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    DCG 3.50 Open Beta

    Build #5 is now available. It fixes an issue with some campaigns in which there are no patrol routes and either no transports exist or the transports are listed after any escorts. For example, the Crimea '41 campaign (and a few other Russian campaigns in the South). Edit: Removed attachment.
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    From the archive, an ROF sortie

    I can understand your frustration at this. If this happened to me as often as it has been happening to you I might feel the same way. For me the D.Va is so much more stable when full back stick in a hard bank that it makes it much more easy to get an accurate shot. The D.III wallows in those circumstances and I’ve had more than one fight last much longer than it should have when I couldn’t quite get my guns where I wanted accurately because I was fighting the plane. For me this is the straw that breaks my will to fly that plane if I have the option to fly the pfalz or D.V. I’m not saying you’re wrong. If the D.III works better for you, by all means use it.
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    Lewis machine gun video

    For those who may not have seen anything like this before, this is a great video, although very long. It has everything! LOTS of history, detailed explanations, excellent animation, field demonstration, slow motion. I looked this up because I wasn't quite sure exactly how the Lewis drum actually worked and fed rounds into the gun, and man did I learn a lot.
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