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  1. S! Mai, The link is on the J5 forums along with the link to join the Flugpark parser. http://www.jasta5.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14795&sid=03fbc8b2996648e9797a42c4dddf001d
  2. Love is a delicate thing. So too are side balances in campaigns. See how things sort out this time. Everyone will understand that adjustments may need to be made later. I seem to recall that the side swapping only came into being in response to the RoF FM/DM changes being perceived as making the plane sets very inequitable. Now with FC (and the resurrection of allied Entente players and new units due to the much improved and more equitable plane sets in FC compared to RoF) it may even be possible to consider at some point in the future the possibility to going back to Central vs Entente to build each sides familiarity flying with long lost brothers and sisters (could still swap sides of too many people would still want to continue doing that).
  3. Thanks for "taking a turn" flying Entente today JG1. Wonderful job too! I think we've managed to have a campaign anyone can win in week 4! Looking forward to seeing the results.
  4. Thanks for bringing this up Heinrich. The most important part to this is, "If there are no reserves waiting their turn to enter the game, THEN....." This will require pilots reminding each other when they die, to get out of server and look on TS to see if there are reserves (if there are, go up to the reserves channel and ask who is next in line and tell them what Teamspeak channel to report to replace you. Excepting for the above, Black September is intended to be server enforced. If you can refly (or get in a backseat during your timeout as long as there are no reserves waiting to take your place), then you can fly. Thanks for all your interest and support and participation. Everyone is welcome and we really appreciate anyone who is willing to fly based on keeping the sides level for this campaign.
  5. S! gents. Looking forward to seeing many of you on the flight line tomorrow in Black September. If you can, please assist pilots on Blue Team settle in to the "Ready Room - Briefing" channel on J5 Teamspeak. By doing so, it will self regulate pilots on a first come first served basis as we have limited capacities on various channels. Excess pilots (IF any) should form up in the "Reserves" channel. Gamcock and I will be "hearding cats" as well on both teams prior to the start. I will be very surprised if we max out at 50 total for both teams, but what a great problem to have if we do! In the event that does happen or there is a need for pilots on the Red Team, thank you in advance to any of you who are willing to help even up the sides. Please take a look at the other team pilot count on Teamspeak before going into the game server as once you get on a side you will get a 20 minute death penalty the first week if you try to switch sides, and a 3 hour penalty in subsequent weeks meaning you can't switch sides mid mission. If we have excess total pilots we will likely password the server. If not, we likely will leave it open for the newer pilots who likely are not "plugged in" yet to these kinds of events. Week two will definitely be passworded to force Teamspeak use and the auto management of pilot capacities. Thanks for your support.
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