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    CH Pedals / Toe Brakes

    I was able to get this to work, finally. Tried alot of different things, in the end, I mapped a keystroke to the pedal brake axis in Joy to Key and they now seem to work.
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    Firefly's video archive

    Fresh release from PaddyPatrone, glorious quality!
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    Bodenplatte nearly unplayable

    I got it worked out a bit. Apparently I had to re-learn that in IL-2 BoX lower graphics settings don't necessarily mean better performance, like in just about every other game I've ever encountered. Still have some stuttering and some anti-aliasing artifacts to straighten out but for the most part it's fixed. Went on Combat Box and had 60FPS with some stuttering but good enough to get 3 kills with the G-14 w/ Mk108. Would have had better accuracy but I missed my first burst at the Spit IX I was chasing but nearly 30% is still pretty good. Then again shooting that P-47 from less than 100m probably helped. That Mk. 108 really makes you feel like Gallagher
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