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    Congratulations, Cole Austin!

    I'm happy to be the first to congratulate our own Hotlead on completing all of the requirements for his college degree. This being an extremely unusual year, he will more than likely be deprived of the standard graduation ceremony that normally would take place at any American university. Regardless of this, he has his family who are undoubtedly and deservedly very proud of him. I want to add my own congratulations for a person who I am sure will be able to overcome any challenges ahead. S! and Well Done, Hotlead!! 👍
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    Screenshot art

    I've been enjoying photoshopping screenshots.
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    Thought you all might enjoy a little levity:
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    Newest JG1 Member

    At 11:12 am on 11/26, my daughter gave birth to the newest member of Jasta 4 and Staffel 6.
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    Vikner in fire danger

    JG1, Geyserville was the first place evacuated about 06:00 AM last Thursday since the winds were driving the fire down the ridge across from our house (see attached). Wednesday night around 09:30 PM the lights flashed and the internet dropped off line. That was a PG&E power line going down near the geothermal station on Pine Flat (see attached). We had an evacuation warning as we were going to bed and a mandatory evacuation early Thursday. There are about a mile or so of vineyards—which don’t burn well—and the Russian River between Geyserville and that ridge. However, with the wind gusts they always worry that fires can start quickly a couple of miles away from the main fire due to blowing embers. Plus the road network is fairly limited in our area and they want the people out so the roads are clear for fire equipment. We went to stay with Tricia’s cousin in Healdsburg Thursday and Friday. Healdsburg was evacuated Saturday morning at 10:00 AM followed by Windsor and then parts of Santa Rosa. We went down to Menlo Park and Patrick got us a room at the Residence Inn that takes pets. We sat it out there from Saturday until Thursday morning. Tom Petty’s song “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” covers that period. Geyserville was not under much threat after the first 48 hours since the fire had burned what it could on the ridge and moved on. Plus the vineyard and river defenses. However, Healdsburg and Windsor are mostly on the east side of the river and the winds were driving it that way. They set fire lines on a couple of outlying roads and successfully kept the fire away from them. The Pine Flat picture attached is looking east from the crest (popular local bike ride since Pine Flat and Alp D’ Huez are quite similar--attached). Picture was taken about two weeks ago near the crest during a ride. The fire burned a lot of stuff out east. Fortunately, there aren’t any structures, people, roads or anything out there so they just let it go until it gets near something important. Napa was under warning, however, looks like it is betting beaten down fast. As we drove home, saw mucho fire equipment headed south for the fires down there. Stressful week, however, California has established pretty solid procedures from the experience of recent fires. Get the people out and the equipment in. Believe we had about 6000 people fighting the fire at peak. Still, constant evacuations with three cats and two dogs aren’t fun. Next door neighbors had to move three times; Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Petaluma. They’ve lived here 27 years and this was the first time they’ve evacuated so that’s encouraging. Hopefully one gigorgous fire per lifetime. Vikner
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    I flew over my house

    I flew over my house in a Ju88. The people of 1C Game Studios did an amazing job with mapping the actual rivers, canals, streams and rail lines of the Netherlands. They did it so detailed, that I could identify the stream some 670 m south of where I live. To show more actual details we have some kms to the W, what we call, a zwaaikom (where barges can turn around).
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    USAF Museum

    I went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH this weekend. If you haven't been, GO, it is really awesome! A few cellphone pics:
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    Well if Nov 23rd goes OK, then things mess up on Dec 7, it will truly be a "Date which will live in infamy"
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    Offline - Renovations

    Kameraden, Started getting the flight gear setup planned. S!
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    I'm going to miss it this week. Going to see my mom for her 94th birthday.
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    Greetings Gents! I heard my long lost beloved D-7 was left in the hanger here. Has anyone seen it?
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    S! All Leaves are dropping. Days are shorter. There is a chill in the air. Bullets are flying. Bombs are dropping. It must be Flanders in Flames Fall Campaign 2019. All the particulars are posted under FiF tournament information. Of special note will be the map for this series. If you have flown Jasta 5's excellent series "Bloody April" you will recognize it as the northern half of that area. We have not used this area for an FiF. We use it now because of the great variety of rivers, roads and rail roads. The plane set will be early: N-17, N-17 GB, Strutter, RE8, Halb D.II, Halb Cl2 and Roland Cl2. We will have a Dry Run on 5, October, 2019 at the usual time.
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    DeFreest Larner

    3rd Pursuit Group Markings Guide

    Greetings, all! I'm very excited to share with our frenemies at J.G.1 some sneak-peeks at the upcoming skin pack for the 3rd Pursuit Group. Meticulous historical research has gone into the 3rd P.G pack in order to give it as much historical grounding as possible, down to the tiniest detail! This includes factory serial numbers, stencilling and camouflage patterns, individually painted Indian heads for the 103rd, and historically correct and unique markings for each squadron. Some of our aircraft even have replacement parts and patched-up bullet holes! Without further ado - here are the markings of our four units! The 103rd Aero Squadron: The unit you all know and love to hate - the 103rd is our 'Heritage Squadron' - the original unit that has now developed to form the first Squadron of the 3rd Pursuit Group. The 103rd's Indian Head is steeped in tradition, dating back to the Lafayette Escadrille of old. Squadron Markings: The 103rd display yellow fuselage and wing numbers with a black outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a green band with two red stripes. Unique Markings: Some aircraft of the 103rd have small personal insignia painted underneath the cockpits - but for the most part, they keep it plain and simple! The 93rd Aero Squadron: The second squadron of the 3rd Pursuit Group to be activated, the 93rd have already been causing trouble over the front. Their heritage traces back to the 103rd Aero Squadron's infamous 3rd Flight. Squadron Markings: The 93rd display white fuselage and wing numbers with a red outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a green band with three red stripes. Unique Markings: Pilots display one victory marking on the Indian head's necklace for every 10 aerial victories during a single V-Life. The 213th Aero Squadron: The third squadron to be activated with the 3rd Pursuit Group, the 213th is currently the largest Squadron in the group. Their heritage traces back to the 103rd Aero Squadron's 2nd Flight. Squadron Markings: The 213th display black fuselage and wing numbers with a white outline. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a red band with three green stripes. Unique Markings: Each aircraft of the 213th bears a name underneath the cockpit. And last, but not least: The 28th Aero Squadron: As of yet, the 28th Aero Squadron remains inactive. However, we are hoping to gain some new recruits in the near future to fill its ranks! Squadron Markings: The 28th display blue fuselage and wing numbers. The fuselage numbers are against a white backdrop. Their Squadron Recognition Code is a red band with two green stripes. Unique Markings: None as of yet. Other Markings: Squadron C.Os are permitted to display a unique nose cowling, as well as a fuselage stripe (typically tricolour). The numbers '0' and '1' are also typically used by Squadron C.Os for further identification. Pilots, after scoring 3 victories, are allowed to paint a small insignia or legend underneath the cockpit. This was a historical practice by the United States Air Service, and one we replicate within our unit! Each Squadron is divided into three flights, which are signified by the coloured nose cowlings: Red for 1st Flight, White for 2nd Flight and Blue for 3rd Flight.
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    Congrats Hotlead!

    Just heard Hotlead announce on his stream that he got engaged. Big congrats to you both! What a wonderful journey you have ahead. Really happy for you
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    Congrats Hotlead!

    Aww, thank you guys! 😊 We’ll be getting married this coming June. I’m definitely blessed to have found her and can’t wait to start our life together! 😃
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    Remembering Joint-Ops

    I was clearing out my inboxes and came upon my certificate. I spent a lot of time in their courses, finishing all but the last bomber course, I believe. It was a wonderful flight school based on IL-2:1946. I met a ton of fine pilots and instructors and I hope they are all doing well. I only know of a few that are no longer with us, such as Lily. I wish I had all the material they had, it was all great theory.
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    Congratulations, Cole Austin!

    Wow guys! I had been off the forums for while due to working on finals, so I didn’t see this until now. Wow. I seriously didn’t expect this; my heart is so full! 😊 Thank you for the well wishes, gentlemen! It’s definitely the end of a journey for me and it feels surreal being done. I’m going to be starting full time work on June 1st as a customer service rep/social media coordinator for Heart of Dakota Publishing. Definitely very excited for this next stage of my life! 😃 But I am also thrilled for some of the things that will stay the same. Like my involvement in WW1 flight sims with some of the best online friends and squadmates a guy could ever ask for. I am thrilled to be a part of this niche and look forward to sharing more memories in the virtual skies with you all! Prosit! 🍻😄
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    FiF Teams

    True blue to the end. Better dead than Red.
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    Cockpit picture BOx / FC

    Here are my completed cockpit info photos for WWII in a zip file. Either extract to your main game folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad or into a temp folder then paste it over. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fespqr0650h45pf/AADzzvXIdrI7UgaKGnGOnLU4a?dl=0
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    Screenshot art

    Here's another.
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    Offline - Renovations

    Kameraden, I'm back, sadly... A few trip pictures, we did the redeye in an A321-200 which was a mistake seats were brutal. Breakfast in Squamish, Crumpit Woods (million dollar view CAD). Hiking near Squamish, Mamquam River: Mamquam River, with Mary-Dale & Shayla: Soames Hill in Gibsons, Sushine Coast: Us again: Brohm Lake Hike: Heading back down, this was a 4.89km distance with 255m elevation change: S!
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    What is your current Timezone: US Central Standard Time (CST) Do you have a Joystick or HOTAS? I have a very basic Logitech 3D Pro w/ Twist rudder and plastic throttle tumb-rotor - luckily it also has hat-switch and base buttons for engine management controls and a weapon trigger. Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? No Teamspeak currently as I mostly use discord, however I can and will install Teamspeak again - I used to use it for many iRacing leagues between 2013-2016 Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? I do have a TrackIR and an Occulus CV-1 VR headset - it suffers from some poor quality head tracking issue that may be due to damage, though, so I would most likely be using the TrackIR instead. What sims are you currently flying? IL:2 Great battles series - Battles of Stalingrad and Kuban mostly, as well as pickup matches in War Thunder (A bit more arcade-oriented but not terrible) How did you hear about JG1? Through the 2Old4Forza Sim racing community inviting me to Race in the JG1 Sim racing league - and then realizing that the community was mostly flight sim oriented and discussing my setup a bit with Britchot on Discord! Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? I'm probably a bit more capable in the 4-wheeled vehicles than I am in the winged ones! I've been passionate about Military history and WWII era aviation for a very long time; have dabbled in many Simulators but never been part of an active squadron or done more than dipping my toe into some of the Larger IL:2 Great battles servers. I would most likely need some coaching to grow into a pilot that was helpful to the Geschwader rather than a more casual lazy-boy tumbling my way across the skies; but would love to learn and grow while still having fun with everybody! Due to the current COVID Situation I am laid off and my main source of income is now instructing racing students remotely on the simulators from home, so my schedule may be a bit odd and inconsistent at times as well; just to have that out front in case it's an issue.
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    FiF Spring Campaign

    Salute to the Flight Sim Community. Normally we would be offering Flanders in Flames Spring Campaign. Unfortunately we are not going forward with FiF at this time. The recent changes to the DM have created a huge disparity in plane survivability. We have made a commitment to FC as being the next generation WW I flight sim but do not want to put forward an event based on a sim with obvious problems. The developers are aware of the situation and are actively seeking a solution to the DM problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. At that time we will re-evaluate. Thank you for your support and understanding.
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    Zuper VR!

    Lets all chip in on one. We can keep it at my house for safe keeping.
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    Europe in Flames

    After FIF tomorrow, I would like to test the WWII tourney, EIF (Europe in Flames). Most of the pieces I have verified as working, so I want to load up a server with pilots and see what happens to the mission. Things to test 1. At mission start each side has a "Destroy enemy building" icons located at intersections of 4 sectors (ie: 2204, 2205, 2304, 2305). This indicates a target is located somewhere within 1 of those four sectors. The side only needs to fly near one of the targets, then they get a message "Enemy target has been found", and the old icon disappears, and the true target icon appears. These need to be verified as working. 2. I need suicide, err, I mean dare-devil pilots, to attack an airfield. Each airfield has fuel depots, ammo depots, and a HQ base (almost ALWAYS located off base, near a nearby city). If you kill all the fuel depots at an airbase, the enemy pilots can no longer refuel at that base. Killing the ammo depots stops rearming, and killing the HQ no longer allows the pilot to heal their wounds. 3. The player ground war elements need to be tested as well.
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    New Application

    Hullo All, Coming back to flightsims after years away as a result of an introduction to FC from a friend. I play a few detailed sims with steep learning curves and have always found that it's best to learn from experienced players to get the most out of the simulation and the epxerience so I'm applying to Join JG1 What is your Timezone? UTC Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? HOTAS Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? YES Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? TrackIR What sims are you currently flying? FC, BOS, RoF How did you hear about JG1? A member (Archibald) is a friend and I've played a lot of other sims with him. Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? Happy to engage and be as active and helpful as possible. Good luck all. McDonnell
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    Anstennje Sause


    What is your Timezone? - CET (Germany) Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? - VKB Gunfighter Mk.II MCG / X-52 Pro Throttle Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? - No TeamSpeak (but shouldn't be a problem to install) and yes, I have a microphone. Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? - TrackIR 4 What sims are you currently flying? - Mostly DCS L-39, once MiG-21, sometimes MiG-15 and Yak-52 How did you hear about JG1? - ED forums Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? - Based in Eastern Germany, I'm highly interested in the history, planes and tactics of our former air force. I used to fly the MiG-21 once (about 500 flight hours) but at the moment I'm flying the L-39 (a lot) and the Yak-52 (a little). Flight dynamics, flight and control techniques and navigation tasks are just as interesting to me as weapons delivery. If I have the time, I try to read and learn a lot out of historic original documents, to get to know how the "ancestors" have done it... Thanks for reading
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    FiF Teams

    FIF is going in new sim, some will gone, some will come. Its too early to have a decision about it. But i can say exactly the we have to use ROF core in FIF.
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    DeFreest Larner

    Larner's Last Stand

    In which I dive into a 20+ plane furball and immediately regret my decision: On a side note, watching back Hotlead's stream after the night, was very happy to see Gen mention a "93rd SPAD"! Would hate to be lumped in with that US103 lot, ya'know? Was also really cool that Gen noticed the number. I actually officially fly No. 0, but 24 is my "other other SPAD"
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    Application for FC squadron

    What is your Timezone? CET Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? Yes Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? Microphone: Yes. TS not installed, but obviously that can be done Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? VR Oculus CV1 What sims are you currently flying? IL-2 FC mostly. I fly WW2 planes from time to time when I want to feel that comparatively unlimited power compared to WW1 planes, but nothing serious for the moment How did you hear about JG1? Via IL-2 forum Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? Sure: I love anything about flying IRL and have dabbled with flight sims on and off previously, and I have very fond memories of the careers I flew in Red Baron (shows my age: generation X). Nonetheless, I consider myself an enthusiastic beginner in Flying Circus. As indicated, my timezone is CET (from the Netherlands) my availability for playing is during the weekend, on Fridays from time to time and during the week after 20:00 CET. I would love to have a group of fellow pilots that are interested in flying somewhat regularly to have fun and that would also like to improve functioning as a team/squadron. Ideally a team of not too many people that can fly together somewhat regularly so that the team members get to know each others' style and strengths. I am fine with flying Entente as well as Central, though I must admit that I do find the Central planes just that tad cooler (fite me, preferably in a dogfite : ) In case this plays a role: I am fine with speaking English, French, Dutch, and if you are willing to tolerate my rusty language skills, German (I'd actually find that quite fun to give that a try)
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    Firefly's video archive

    Found this on the Eagle Dynamics forums: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=254502 Great cockpit shots of a MiG-21bis.
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    S! All We had a mission with no big disco dump. We still do not know what caused the discos. We will run the same mission on December 7. Even map. Blue team will be Entente and Red team will be Central. This will be the final mission for this campaign.😥 Sorry we have had these problems. FiF is in transition to Flying Circus. For those that want to see a preview, after the Dec 7th session of FiF the server will be changed over to an FiF Flying Circus mission. It will take about 10 minutes to change it over. More about this next week.
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    Vikner in fire danger

    I've heard from Vikner. He and his family are safe. His home and community were protected from the fires by a river and a vineyard (which made it hard for the fire to cross to him). There was serious concern about embers jumping the water line, however. But the fire seems to have burnt out a lot of stuff to the east of him and is moving on. Thankfully, the eastern area doesn't have a lot of structures or people. All in all, he said it was a very stressful week. I've encouraged him to post on the boards to let everyone know that he's okay.
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    Some information I found about the photo I use for my JG1 profile... This picture was first published in the 1943 book "Balkenkreuz Über Wüstensand: Falbbirderwerk des Deutschen Afrikakorps" (The Balkan Cross over Desert Sand: A Color Picture Book of the German Africa Corps) by Gerhard Stalling. It shows a Luftwaffe officer with the rank of Oberleutnant playing cards in the North African desert with cigarette in his mouth. Pretty sloppy don't you think, when we know that he is actually a medical officer (note the serpent-entwined rod in his schulterklappen!). The equivalent rank for the Oberleutnant (First Lieutenant) in the medical service is Oberarzt. Looks like he had seen action for some time, based from the Eisernes Kreuz II.Klasse ribbon in his uniform. He also wears a Luftwaffe version of "knautschmütze" (crusher cap) which, basically a crushed schirmmütze (visor cap) Source: Book "Balkenkreuz Über Wüstensand: Falbbirderwerk des Deutschen Afrikakorps" by Gerhard Stalling http://lescolverts.forumactif.org/t135p45-la-luftwaffe-en-couleurs
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    Pfalz D.IIIa Vs Bristol F2B

    From long time ago...
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    Black September

    Klai- you are more than welcome to join in if you get the opportunity. A few things... Next week the serrver password WILL be in effect. Also, the timer for death penalties will be running so there will be no questions as to whether or not you can re-fly. Hope everyone is having a good time, we are and we're learning a lot as well. GC
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    Personal graphics

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    Hello there!

    Hi everyone, first off... very snazzy website you got here, I like it. I've recently found myself with some free time and been having an absolute ball with the MiG-21bis. I enjoy flying the Hornet and other "modern" modules, however they feel pretty bland of character compared to the older jets. My main focus in DCS previous was the Viggen, being a "mud mover" at heart. However I've found myself quite taken by the MiG, enjoying the quick start ups and not needing to enter lat/long coords for a flight plan manually and wait for a cursed INS system to align. Just start the old girl up and go flying. I live in the UK, working in the NHS meaning my availability can be a little variable especially with my degree studies coming towards their conclusion. Especailly if I've been given a row of night shifts etc, or if I have an assignment deadline approaching. I've been flying since the original LOMAC days as part of the 159th GAR, with plenty of time spent in the Su-25T. From there I also had a few years flying in Falcon 4.0 and IL-2 1946. It's a little scary to think I've been involved with LOMAC/DCS in some form for almost half of my entire life! I've also got IL-2 and most of the associated expansions which I picked up for a bargain price a while back, but haven't gotten around to flying yet. However if someone wants a bomber pilot look no further :), multi-crew in the He-111 looks a blast (Wellington for the Tobruk exp looks awesome too). Modules owned: FC3 Bf-109K Spitfire Mk.IX A-10C Ka-50 UH-1 Mi-8MTV AV-8B Mirage 2000C MiG-21bis MiG-19P AJS 37 F-18C F-14B Combined Arms Persian Gulf, Normandy and NTTR terrain packs (sadly I can only install NTTR because of lack of SSD space atm, waiting to get another M.2 drive). I think that's everything... I don't even want to tally up the total cost of all that. I fly with a HOTAS Warthog, Thrustmaster pedals and Track IR, have a headset and mic etc for use in Discord/TS or whatever comms software you lads prefer. Have a little experience in SRS too but had a few issues getting it setup initally. I've familiarised myself with most of the Fishbeds systems, I have the startup procedure (as I do it anyway) memorised and can get the old girl up and running within 60 seconds. Also somewhat reasonably versed in RSBN/Arc navigation and recently been practicing the PRMG approaches including big/small box. Always happy to learn new tricks however and have been looking for other MiG drivers to fly with. Anyone here fly the Viggen much? Would be nice to get back in the pit of that one and get some practice in! Also, do you have a Discord server or a public server I might be able to hop into and perhaps get to meet a few of you? Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you in the skies soon o7. Cheers! DJ
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    DeFreest Larner

    Make me a skin! ...please? :D

    Update 4.006 is going to be introducing new lighting effects / reactions for the aircraft of IL2 - essentially, planes are going to look nicer when they 'shine' (probably not the best explanation 😬). The good news is, that 'wet metal' look should be getting replaced, so the new effects should look closer to doped linen when translated to FC! Yay! The bad news, is that Jason has said that Alpha layers may need adjusted to match the new effects. We won't know exactly until we see them, but all FC skins might be affected to the point of Alpha layers needing re-done. the update should be out either today or tomorrow. Side note: It should be updating FC's current DM as well! Fingers crossed the wing-shedding is less of an issue! @127Tom Skins take time and effort to do. Lots of time, and lots of effort. Our unit's new skins (3rd P.G) are about three or four months in the making now, and I'm sure JG1's skins have been similarly time-consuming to make. Not to mention that that particular design on an Albatros is going to be especially difficult to make. You can either sit patiently and wait for Gen to get your skin done, as he so generously offered to do, or you can learn to make skins yourself...
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    Oculus Rift earphone failure

    While on my recent Elite Dangerous exploration, my Oculus Rift right earphone lost audio. By fiddling with the right slip joint on the headset, I could get it working again, but only intermittently. When exploring, I’m always lifting the headset so I can see to make notes. I figure with all the extra movement of I wore or frayed a cable in the slip joint. This seems to be a common problem with the rift as I was able to find a relatively easy fix on the web. It appears the earphone loses ground when the cable frays, so using a length of fine telephone wire to connect the botton pins (ground?) on the left and right earphone restores functionality. At least it did for me. Here are the YouTube links showing how it’s done. Left earphone fix, excellent step by step instructions. https://youtu.be/oLrT94lakpo Right earphone fix, basically saying the left fix works for the right earphone too. https://youtu.be/DNZ-i5K3fZ0
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    S! All, When more and more JG1 pilot are adopting VR headset... I went and bought yesterday (at a very good price) the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q wide screen! Is it that I'm not at that stage for VR or that I'm not sure about motion sickness or how the hell will I control most of my keyboard settings? Well for now, I'll go and test this 34 inch wide screen and let you know how it feels. Cheers ! Gen ps: if anyone got question about this screen, feel free to ask if you see me online!
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    This topic is for the discussion of skins and we should take recommendations as constructive advice. I have seen too many critiques turn into a perceived personal attacks. Please understand that having personalized skins in any of the sims, recognized and distributed by the squadron, is a privilege. It isn't our intent to limit personalization, but to keep to a standard. The major fault lies in the fact that the standard hasn't been made clear. This will be rectified going forward.
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    A new generation of skinners

    It's gratifying to me to see that several members have taken interest in making their own skins. I am completely in support of that! For quite some time myself and Hess (and Butzzell for WWI) were the only ones who seemed to have any interest. Probably because of my enthusiasm and willingness to dive in to making JG1 skins I became the JG1 "Skin Guru". I am still more than willing to make skins for JG1 members who would like a skin and either have no interest or knowledge to do so and I am also willing to be the "Guru" but I do not want to be the sole arbiter / critic of whether any member's self made skin is accepted and installed in the JG1 Skinpacks. That being said, until we come up with a current official acceptance policy, any skins submitted, unless they violate any of the basic requirements noted below, I will add to a skinpack update. Skins must comply with this naming convention: The naming of the skins had become somewhat haphazard. Butzzell and I, along with input from the JG1 community, came up with a naming convention (actually mostly Butzz 🍺). Here's an explanation of it with 3 examples: ! JG1 Bf109G2 Smr Yellow 11.dds ! JG1 Bf109G14 Wntr Stab Geschwader CO.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Luftritter B.dds There is a single space between entities... no underscores. ! This will place our skins at the top of the list (at least until someone else ups the ante with multiple exclamations). JG1 This will group all of our skins together. Bf109G2 I decided to stick with the name exactly as it is in the plane's folder for consistency, you can always refer to the folder when doing a skin. Smr / Wntr Self explanatory (some planes don't have winter skins so they won't have this in the name). Yellow 11 / Stab Geschwader CO The individual's plane. B Subsequent iterations of the same plane for the same pilot will have the suffix B, C, D... etc. How we vette the submitted skins will be one of the subjects in the upcoming October command meeting and we will work something out. Also, we will be discussing the JG1 skin policy... the current policy can be seen here (and will most likely be updated): In recent discussions we have come up with the basic skin requirements (No. 1 relates to Richtofen): Does the skin have a Jasta color on it, along with personal color(s)? The answer should be yes. Does the skin look like a clown car? Subjective I know, but the answer should be no. Does the skin violate our code of conduct document regarding hate symbols? We're looking for a big no here. (No swastikas, etc.) Do the colors on the skin look correct when in game? No glowing skins, no holes due to overuse of black, etc. (I can provide some sample colors with RGB numbers of colors that seem - on average- to render best). If it happens to be historically accurate, even better. But it's not required. (But historic "palusability" is certainly highly encouraged!) I am happy to provide any assistance within my limited level of expertise. Looking forward to what you guys come up with.
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    Offline - Renovations

    Update from 29 Sept 2019, this got installed on Saturday. Couch is in and the goal is completely done in the next 2 weeks. I'll post my rig progress in the other thread, this one can take a rest. S!
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    JG1 "Oesau" - Award

    The Geschwaderstab would like to award the following: Wehrmacht Long Service Award (Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichen): Obfw. Roland Deschain 1./JG1. for four years of active service to JG1 "Oesau". Thank you for your continued membership and dedication. Salut!
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