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  1. S! Guys! Oh man, welcome aboard Herr Austin! Congratulations, to you and to Frau Austin
  2. S! guys! I wonder why something so simple is not into the stock game.
  3. S! guys! Happy July 4th my US friends!
  4. Btw, the name of the music is “the alienated”
  5. Thanks Klayber, this song was part of my adolescence. It's from a local band.
  6. Hess

    Zuper VR!

    S! guys! Wow... but fa far far away from my pocket..
  7. S! Heinrich
    Please. I´d like to take part in this WhatsApp group: +55 11 96847 8379

  8. S!} Prosit mein Freund! The world is yours 😉
  9. S!| Congratulations Herr Austin!
  10. S! guys! Thats why...
  11. Hi guys! Well, I planing to get new detailed and personalized skins for S5. So, any news here. Can I move on?
  12. Same here 😄 I´m in!
  13. S! guys! I made mine in 2k and go 4K only if 2K template is not available. About 2 skins per plane I think it will be double job to keep them updated so I will keep just one per plane (summer) for S5, so far.
  14. S! guys! I got the 5 Staffel´s painting update to reflect the current roster. Please, let us know any issue.
  15. Hess


    S! guys! It was a lot off fun.
  16. S! guys! Just a quickly heads up. Busy the last weeks, barely got time to fly. Finally bought Bodenplate, can´t wait to arrive at home on the weekend.
  17. Great @HotleadColdfeet Maybe next year I´ll be able to come back to WWI
  18. S! guys! I think I´m going to Flaming Cliffs 3. F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29A, MiG-29S and Su-25 for only $24,99
  19. S! guys! Tried to register to the campaign but have no idea what is the name of WWW mascot.. Did you?
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