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    WIP DCS ww2 damage model

    Posted by Glowing Anraam on the forums, here is a quick clip of the new damage model. 😀 https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4321821&postcount=1082
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    More changes for Mission Builders

    Posted by BlackSix: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63323-important-changes-for-the-battle-of-moscow-maps/?tab=comments#comment-968945 In the upcoming version 4.008, we'll fix the incorrect value of the height for the entire BoM maps surface. It will be brought to real values and increase by exactly 50 m. It really needed to be fixed. In this regard, we'd like to provide you with the fastest and easiest algorithm for adapting your missions and campaigns for BoM to this change. So, after the update 4.008 release, you will need to take the following steps: 1) Back up all your BoM missions and campaigns. 2) Load your mission and check that all categories are displayed by clicking the Object Filter button. 3) Select everything that is in the mission by pressing Ctrl + A, then hold Shift and press PgUp five times. This will raise all objects where you can change the height (except cloud cover) by exactly 50 m. - this action affects even objects in closed groups; - don't worry about Vehicles, Trains, Artillery, Bridges and Blocks, they will automatically be put to the surface, as the change in their height is blocked; - you will need to check the height of all your effects (usually there are various smokes), they can rise 90 m instead of 50 (due to their special properties), you will need to manually set them to the surface by selecting them and pressing the Set on Ground button. 4) Since the height of all waypoints has increased by 50 m, you will need to check the height of the cloud layer and, if necessary, also raise it. If you indicated the altitude of the flight and clouds in briefings, then adjust your texts as necessary. This algorithm was applied to the official BoM campaign and showed its effectiveness and safety. We hope that you will not have any difficulties either. Warning! Do not take any action before release 4.008.
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    WIP DCS ww2 damage model

    I can only hope they add that level of realism to the modern aicraft in DCS. Especially the larger aircraft, it can be rather comical hitting a B-52's and watching it's entire wing break off at the root perfectly every time. Looks excellent for the WWII content however!
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    WIP DCS ww2 damage model

    Wow, that looks real.
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