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    JG Juggernauts???

    It's no secret for my love towards my rotary and radial powerplants. From Dreidecker, Camel, FW190, and now my all time favorite p47 razorback! So I was looking at the calendar for the squadron to make sure i didn't interfere with anything... and was wondering if anyone would be interested in flying some BIG AMERICAN MUSCLE on Sundays after 9pm Est? P.S. i painted my p47's after the 56th FS (later split into the 61st,62nd, and 63rd) which trained in my hometown airfield and patrolled New York/ New England airspace until shipped on the boat over the pond.
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    JG Juggernauts???

    ".....have violent ends"
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    JG Juggernauts???

    Nice work! My favourite Jug is the P-47M, the final variant to serve with the last Thunderbolt fighter group in the ETO (56th FG). The one below was flown by Bolesław "Mike" Gładych, a Polish fighter ace who served with both the RAF and the USAAF.
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    JG Juggernauts???

    Great looking skins, Goat! My grandfather served with the 389th Fighter Squadron (which flew Jugs). So it's always been an aircraft close to my heart.
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    Tank skins

    S! Lipfert,
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