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    What are you guys listening to?

    I'd have loved to have attended this... Joe is so weird looking but soooo cool. Yeah, it's very long... almost 2 hours. At least check "Is she really going out with him" @ 1:34:00... just a delightful version. The hits are @: 4:30 15:00 43:00 1:21:00 (and that's where I stopped... still more after) BTW... he's just 3 months older than me.
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    DCS: Mi-24P preview

    This is definitely the shortcoming of DCS. The models that they develop are a little off. Even the versions we do have don’t line up, quite right.
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    DCS: Mi-24P preview

    You might want to have a look at this: https://stormbirds.blog/2020/08/01/grim-reapers-qa-with-eagle-dynamics-reveals-future-details-for-dcs/ There are some gaping holes out there, no doubt about that. I'm looking forward to the MiG-23 and AvioDev's Mirage F1, they will spice things up on the Cold War server. The Phantom represents a massive missed opportunity, I'm pretty sure people would be lining up to buy it. The Century Series aircraft, while very nice, wouldn't be a sound business proposition for ED - IMHO it's far more likely they'll get picked up by 3rd party devs. I still don't get why the A-4 Skyhawk mod hasn't been picked up as an official module. The Kfir mod also looks amazing, I hope they become a full-time dev. Oh yeah. It's a shame ED put the AH-1S on the back burner, BLUFOR could use some proper attack helicopters. When it comes to modules, the Su-17 is at the top of my wishlist, right up there with the Su-24 and full-fidelity early Soviet 4th gens.
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