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    Virpil Boot loader Recovery

    I was running into issues with my rudder/brakes, found out that I was a bit behind in the Virpil software, tried to update to the latest version but than the joystick wasn't recognised any more. Yes I did use the 1-by-1 method, but stumbled anyway. In the end I was able to open up my CM2 Base and re-flash the bootloader with help from the video below.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator Back.

    From what I remember of my flying days the 152 feels very realistic for stalls. I never did spin recovery but for a regular stall with wing drop it felt very lifelike. I'm trying to learn how to use the G1000 systems but all my IRL flying has been with the traditional six pack of instruments. I bet guys who are used to the SA afforded by the moving map display get REALLY disorientated when they're forced to fly without it. Being able to place yourself on a map using traditional methods is a skill every pilot should know like the back of their hand. GPS is cool until something happens or the company/state that owns them decides to not play ball. Germany in particular has spent a lot of time and money investing and upgrading their VOR stations as it's still very much needed.
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