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    Battle for Schmidt

    The Americans have been bottled up in the Hurtgen Forest for weeks now and have worked their way to the eastern sections of the forest. Difficult terrain, both in dense timber and high hills has created a terrible situation for the Americans. Now they are poised for a push on the Village of Schmidt and some open country where their armor, artillery and air superiority can once again be brought into play. The Germans, well they have plugged the area with determined men and material, since the battle is being waged on German soil, it's now or never. Most know the war is all but over, but they are fighting for their families and buying time for the super weapons, or possibly the breakdown of the Allied Alliance with the Soviet Union. The big push into the Ardennes is being planned and the Americans will soon come to realize that this war is anything but finished. This battle will be conducted in late Autumn just before the snows that will soon blanket the area with impassable roads and record breaking freezing temperatures. The battle will begin with a consolidated American armor thrust deeper into the forest and hopefully secure a breakout into open terrain. The 707th Tank Brigade with their Sherman tanks will assault the forward base of the 116th Panzer Division. This base must be captured and will provide the Americans with fresh armor and supplies for their final push into Schmidt. After this objective has been met, 3 members will switch over to the German side and defend the Village of Schmidt. Objective number 2 will be to capture the Village of Schmidt. However, the Americans must hold this Village for the anticipated German counter attack which will come from a reserve Zug unit which was positioned outside of town a couple of kilometers or so away. Historically, the village was retaken by the Germans, so it's important for the 707th to hold on to the area for a victory. The Air Combat within this mission will hopefully draw enough participants to allow for a PVP battle. There will be air strike objectives in addition to ground support as the battle unfolds. It's important for our members and any other participants to signup in our Events section, in addition to any of our Tank N Spank buddies who would like to join us. Tank squads will be filled keeping JG1 members together whenever possible. In addition, I'd like to have 2 JG1 members with me, to go German when we make the switch, if at all possible. I will have this posted in the Events section soon. More to come.
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    DCG 3.50 Open Beta

    Beta 11 refines the upgrade/downgrade of aircraft so nationality plays a bigger role in selection. The class file should now be able to contain multiple entries for the same aircraft but with different "long names" and nationalities. il2dcg350b11.zip
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    ROF shifting control axes

    There was a thread on this somewhere a long time ago; Me, Emerlist DavJack and possibly others were involved as I recall. There is no simple easy fix (re: software) that worked for everybody all of the time. However, you could edit your controls file as needed each time it changes, and the fastest way was to figure out which controls had changed to what in terms of ID numbers, and then adjust them using a text editor such as Notepad. In other words if originally your joystick was "joy1", your throttle was "joy2" and your pedals were "joy3", and then it changed such that your joystick was "joy2" and your throttle was "joy3" and your pedals were now "joy1", what you would do first would be to rename your original controls file to "J1T2P3.txt" to indicate the configuration of your controllers that does not now work anymore. THEN, you would edit that file in Notepad, changing only the numbers in the controller ID's to what is now needed: in this example case, you would change all 1's to 2's, all 2's to 3's, and all 3's to 1's. This is not as difficult as it may sound since you can just place your cursor after the first ID number, hit backspace once, enter the now correct number, hit enter, your cursor moves down to the next line in the correct place, do the same thing over and over again until you go through all of the entries. This is faster than doing it in the game where you have to re-enter every controller by moving it or pushing a button in every single field of every section that has anything to do with a controller, and odds are you always forget something. Working from top to bottom in the text editor makes it so you don't forget anything, and it's all in one place. When you've corrected all of the ID numbers, you then "save as" that file so that it has the correct file name required by the game (the file name that your original file had). Can't remember it exactly right now since I don't have my gaming machine at this time. Notepad will try to append a ".txt" on the end, so that you end up with something like "controls.cfg.txt". So after the file is saved, then rename it to get rid of the extra ".txt" on the end. It will ask you if you're sure and say it might render the file useless, but just say yes, since that file with the extra .txt on the end will not be recognized by the game and so be useless. In any case, you now have a working current file, and also another file that, if Windows happens to change the ID's back to that configuration, all you have to do is rename that particular file with the correct required game controller name, and then rename the other, now inoperable file indicating it's configuration (such as "J2T3P1.txt). Eventually, if this happens enough times, and you create new configs each time as required, you have enough files that it covers all possible changes that can occur, and you'll never need to actually edit the file again, only rename an existing one that you created previously. So for a while it's either a semi-quick fix to edit, or a really quick fix to rename an already existing file. The idea is that it beats manually changing all the controls mapping within the game each time they change over and over forever. Another note is that Windows doesn't normally change the controller ID's unless it's a larger update such as a "feature update", so the need for this is usually pretty infrequent. But I stand to be corrected on that. Good luck!
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    Battle for Schmidt

    Wittmann, if you join our website you can see our events page and I can give you a tag that will automatically invite you for events. www.simulatedcombatgroup.com but the server name will always start with SCG and the week for this one is “ami9” we will be on our team speak at: comms.simulatedcombatgroup.com pw “enjoy”. It would be great if you could fly luftwafffe....
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    What are you guys listening to?

    Kind of hypnotic music I like to listen from French groups, like ´Air´ or ´M83´. Here´s a song of M83 of their Album "Hurry up, we´re dreaming". The album ( a double CD album ) was disappointing to me, as it is very experimental and only 2 or 3 songs on it I like. But this one song "Wait" never gets old. Also the Video for "Wait" comes in a very artful style with references arranged to a very own narration. The groups name "M83" is a reference to the nearest discovered galaxy to the milky way. <iframe width="1093" height="640" src=" " frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Battle for Schmidt

    Neun, I'll prob come in and fly. Can you post a link to sign up I only see events listed for Wed's in OCT
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    Hi Hotlead, you're on the Blue Team. Will flip your access on Discord. See you tomorrow!
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    S! All, The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session A1 of Flanders In Flames 2020 "Fall Campaign" (flown on 10 October 2020). Congratulations! . . . Honor Goblet for the Victor in Air Combat Sgt. Heinrich (ScorchedBeans) Freund, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for the destruction of 1 enemy aircraft within one streak. Honor Goblet for Successful Attacks from the Air Gfr. Josef (Jaus) Ostländer, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for the destruction of 1 enemy ground target within one streak. Iron Cross 2nd Class Gfr. Josef (Jaus) Ostländer, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for the destruction of 2 enemy ground targets within one streak. Iron Cross 1st Class Gfr. Josef (Jaus) Ostländer, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for the destruction of 5 enemy ground targets within one streak. Wound Badge 1918: Black Class Sgt. Heinrich (ScorchedBeans) Freund, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for being wounded in action 1 time within one streak. Gfr. Josef (Jaus) Ostländer, Jasta 10 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for being wounded in action 1 time within one streak. Bavarian Knight's Cross of the Military Order of Max Joseph OffzSt. Lothar (GenMarkof) von Zudet, Jasta 11 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), for bravery and meritorious leadership in battle [for outstanding leadership and esprit de corps.] German Army Report Hptm. Fritz Butzzell Jasta 11 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [great streak - 9 ground victories and 1 wounded-in-action, over 10 sorties.] Lt. Peter Pragr, Jasta 4 (session #A1, 10 October 2020), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [esprit de corps]
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