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  1. In the video you are on roll axis, if you want pitch axis you need to alter the box for pitch
  2. JG1_loopy JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) GMT
  3. Since the last update they have really screwed up the veiwing distance for me, i was not using any mods before the update. think the invisible plane thing also happened in rof.
  4. Will be on TS for DCS from 1800z (utc) Thursday
  5. Co to thrustmaster .com i recently got a new ribbon cable for my right hand throttle.
  6. Will be on TS thursday 1900z for DCS
  7. @Vonrd, found out why i was not seeing the picture in cockpit, on plane setup where you pick personal weapon i had no photo selected, had to be a setting somewhere.
  8. Cool, preflight planning
  9. Just read your post, has this been reported to the game developers
  10. Got the same 10016 error unable to save file to disc
  11. Sounds similiar to what happened to my Wharthog throttle
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