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    What are you guys listening to?

    Great track GC. Btw: did you guys know that ZZ Top's Frank Beard and Dusty Hill actually were in a fake The Zombies band? https://www.buzzfeed.com/danielralston/the-true-story-of-the-fake-zombies-the-strangest-con-in-rock?utm_term=.seExM8WDD#.ob21K5k44
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    What are you guys listening to?

    That lil'ol band from Texas. This is some of their early stuff, (Before MTV made em stars) This has more of a "Blues rock" sound, and isn't as over-produced as their later stuff. I think it's great. Jimi Hendricks once called Billy Gibbons one of the best guitarists he'd ever heard.
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    Firefly's video archive

    Sorry not sorry.
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