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    BoX update out !!!

    Did you expect some? The improvements are replacing the alternative visibility server setting. What did change is that you can set the MSAA to 8x. Looks nice but you will get a fps hit. For me it went from 144 to 130-135 fps. As for visibility I can see on the J5 Flugpark from Beugnatre a dogfight going on over Arras. Not bad I think. The aircraft are more visible over the front and dont blend with the lanscape textures that much.
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    Tank N Spank intro

    S! All, I posted the intro to Tank 'N Spank on the TC forums. please note that we will be using the unofficial RoF TS for coms. This and SRS looked like the easiest way to get people on coms. "This is an introductory event. The mission is intermittently running on the JG1 server so that people can check it out. It will be run as an open server event on Sept 20th and 27th at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time. In game coms SRS will be available. Recommended coms are on Team Speak ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 pw- 1917. Axis players please use main German channel and Allied players please use main English channel.
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    JG1_Dudley JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) ET
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    Unicode in ru language

    It was a pleasure to cooperate. In general, I have known your Generator for a long time, but somewhere in 2008 I got mired in online. Thanks.
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