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    Afternoon, all! I'm proud to finally be able to publicly release the Third Pursuit Group's NEW AND IMPROVED skin pack! Featuring a mix of 25 historical skins and the new US93 / US103 SPADs have a whole host of aesthetic improvements and are looking better than ever! The first release here will be the CORE skin-pack, which has the personal skins as well as a good chunk of the historical 103rd and 93rd aero squadron aircraft. I hope in future to release a second pack with the rest of the 103rd / 93rd, as well as the historical 28th and 213th aero squadron skins! Note: These skins are intended to fully replace the old 3rd P.G skins (both historical and fictional). Please feel free to delete the old 3rd Pursuit Group skins (both fictional and historical). Our historical squadrons are the 28th, 93rd, 103rd and 213th - just so you know which ones to get rid of! More info on the historical research and work put into these skins can be found Here! DOWNLOAD HERE (Readme is there for 3PG pilots) Markings and insignia of the Third Pursuit Group explained in the spoiler below:
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    Hey guys! A hole in my schedule opened up and I should have a brief window to fly from around 7:30pm Central US time through 8:30ish pm Central US time. I'll be online in Flying Circus for the Thursday night fights during this time. Any wingmen welcome. 🙂
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    Order of Battle: World War II

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    FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Schedule

    FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Schedule: A dry run / test mission will be held on Saturday, May 30th at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC, as per the FIF Calendar. . . . Phase A (1918): Week A1 (Saturday, 6 June 2020) Week A2 (Saturday, 13 June 2020) = Blue Team = Red Team Week A3 (Saturday, 20 June 2020) Week A4 (Saturday, 27 June 2020) = Blue Team = Red Team
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    FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Objectives

    FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Objectives: FIF 2020 has a number of possible objectives, which are shared and/or divided up between the Central and Entente sides. During a mission night, each team should have 17 objective types available to them, sometimes with multiple target opportunities within each of those objective types. In order to confirm that they are in fact attacking an active target, pilots should verify a potential target against the in-game map. Flak emplacements will make any attempt to bomb objectives extremely difficult. Thus, bombing aircraft will need to be prepared to make several sorties to rearm and re-attack. This will undoubtedly increase the bomber's chance of getting intercepted by the enemy. Part of a team's strategy will be in prioritizing what objectives should be attempted within the two hour mission window available. A complete description of how to complete each objective can be found below. If there are any questions, please contact @Klaiber and @Butzzell. . . . Primary Central Objectives: Destroy moving Entente Targets [three waterway barges / ships] Destroy moving Entente Targets [three vehicle convoys] Rescue Prisoner Destroy Entente Supply Depot Destroy Entente Factory Destroy Entente Bridge Destroy Entente Aerodrome [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Entente HQ recon Strategic recon [pre-selected by High Command] Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Central Objectives: Destroy Entente HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Trench Attack [triggered by Entente forces] Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Entente HQ Recon secondary objective Destroy Reserve Unit [Prisoner Rescue secondary] Destroy Entente Tanks at Factory [Prisoner Rescue secondary] . . . Primary Entente Objectives: Destroy stationary Central Targets [three waterway barges / ships] Destroy moving Central Targets [three vehicle convoys] Rescue Prisoner Destroy Central Supply Depot Destroy Central Factory Destroy Central Bridge Destroy Central Aerodrome [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Central HQ recon Central Trench Map Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Entente Objectives: Destroy Central HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Central Trench Attack [Trench Map Secondary Objective] Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Central HQ Recon secondary objective Destroy Reserve Unit [Prisoner Rescue secondary] Destroy Central Tanks at Factory [Prisoner Rescue secondary]
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    FiF Spring Campaign

    The latest patch for Flying Circus may not be perfect but is felt to be a step in the right direction. We would like to go ahead with a shortened version of Flanders in Flames 2020 Spring campaign. This will be a "Dry Run" on 30, May followed by just four weeks of combat, June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. Each team will have two weeks as Entente and two weeks as Central. Planes will be Dolphin, SE5a, Bristol, Alb DVa, Pfalz D3, Fokker D7 vanilla - no f- and Halb CL 2. While Flying Circus allows for many more "Live" targets, we found that in the last campaign that the large number of bombing targets removed the need to do many of the specialty missions. For this campaign we will return to a map with numbered targets. The game will announce which of the targets is "Live" for this session. Machine guns still line the trenches on each side but have been removed from targets. Targets have one flak gun except for factories which have two. No trains. Entente has three ships that are stationary and must be found. Central has three ships moving on rivers. Each side has three on road vehicle convoys. Last vehicle is a flak gun. Because of soggy ground the Spy mission and the General capture mission have been removed. The Prisoner Rescue mission is back. The time for the ambulance to go from the prison to the airfield has been reduced. Mission works exactly as in RoF. Landing at the enemy airfield to pick up the prisoner will not be seen as a capture by the game. The Prisoner now mentions an area that must be searched for a target. This is similar to the Spy and general Capture missions of the past. When Landing at a friendly base the Prisoner mission activates a Reserve Unit target. The Trench attack mission is still triggered by completing the Trench Map recon. The Trench attack mission has been changed. It has been moved closer to the middle of the mud. It represents a weakness in the Central front lines. It is now a broken city. There are several broken cities on the map with tracers all around them. You will have to make sure you are at the correct position. There are 7 Central MG posts next to buildings and 9 Entente MG posts around the city in a semi circle. The MG posts on both sides have a circle of crates around them for easier spotting so that you know you are at the correct target. Entente must destroy all 7 Central posts and Central must destroy all 9 Entente MG posts. The first team to complete their mission blocks the other team from completing the mission. Success 1, Failure 0. This is a change from our normal scoring system. Updated maps and info will be posted shortly.
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    FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Map

    FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" Map: FIF 2020 "Spring Campaign" is a completely fictitious event with little historical precedent. The default map of the Arras sector within the IL-2: Flying Circus game is used. The combat area is centered around the commune of Bapaume. This is a region that historically saw fierce fighting, specifically with the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and Second Battle of Bapaume in August and September 1918. The plane-set is 1918. The Central Powers are in the East. The Entente Powers are in the West. Two-seater bases are underlined in yellow. Unlike past maps, there are no hospitals icons shown. Hospitals will only appear when the enemy ace has been killed. Not every icon on the map is a live target. Active targets for each side will be numbered, and will be announced as "live" during the session. There is no flak fence. Flak guns are stationed at the front to act as spotters, alerting you to the presence of enemy aircraft. The real danger when crossing to enemy lines are the machine guns, which run along the trenches and can reach approximately 5000 ft. Also of note, machine guns have been removed from active targets. All active targets will instead have one flak gun, with the exception being the factory target. Factory targets will have two flak guns. If there are any questions, please contact @Klaiber and @Butzzell. . . . "Odd" Map for Sessions: "Even" Map for Sessions:
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