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    Klaiber's USB woes

    Yes, I've been using external hubs for a while. I try to keep the VR headset and mouse and keyboard connected directly to the board but almost everything else is on a hub.
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    Klaiber's USB woes

    I've been using external hubs for literally years with no issues until the two ports on one of mine failed just now. Works great, honestly. Edit: make sure you get hubs that are comparable with the USB types you use most commonly, though. USB 3.0 for most modern controllers and peripherals etc. You can plug 2.0 or lower into 3.0 ports but not the other way around, IIRC.
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    Firefly's video archive

    I love the highway landings!
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    Firefly's video archive

    Tonight's selection is brought to you by the Polish Air Force. Cockpit video taken a few years ago from a PAF MiG-29. Note the pilot has the HMS monocle on, which suggests there may be some captive R-73s under the outer wing pylons. This vid is a really good display of a standard landing pattern. A farewell flight of a MiG-21 pilot based in Malbork (nowadays the base hosts a squadron of Fulcrums). Notice how different the mid-90s kit is from what's being used today. This one has a great display of a formation takeoff. A glorious throwback to the early 90s, when tactical 'staches were still very much in vogue. Features MiG-21 and TS-11 Iskra operations from a highway airstrip as well as a guest appearance from the 28th Fighter Aviation Regiment, one of Poland's finest air units of the time, in their beautiful MiG-23MFs. I really like this one - it's a mid-90s snapshot of a MiG-21 regiment in operations in all sorts of conditions and at different times of day. Highlights include full afterburner takeoffs at dusk and low-level barrel rolls. Last but not least is this Su-22M4 cockpit tour. Note that this was taken in 2018, so it's a good indicator of what these aircraft look like today. The changes from original spec aren't huge (no more toothpaste green in the 'pit!), but the aircraft is basically a placeholder anyway. It's going to be a couple of years before the Fitters get replaced by F-35s. I just hope I'll be able to see one in flight again before this happens. Needless to say it's a really good display aircraft.
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    FC skins in ROF

    Vonrd is right. In order to see new skins not attached to any of the historical or fictitious packs, you'd have to have mods on. "Mods on" opens the game up to all sorts of issues, so we've generally never run in that mode.
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    I‘ll prepare report this weekend. I‘m rally glad that you liked our small event, thanks a lot for coming! @Butzzell you and your server rock! 😂💪🏽 Thank u for support! When everything will be ready for the next round, you‘ll be informed first of all. S!
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    @=GenMarkof007= No problem! Maybe you should invite your workers to join us? 😂 four human gunners are not so bad at whole! We meet at 19:00 GMT and start at 19:30 GMT
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    Stats Server update

    S! All Klaiber went wild and updated the JG1 stats server to the latest version and he added......... wait for it...........drum roll please...................TANKS !
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    Stats Server update

    It was a joint effort. Sort of like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but with the stats page. Butzzell talked me through the instructions, and I just clicked and updated stuff. Honestly, I'm glad it works!
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    German Defensive Line North of Aachen

    Greetings JG1, just wanted to invite you guys to a mission. Sunday 2:30 PM Eastern Time This mission will be an attempt to recreate a defensive hold against an American attack on our perimeter located north of Aachen. Currently I'm designing the mission with the hopes that we would have enough air combat interest to allow for player vs player in the air, however in the event that is not possible the player element will be Luftwaffe only, assisting our panzers in holding the line and launching a counter attack. The battlefield area is limited in this one, so the flying would be fairly concentrated over a particular sector of the map. There will be flak to ward off ground attacks on artillery and entrenched locations, so the flying can get dicey in the combat area. Let me know if you have any interest in joining us so I can plan the mission around the numbers I might have to work with. More to come as I work on this one. I'll get back with you on the plane set, but I think we might go with Panther on the tanks, against AI Shermans, since the AI has been acting up on some of the other tank sets. If you guys prefer MkIVs let me know. It's just that they haven't been holding up very well. Thanks, Neun
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