here: Flying Circus looks to be taking off gents! I'm super excited to see what the community does with it in the future!
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    S! All Saturday December 7 we will be changing from Midway to Pearl Harbor. Ooops that is for next year after PTO comes out. This will be the last FiF for this year. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. It will be the even map. After FiF the server will be changed to a preview of FiF for FC. There will be no 15 minute wait before first takeoff, no death penalty and unlimited scout planes. South part of the map has the closest airfields to the front. There are a few changes some are visual and some are game mechanics. The subtitles have been reduced to the non icon targets. When targets are killed there are few to no subtitles and the target icon is removed from the map. Secondary targets are usually announced once and then have an icon placed on the map. For the General and the spy, they now spawn a flak gun that must be killed to pick up the spy or General. No landing necessary. When landing back at base these missions spawn the Reserve unit Target. Because of soggy ground, there is no rescue mission and all planes should land at active bases to complete missions or stay alive. Trains have a pair of MGs for defense. Trench line recon is merely flying the pattern from one end or the other. There are multiple check zones that must be triggered. HQ recon is a single check zone but needs two passes to complete. The target shows no signs of being active, You must pass over it to see if you get an active message. After pics get back to base, Secondary target is announced and target Icon for secondary and HQ are placed on map. No more trying to remember location of HQ. All recons must be done between 2000 and 4000 meters. Hospital icon only shows after the enemy ace is killed. No Flak fence. Machine guns run along the trenches and have large spaces between the groups. They almost reach as high as 5000 ft Trench attack target is now out in the trenches. It is in a curved group of bunkers so that it stands out. Target is now 1 flak gun and 3 MGs. The hard part is going to be adjusting the difficulty level of targets. How much defense and how many bombs will be the big questions. Trains and Truck convoys are much harder to kill due to motion and time delay on bombs. There are now 3 trains (no icon), 3 truck convoys (no Icon), 3 ships (stationary), 3 Aerodrome attack, 3 factories, 3 bridges, 3 supply depot. Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital. There are multiple copies of these locations on the map. Not all will be active. The Odd and Even map are built into the mission file. The game randomly chooses.
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    Flanders in Flames Fall campaign 2019

    S! It's been a furious tumult. I hope to be online and functional for Saturday. I want to fly in the last RoF FiF and for therapeutic reasons.
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    So the reinstall didn't work! 🤪 But after many patient sorties flown with many thanks to @loopy.... Brano @Baron and Sipi @Pfeil came to my rescue. Together we went through every graphics setting in the game, and then every setting in the Nvidia Control Panel. Many changes were made in both places, and especially in the game they were actually increased. With that number of changes it is hard to pin down exactly what caused the apparent resolution, which I am still only very cautiously beginning to believe. My sincere thanks to all three of them for helping me overcome this unexpected obstacle! Flying is fun again, and I hope to continue finding you all online. S! 👍
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    DeFreest Larner

    Screenshot art

    Yessir, the SPAD is the screenshot, Old No. 13, my US103 bird....of course, she doesn't get much use since the transfer! And that would be me in front - original pic is here:
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    On a related note for the O.P. in this thread, FC in multiplayer has become unplayable for me, though not in the sense of actual game performance, which was actually very good; but by reason of CTD's/DTD's. Ever since the most recent update, I've been unable to finish any sortie that I've started on the J5 server. Whether I crash 5 minutes into a sortie or over an hour in, I've crashed 100% of the time. At first I thought it was only on the J5 server, but after seeing that it can occur well after an hour into a sortie, I am by no means sure of that; and I don't really have the desire to fly for over an hour on different servers, to say nothing of how the other BoX games perform. I rarely if ever fly those. The one thing that I could think of to do was clear out my "Missions" folder for multiplayer; but after initially seeming successful, that too eventually failed. So I took the drastic step yesterday of uninstalling my entire game and re-downloading it; and since I have all of the series except the newest pre-order of BoN, it was nearly 20 GB. I did back up my skins, snapviews and input folders, and printed out almost all of my previous game settings. However my original installation had a bunch of obsolete game controllers recorded in it, so I've decided to re-enter all of those bindings from scratch to get a cleaner installation. First thing I noticed was a change in the directory name of "..../IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow" to "..../IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles". The uninstall actually left a remnant of the first one in that location, so I just manually removed it. Some of the settings in the game launcher and in the main game are slightly different, in a very few places; I don't really know what significance that has. At least I am fairly confident that I have the most current of all the game files, DirectX and Runtime components. We will see if I can get back to reliable operation and be able to fly with you guys again, without crashing. Fingers crossed!
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    S! All, The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session B3 of Flanders In Flames 2019 "Fall Campaign" (flown on 23 November 2019). Congratulations! . . . Saxe-Ernestine House Order 1st Class with Swords Oblt. Richard (Vonrd) Ausweichen, Jasta 10 (session #B3, 23 November 2019), posthumously, for bravery and exceptionally meritorious deeds in combat [for esprit de corps and an epic streak - 30 ground victories, and 1 wounded-in-action, over 6 sorties. This is the highest merit award in JG I Richthofen.] German Army Report OffzSt. Lothar von (GenMarkof) Zudet, Jasta 11 (session #B3, 23 November 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [good streak - 1 ground victory, and 4 wounded-in-actions, over 7 sorties.] Hptm. Heinirch Maushake, Jasta 10 (session #B3, 23 November 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [good streak and esprit de corps - 1 air victory, over 8 sorties.] Fw. Lothar Loopy, Jasta 4 (session #B3, 23 November 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [good streak - 7 air victories, and 2 wounded-in-actions, over 8 sorties.]
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    The last module I bought from IL-2 was over a year ago. To continue to support them, I found it easy to buy the new one. I expect another year before this one is complete, and I’m okay with it.
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    Down hard, it seems

    Fantastic news! I'm just sorry that you've had to go through all this hell in order to get the working system you paid for... twice.
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    CH Pedals / Toe Brakes

    I was able to get this to work, finally. Tried alot of different things, in the end, I mapped a keystroke to the pedal brake axis in Joy to Key and they now seem to work.
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    GB New Skins Submission Thread

    Fw190A3 Fw190A5 Fw190A8 Fw190D9
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    Good to hear it helped. Was fun yesterday, we should repeat it.👍
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    HP Reverb VR

    Not yet, been holding out to see if the tech would get better. Seems like the Reverb is a definite step up from the 1st gen so I'm quite excited. At a minimum I can blame my crappy piloting on the new hardware for awhile.
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    @Schäfer, I believe you have a skewed sense of what has actually transpired regarding your skins and the recommendations to improve them. They were implemented over two weeks ago, as is, and Klaiber explained what we’re looking for regarding the upcoming standards within the PM conversation. If you would please take a step back and look at the all the communications, you will see that we aren’t on a witch hunt, nor do we have a vendetta against anyone developing their skins.
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    tomcat scratch fever

    how can i say no to cold beer!!! you have my allegiance lord Vader
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    Official JG1 Skinpacks

    Great Battles skins updated. Added Heinrich's FW190s. File: GB Updates Nov 2019 No 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ea5631clx9z2v91/data.zip?dl=0
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    S! All, The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session A4 of Flanders In Flames 2019 "Fall Campaign" (flown on 2 November 2019). Congratulations! . . . German Army Report Gfr. Hans von Webber, Jasta 11 (session #A4, 2 November 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [esprit de corps.] Lt. Wilhelm (Wiley) Luftritter, Jasta 10 (session #A4, 2 November 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [great streak - 5 air victories, 1 ground victory, and 1 wounded-in-action, over 4 sorties.]
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    Windows 10 ver. 1809

    As posted elsewhere, I did already update to that newest driver. It didn't really change anything. I turned on my monitor's FPS counter and it showed frame rates in the 40's and 50's area. Way down from basically what it used to be, always near the max of 100 for my G-sync monitor. I tried various changes to the nVidia Control Panel settings, but nothing improved anything. The only thing that actually helped was to downgrade some RoF game video settings, such as as forest view distance, and grass quality. Really? A game this old, and a 1080 card to boot, and I have to turn the settings down to get smooth play. BS! FPS went up to the 60-70 range....very playable, but not what it once was. I don't know what they did to Windows but there must be a lot higher CPU demand for some reason. I noticed that there was no turning on or off of Capture Enable anymore in the "Win-G" settings, but still you can capture video (I don't know how much). That leads me to believe it's recording everything, all of the time, no matter what. It's F'd up, compared to what it used to be, that's for sure. Change, for the sake of change. I can hardly wait to see how screwed up FC is compared to what it was like before, which for me was damned good. Message to Microsoft: 😂 Sorry Klai, couldn't resist. Delete/move/censor as required.... 😁
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    Vikner in fire danger

    JG1, Geyserville was the first place evacuated about 06:00 AM last Thursday since the winds were driving the fire down the ridge across from our house (see attached). Wednesday night around 09:30 PM the lights flashed and the internet dropped off line. That was a PG&E power line going down near the geothermal station on Pine Flat (see attached). We had an evacuation warning as we were going to bed and a mandatory evacuation early Thursday. There are about a mile or so of vineyards—which don’t burn well—and the Russian River between Geyserville and that ridge. However, with the wind gusts they always worry that fires can start quickly a couple of miles away from the main fire due to blowing embers. Plus the road network is fairly limited in our area and they want the people out so the roads are clear for fire equipment. We went to stay with Tricia’s cousin in Healdsburg Thursday and Friday. Healdsburg was evacuated Saturday morning at 10:00 AM followed by Windsor and then parts of Santa Rosa. We went down to Menlo Park and Patrick got us a room at the Residence Inn that takes pets. We sat it out there from Saturday until Thursday morning. Tom Petty’s song “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” covers that period. Geyserville was not under much threat after the first 48 hours since the fire had burned what it could on the ridge and moved on. Plus the vineyard and river defenses. However, Healdsburg and Windsor are mostly on the east side of the river and the winds were driving it that way. They set fire lines on a couple of outlying roads and successfully kept the fire away from them. The Pine Flat picture attached is looking east from the crest (popular local bike ride since Pine Flat and Alp D’ Huez are quite similar--attached). Picture was taken about two weeks ago near the crest during a ride. The fire burned a lot of stuff out east. Fortunately, there aren’t any structures, people, roads or anything out there so they just let it go until it gets near something important. Napa was under warning, however, looks like it is betting beaten down fast. As we drove home, saw mucho fire equipment headed south for the fires down there. Stressful week, however, California has established pretty solid procedures from the experience of recent fires. Get the people out and the equipment in. Believe we had about 6000 people fighting the fire at peak. Still, constant evacuations with three cats and two dogs aren’t fun. Next door neighbors had to move three times; Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Petaluma. They’ve lived here 27 years and this was the first time they’ve evacuated so that’s encouraging. Hopefully one gigorgous fire per lifetime. Vikner
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    Did you try running SFC /SCANNOW from the command prompt to see if any system files are corrupt? NVM, I saw you said you tried this earlier.
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    S! Butzzell, Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital. Will there be tanks to bomb or is this treated as a factory? or are we knocking out the fuel tanks??
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    FC New Skins Submission Thread

    Look in the last post here: Added skins are posted as an update file... no need to d-load the full Monty
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    Well, it used to be set to Run as Administrator, but probably after the re-install, it got changed back to normal. I just set it to run that way always. However, it was crashing before I reinstalled it, and it was set to run as administrator then. I have just now posted in that thread, all of the above info: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21111-finding-the-cause-of-a-random-crash-issue-special-thread-1/?do=findComment&comment=864206 What I have not tried yet is causing the program to run in any special "compatibility mode". I know this is necessary for RoF; but I haven't needed to do that for Great Battles before now; so not sure if that's necessary to try. Win 10 64-bit, ver. 1903.
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    Flanders in Flames Fall campaign 2019

    Hello @=CAM=Stoppani, today no mission because of the Thanksgiving weekend. Next week will be the last mission.
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    I’m so glad you mentioned this, I didn’t realize it was on sale. My hangar is now complete!
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    Ha Ha, we're getting the Arado, Mosquito and the 410!!!!!
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    Ford vs Ferrari

    First one shared by Ludwig:
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    Newest JG1 Member

    Congrats Klieg! That's fantastic news! 🥳🎉 Extra cigars rations all around!
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    I feel like this is too soon lol. But I'm quite exited to see or to fly the 3 new Allied Side planes the Yak9, Yak9T and the Hurricane Mk.II
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    Your personal skins were added to the Paint Pack, published here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7133-official-jg1-skinpacks/?tab=comments#comment-53981 They will be grandfathered in, as the Paint Policy for Richthofen has not been officially published yet. However, we hope that you'll eventually add yellow to your skins to reflect your position in Jasta 10.
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    Thursday night Wargrounds with US103rd

    It is possible direct in the Game itself: Via "Settings" then "Game"
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    Thursday night Wargrounds with US103rd

    Nevermind, found it directly in the game menu in the settings, there u can activate and game will restart with Mods on. Nevertheless thanks for your advice 🙂
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    MFD = Multi Function Display. From my understanding, basically a bunch of buttons with templates for you to label them with, that are easily changed.
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    Still mods off for now till the new fields get fully tested. If we can not get rid of the soggy ground, most tournaments will probably go mods on.
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    Screenshot art

    Well Done!
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    S! All, I've found last night a link to download the full version of RED BARON 3D working with most of the WINDOWS (and 10). Only problem (for me), the version is in German... So a bit hard to know what tab to click in the game. But, it says that I can copy the folder /SINGLE of an English original Red Baron 3D CD and the game will be in English. So if any of you guys still have somewhere the CD... Feel free to let me know if you can copy that folder and send it to me! Thanks Gen ------------------------------------ For those that would like to have the link for this version, here you go: Download: https://www.replaying.de/files/red-ba... It's Red Baron 3D (Red Baron II) Gameplay on Windows 7 (x64) with 3dfx Glide (Glide Wrapper), Full HD
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    Great find Gen! If you get the English file, I’d love to have that too! 👍
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    Pick Up Group (PUG) Announcements

    Would like to do some online flying tonight... probably somewhen between 9 and 10 pm UTC either WWI or WWII, depending on which server looks promising; Will be on our TS server then
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    Does your mother board have built in graphics? Unlikely long shot might be you’re running on built in intel graphics not the 1080Ti.
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    I have Nvidia 1070 and older type of i7 and I have no problem running it on almost max settings.
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    I've upgraded the skins for my Fokkers D7 and D7F. After @DeFreest Larner posted the skin packages it were these two aircraft which really benefited from his work. The new skins are now visible in the Submission thread with the 2 .dds files attached in the .dds post of my. @Vonrd, please have a look and if okay, would you be so kind to attach the 2 skins to the next skin pack update? Question: what is most handy/convenient do it like this or post new skins and update at the bottom of the thread?
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    Virpil V.F.X. Grip

    Yeah, all the Virpil grips and bases are basically interchangeable. I know for a fact that Virpil makes specific profiles in their firmware that allows full function of TM parts on their bases, as well as their own, obviously (I am currently using a TM Warthog grip on my VPC WarBRD base). I did not know that TM had any official support for Virpil grips, as far as that goes; but we know for a fact that Virpil CM grip works on a TM base (how could it not?), just some button variances, which I'm sure could easily be eliminated if TM wanted to officially support them through software or firmware. However, I'm sure Virpil needs them far more than they need Virpil. It is nice that it works, anyway, even if you can't get all of the grip axis or functions to work on a TM base. As for the paddle, thumb wheel and twist rudder axis working on the TM base (the last one being optional and not necessarily used), I would not want to vouch for that, unless TM has new support because of that new F-18 grip. But a lot of those things will still work as a button, and that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 😉
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    The more I have to drink, the less they sit still 😂
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    Agreed, was fun. Hopefully in the future with some seat time my flying will be more of a contribution to the effort ! It's fast, and right now what seems to be available, expert settings, for a combined arms style campaign. The down side I feel is that it is located in russia, and is not a 24/7 server. Even it it was 24/7 the core group of russian players that I have come across would only be there earlier in the day. I think Moscow is + 10 hrs compared to PST. Alot of times the Russians that go in the air are good and it's tough to get close to an IL2 to take it out before they do their damage. The ability to deny the russian side the the unmolested use of IL2's for tank busting, taking out tgt objectives, which they have long enjoyed, is a must, IMHO to having a chance for the german side to win. From the times I have been on there, a core group of russian players on on there quite often, and they play well together, even though they have no squad tag, they play like it. It is unfortunate that the server was set to 30 this last weekend, down from 40, but as GM and ETZ can attest, it's fast action, fun and challenging. At this point in the game, with the vehicles available, the russian side likes to go cross country and flank to get to the objectives. If enough armor is present, a defense could be set up, but for the most part, german armor stays in the middle, and tries to rack up kills or move in a linear fashion to the enemy bases, sticking to roads if possible, defense it seems is boring !. A t-34 in the fields, if spotted at a distance, and they spot you is near impossible to stop. If you miss a long shot or 2, and they see it, you probably will not get the chance too many times after. Panther added may change that aspect some as it should have better off-road speed.
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    Bummer... I hope that you re-consider but we all understand the RL takes precedence.
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    https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Simulation-Electronic-Collectible/dp/B07QP49SR5 WANT.MUST.HAVE 🤤 Now to figure out how to use headphones and Oculus at the same time...
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    A new generation of skinners

    It's gratifying to me to see that several members have taken interest in making their own skins. I am completely in support of that! For quite some time myself and Hess (and Butzzell for WWI) were the only ones who seemed to have any interest. Probably because of my enthusiasm and willingness to dive in to making JG1 skins I became the JG1 "Skin Guru". I am still more than willing to make skins for JG1 members who would like a skin and either have no interest or knowledge to do so and I am also willing to be the "Guru" but I do not want to be the sole arbiter / critic of whether any member's self made skin is accepted and installed in the JG1 Skinpacks. That being said, until we come up with a current official acceptance policy, any skins submitted, unless they violate any of the basic requirements noted below, I will add to a skinpack update. Skins must comply with this naming convention: The naming of the skins had become somewhat haphazard. Butzzell and I, along with input from the JG1 community, came up with a naming convention (actually mostly Butzz 🍺). Here's an explanation of it with 3 examples: ! JG1 Bf109G2 Smr Yellow 11.dds ! JG1 Bf109G14 Wntr Stab Geschwader CO.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Luftritter B.dds There is a single space between entities... no underscores. ! This will place our skins at the top of the list (at least until someone else ups the ante with multiple exclamations). JG1 This will group all of our skins together. Bf109G2 I decided to stick with the name exactly as it is in the plane's folder for consistency, you can always refer to the folder when doing a skin. Smr / Wntr Self explanatory (some planes don't have winter skins so they won't have this in the name). Yellow 11 / Stab Geschwader CO The individual's plane. B Subsequent iterations of the same plane for the same pilot will have the suffix B, C, D... etc. How we vette the submitted skins will be one of the subjects in the upcoming October command meeting and we will work something out. Also, we will be discussing the JG1 skin policy... the current policy can be seen here (and will most likely be updated): In recent discussions we have come up with the basic skin requirements (No. 1 relates to Richtofen): Does the skin have a Jasta color on it, along with personal color(s)? The answer should be yes. Does the skin look like a clown car? Subjective I know, but the answer should be no. Does the skin violate our code of conduct document regarding hate symbols? We're looking for a big no here. (No swastikas, etc.) Do the colors on the skin look correct when in game? No glowing skins, no holes due to overuse of black, etc. (I can provide some sample colors with RGB numbers of colors that seem - on average- to render best). If it happens to be historically accurate, even better. But it's not required. (But historic "palusability" is certainly highly encouraged!) I am happy to provide any assistance within my limited level of expertise. Looking forward to what you guys come up with.
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    Ultra noob question

    The game in campaign mode will track destroyed buildings when those buildings are original to the map design. If a DCG designer adds buildings to their campaign (as I sometimes do), these are not tracked. As far as I know, there's no note in the log when these are destroyed so they can't be tracked by DCG.
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