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    Hello everyone! As you all know, WW1 aviation has long fascinated me. I believe the story of WW1 (and even more specifically, WW1 aviators) tends to be overshadowed by WW2 and doesn't get as much press as it deserves. I also enjoy reading/writing and now that I no longer have to write college papers (woo hoo! 😁), I occasionally get the itch to research something and write about it. That being the case, I present to you, "Climbing Higher" - my personal blog on all things WW1 aviation! Every so often, when I have the inclination and free time, I'll be posting articles about WW1 aviation to my personal blog (linked below): https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher My first post is a book review of a rarer WW1 aviation memoir: "A German Airman Remembers" by Hans Schröder. To see my thoughts on this unique read, just click on the link below! https://rookieace.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/a-german-airman-remembers-book-review Subsequent posts: (Nov 15, 2020) Do or Die: No Parachute High in the Sky
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    Hello everyone, long time no see. I would like to plan on participating next weekend, 10/31.
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    Application - Rookie

    Welcome to the Squadron "Rookie" - I also own the Viggen and alhough I can read Swedish pretty well (I am Norwegian), I have never been able to master it....I own most of the DCS modules except the Mil Mi8 and F-86 Sabre - never could wrap my head around the A-10C...I learned to start it up...but as far as Mavericks and LGBs are concerned - "I havent got a clue"... These days I mostly fly the F-16C (an old favourite of mine) and the FA-18C (which I never really liked, but it has grown on me...). Look forward to making circles in the virtual sky with you Sir!!!
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    Application - Rookie

    Sounds like a workable plan. As Brit said, a few of our EU pilots have the Viggen (not me though, I could join you in another airframe), so the evaluation shouldn't be too much of a problem. The MiG-21 has rather limited air to ground capability, but until we get a Cold War-era Soviet ground pounder (think Su-17 and MiG-27) it's one of the best assets we have. We've done both A-A and A-G in tournaments before (we even sank an imperialist CV once! ), so we're no strangers to mud moving. As for A-A training, we'd be happy to give you some guidance. As long as you know the basic flight manoeuvres and can navigate your way around the cockpit (which is a loose collection of switches, buttons, toggles and gauges scattered around a toothpaste-coloured bathtub) you should have no problems dogfighting in a MiG. Just remember that the 21 is a difficult machine to master, as it's actively trying to kill you at every opportunity. It's like training your own Russian attack bear - it may not always work as intended (and you may get eaten along the way), but when it all comes together it's great fun. In Soviet Russia aircraft fly you! Do you own any helicopters? We fly those too. Many of us are eagerly awaiting the Mi-24.
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