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    What are you guys watching?

    If I wind up doing a year deployment again, I might look into getting a Yak-52.
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    Tank Crew - Control Mappings

    Kameraden, I've just started to take a really close look at the controls in the game for Tank Crew. Here are my observations, results may vary. TrackIR works great, I've not tested VR yet. The "Lean to Gunsight" & "Take Control" will impact TrackIR, but looking around from the Commander Copula is really neat. I'm using "WASD" for steering and throttle, might test out axis on throttle for setting speed. You can multi-crew, results may vary but I see one person per tank as the norm. I've basically mimic'd my Warthunder Tank controls on the keyboard, pretty much all functions are a key that I can action with my left hand. Weapons are all on my mouse, main weapon / machine guns and using mouse buttons on the side to zoom in / out for all positions. Binoculars are super important ! More to come...... S!
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    i put details in a private message to you
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    S! All, I just saw this post from J5_Baeumer on Il2 Strumovik Forum: Cheers, GenMarkof -------------- SRS is active on Flugpark. Add the IP in the picture below to access when server is running. Add to your
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    Thanks for the heads up - will be adding!
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    What are you guys watching?

    I love this guy's enthusiasm for the Raptor and for flying itself.
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    Flying Circus Colors Standards

    When submitting a paint scheme for the Flying Circus official paint pack, please use the following colors standards: BLACK 1c1b16 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. WHITE d9d9d9 - Jasta 4, Jasta 6 and personal markings. YELLOW bf9c00 - Jasta 10 and personal markings. RED 9d0a0e - Jasta 11 and personal markings. GREEN 8a968d - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. MAUVE 755175 - 2-color upper wing camouflage for the Albatros D.Va. A mission has been created to view all current skins with in-game lighting: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hx2h6m352px8izw/AAD_fu6_xRI4rlfBzHJJjUIHa?dl=0 This mission will be updated as necessary.
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    What are you guys watching?

    The Yak, yes. The deployment, not so much 😝
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