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  1. Lowengrin

    DCG 3.50 Open Beta

    Beta 11 refines the upgrade/downgrade of aircraft so nationality plays a bigger role in selection. The class file should now be able to contain multiple entries for the same aircraft but with different "long names" and nationalities. il2dcg350b11.zip
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  3. One of the tightest Rhythm sections and most stacked woodwinds sections you're ever going to hear in a big band ever. Phil Collins big band is still around even these days but unfortunately a lot of the great old Cats like George Duke are dead or dying/can't play anymore.
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  4. SCG_Neun

    Battle for Schmidt

    Americans will have an airbase now at Aachen, which will reduce flight time to the battle. 707th Tank Brigade, will start off with all tankers, Judge will be Commander. After taking 116th Forward Base, Neun, Butzzell,General, and if numbers are good, Longwood, will switch to German MkIV's coming out of Schmidt. Butzzell will command the German Panzer Unit. Our mission will be to hold Schmidt at all cost. If we lose Schmidt, we will regroup into a reserve Zug that was a few km outside of town. We will attempt to retake Schmidt.American Airforce will be comprised of JG1 members with Thorns. Luft
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