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    What are you guys watching?

    Kameraden, TOMs Modelling, stunning concept and execution. TOMs Modelling YouTube Channel S!
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    Firefly's video archive

    Incredible air-to-air footage of Su-25SM3s in action at a target range. Note the variety of aircraft at the airfield: Su-35s, Su-30s, Tu-22s, Il-76s, MiG-29s, Su-34s and others.
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    What are you guys watching?

    So you're one of those people who watched the trailer so many times they could've watched a full movie instead? Join the club. 😀
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    1PL-KJ GTM -6 (Texas)
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    Tank N Spank intro

    Sorry I couldn't make it, and I will not be there for next weeks as well..damn vacations! 😃 But we will do all we can to help promote this project. I hope more of our guys, as well as some of the community can join next weeks mission. The problem has always been getting people to commit to a specific time slot.
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    What are you guys watching?

    Me too. I've watched it about 100 times. And have now resorted to watching other people react to it. I know. I'm sick.
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