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  1. Guys, I love ALL aspects and theaters of WWII. I would love to do them ALL assuming it was possible. My job is to create an achievable, marketable and compelling product that most current and new users would be interested in buying. I've diversified our product line a bit with FC1 and TC because as we keep moving forward, tough decisions on what or what not to build will become harder to swallow if your favorite theater isn't built. Deciding what to build is not easy. And deciding to not make something is even tougher because you know someone will be disappointed. A lot of planes are impossible to make flyable simply because we don't have the references or data to make them accurate or even close to accurate. I think the general public underestimates how hard it is to make a plane to our standards, and our standards, well visual standards at least, are not even as extreme as some other products are. Our other standards are quite high and some of the highest ever in a sim so don't take that the wrong way. And some maps are almost impossible to make too due to distances or just general lack of playability or lack of info. I have a plan for our next product and if we execute it as I hope, I think it will pretty awesome. The current dev. cycle stretched our ability to the max. and we have endured many unforeseen delays and issues out of our control. It's not been easy. I hope the next round is easier. One of our team members recently was in a bad car accident, and now he has a hematoma on his brain causing us to scramble for the next update. Very scary. Eventually we will need to build a new engine, when that actually happens is not necessarily known yet. I don't believe in building from complete scratch these days. The biggest work would be in the area of visuals and terrain of course and graphics in general. That part may be from scratch. Everything else would be an evolution of sorts. That is the safest bet for us to stay alive for a long time. Jason Will we get FC2
  2. Can you add a link, can't find your post in IL2 forums, like to see any replies
  3. What edition of spadnext do you use for dcs
  4. Do you use the saitek switch panel for DCS, just wondered how you got it to work. I have got one from when i played fsx.
  5. BH_loopy making application to join JG1 What is your Timezone? GMT Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? Wharthog Hotas Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? yes Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? TIR What sims are you currently flying? RoF, DCS BoX How did you hear about JG1? FiF Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?
  6. Update out on the 14th March
  7. Been in touch with thrustmaster and yes the the lead{ribbon} can be obtained as a spare part, my right hand buttons are still working, so long as they do when FiF resumes!!
  8. I have been having trouble with my wharthog throttle, the right hand lever, the buttons only worked intermitantly. I have only had it 18 months, so got in touch with thrustmaster, they sent me instructions to check the base and levers. Found the lead from the right lever crimped at the base of the lever, its working at the moment but for how long who knows. going toask thrustmaster if a replacement lead can be sent out. have attactched pdf instructions sent by thrustmaster. Hotas_Warthog_Checking_the_wires_inside_the_throttle.pdf
  9. Really couldn't believe we would get the train in the first place, let alone not get killed on the way out!!
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