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    FC Skins anyone?

    I've been working on a HalbCL.II template and it's almost finished. I will post the template in the GB forums for anyone to use... (Larner??? 😉). Do any JG1s want a Halb skin? Also, I have a bunch of other FC skins completed and will be posting very soon.
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    FC Skins anyone?

    Another Dr.I skin by Larner, this time with a J10 theme befitting my new Jagdstaffel: Download link: Luftritter J10 Dr.I Admins, I request that this skin be added into our Consolidated Downloads skin pack. Please rename the file A_FDr1_JG1_Luftritter_J10.dds before adding it to our skin pack, or if you download it individually and add it to your game singly, in order to differentiate between it and my other Dr.I skin. Thanks!!
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