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    Vintage Trans Am at Sebring!

    Some of the real Trans Am cars, recently, at Sebring! My Number 14 Cougar even appears a few times!
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    FC New Skins Submission Thread

    And now the Entente Skin- The closer you look at these, the more I think you will like them. I urge you to give them a try! U2VS Fictional British Skin
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    Your In-Game Name: 90th_TALLY [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): none Your preferred side (Central, Entente or Don't Care): Entente Your timezone: CST--6 UTC (FORT WORTH)
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    FIF 2020 Winter Skinpack

    This has been fixed in (V2)... see original post.
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    Screenshot art

    Second Flight: After a couple shots and a quick smoke. it was back in the air. still determined to find the squadron... I headed towards the front. there they were. circling over cappy. I noticed tracers a little north of the field. I went to investigate knowing friends were close. there was a dogfight down low and that's when I noticed the 2 seater. I jumped down on him and we began tumbling and turning to shred each other apart with bullets. that's when the calvary arrived. Klai and Brit swirling down from above the Bristol was doomed. Like a pack of Hyenas we take turns tearing chunks out of him. eventually we were done playing and Britchot drove the last nail into the flying coffin. beware the pack of Dreideckers
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    Screenshot art

    First flight: took off lone wolf looking for the squadron... when I noticed our balloon being attacked. both observers parachuted out and I gave pursuit to the SE5A. He noticed me coming in and turned for a head on attack. A bullet grazed me and I was stunned for a second. when I came to my senses I noticed him slightly under trying to get his sights on me. I kicked the rudder and went on the offence. I drilled enough bullets into his machine where it's powerplant finally gave out. Saving my ammo, I leave him to glide to the ground. with my impaired vision I did not notice the danger lurking above! another SE5A circling above watching everything play out. He rolled his wing over and began to dive on me with vengeance. By luck I noticed our flak had not stopped. at the last second I glanced up to see the fighter with his fangs out. instinctively I pulled the triplane into a sharp climbing turn to throw off his attack. the SE5A pulled up to correct his path and the G force RIPPED the top wing right off! causing him to become a spiraling dart. Now low on ammo and still weary about another attacker... I head for base. Gave the boys a thumbs up to let them know i'm a little banged up but alright... and to line up a round of shots
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    SCG_Faerber affiliated with SCG: www.simulatedcombatgroup.com Can fly in both TZ depending on the day As SCG_Wulfe said before: Prefer central powers but will fly wherever needed. Will fly whichever team looks like it needs more numbers. (Red or Blue)
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    DCS VR Improvements down the road

    Some interesting tipps... I would have expected more of a performance gain by this mod, but if you're already tested and don't see any advantage by the mod, I could gladly skip the mod stuff. In one way or another, mods in DCS always gave me more worries than less. Didn´t come to practice flying very much in the last months, but as still being off from home for over a week now, I seriously start missing flying and the practice sessions. Youtube Videos of DCS Mig21 help a bit to avoid hard withdrawal symptoms.
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    FC V2? Maybe and maybe not

    Yeah, to me it seems like a no-brainer to make an offline career. You have the ROF version as a template and Pat Wilson's dynamic campaign as a possible resource. You make the expense because it expands your brand. And then, add aircraft slowly. We don't need a new map right now. I think half the reason sales of FC might be slow is because people see it as a moonlighting project by the developer that takes away from the "real sim". That's of course wrong. But it's on 777 and 1C to prove them wrong, both through PR and investment. If they're not willing to make a financial commitment to support the product they've already financially committed to, then the results are on them. My only hope is that FIF, Bloody April and Black September are able to help jump start interest.
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    FiF Teams

    I like the reds. @Luftritter, you can have my chicken, I'm vegetarian. I like the switching of sides within a campaign, it gives those poor Entente units a chance to fly our beautiful aircraft 😇
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