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    Hess reacted to Lee in Microsoft Flight Simulator Back.   
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    Hess reacted to AngryGoat in Grounded   
    Hey guys not sure when I’ll be back. The wind storm took out our power in the area. Left 45% of the town dark. Give ‘‘em hell!! And tell the ground crew to polish and clean my machines for upon my return.
     Angry Goat
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in JG Juggernauts???   
    Great looking skins, Goat!  My grandfather served with the 389th Fighter Squadron (which flew Jugs).  So it's always been an aircraft close to my heart.
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - TOBRUK - Martlet Convoy Defense... Beta Gameplay   
    S! All, Pretty Happy to see this first video gameplay from Wolfpack345... of IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - TOBRUK - Martlet Convoy Defense.
    He was pretty lucky to get a Beta copy of the game. We should get more video like this one of the game!
    Not sure about the MG sound... but overall, looks pretty good!
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    Hess got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in Congrats Hotlead!   
    S! Guys!
    Oh man, welcome aboard Herr Austin! Congratulations, to you and to Frau Austin  
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    Hess reacted to HotleadColdfeet in Congrats Hotlead!   
    Aww, thank you guys! 😊 We’ll be getting married this coming June. I’m definitely blessed to have found her and can’t wait to start our life together! 😃

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    Hess reacted to US103_Baer in Congrats Hotlead!   
    Just heard Hotlead announce on his stream that he got engaged.
    Big congrats to you both! What a wonderful journey you have ahead.
    Really happy for you
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    Hess got a reaction from Lipfert in BOx Recording Mod   
    S! guys!
    I wonder why something so simple is not into the stock game.
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in Operation Winter Storm - unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' practice   
    Event:   Operation Winter Storm - unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' practice
    Mission created by: SCG_Neun (special thanks to him for this great mission)

    IL2 Server: JG1 - Operation Winter Storm
    PW = storm

    Saturday - July 25 - @ 2 pm - 5 pm Eastern Time ( 3 hrs timetable)
    SRS Radio comms - have it to auto-connect!
    We will have SRS Radio Comms active on the server. Please have it installed before coming on the server is possible. IP address will be added to this post if we have it running.
    Il2 Sturmovik - SRS Il2 Voice Comms apps - How to?
    We will use one of the MP mission created by (SCG_Neun):
    Briefing info:
    1- Make sure you use the Tiger... as you will take a lot of hits going up that road.  When and if you run out of Tigers....it's the Mk IV you can fall back to.
    2- You can have your OKL deal with fortifications out front, but watch out for AI aircraft...
    3- This is a very optimistic timetable, but the mission does give you a 3 hour window of time. 
    4- This is one of the Operation Winter Storm missions, and a tough one with the timetable.  You've got to use the road and not waste any time. When you hit resistance, flank out and deal with it....
    5- As you capture the stong points, it should flip over to German and give you the ability to re-spawn with fresh tanks....Good Luck!
    This mission is going to take a minimum of 6 to 8 German tanks. And if wanted, we could add some human Russian tankers.
    Use good radio procedures and value your cyber life!
    This is a mission to relieve 6th Army....

    Operation Winter Storm - Stalingrad Map - Tigers tanks and MkIV to fall back
    Winter Storm continues......Stalingrad is barely holding on and it's up to the speed and skill of coordinating your land and air components to push quickly to your objective west of Gromoslavka. We must use the road, the snows and terrain are just too hazardous and we don't have the time to go cross country.  The Soviets will be setting up along that road and will do their best to stop us. Your orders are to destroy as many Soviet positions as possible.  We need this road, but in the event you get bogged down you are authorized to expedite your movement and secure the roadway as best you can to reach and secure Strong Point C.  In the event you bypass any substantial opposition you are to respawn at the closest base captured and clean up the pockets of resistance hopefully within the time span allotted for this mission.  OKL is to provide air cover and coordinate their assets with the guidance of your Luftwaffe Liaison Officer.  Recon reports substantial resistance in the form of AT/artillery and plenty of Soviet armor. 
    Take note that JG1 'Tank Crew' is an unofficial part of JG1.
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    Hess reacted to Vonrd in BOx Recording Mod   
    Here's a Mod that automatically re-starts recording when it' reached the max size and shuts off. I don't think it needs Mods on and I also think it will still do an acmi file for Tacview:
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in JG1 is proud to announce the creation of JG1 'Tank Crew' Regiment ...   
    Welcome to the JG1 'Tank Crew' Regiment, ...
    Take note that JG1 'Tank Crew' is an unofficial part of JG1, like JG1 RT...
    After a few events and some internal JG1 'Tank Crew' practice, JG1 will now have a (Public) section on the Forum for 'Tank Crew' and all discussions about the IL2 'Tank Crew' game or any WW1 or WWII history knowledge about Tanks and Ground Strategy (Combined Arms).
    We are assembling an unofficial Tank Unit for "Tank Crew" and are starting conducting inner and online squad Combined Arms missions. For now, our goal is to recreate historical tactics and combat environments. We will see how things evolves and maybe play a little more historical (Dead is Dead) like we already do in IL2 Sturmovik -  WW1, WW2 flight sims.
    For now, if you would need any help getting into 'Tank Crew', we will try our best giving you guys all the information that we can.
    Don't forget to come and try out 'Tank Crew', since (2) Tanks (one German and one Allied) are free and available to anyone (even with no IL2 Great Battles games). These (2) tanks will be added to all our 'Tank Crew' practice or events so that members without the game, are able to come and play with us.
    It's important that all JG1 members understand that this is an unofficial part of JG1.  All events of JG1 will have the priority of Date and Time over 'Tank Crew'.
    Links to help you starting:

    IL2 Strumovik 'Tank Crew' Forum - get the latest news, skins and more....
    Il2 Sturmovik SRS Il2 Voice Comms apps - How to?
    Il2 Sturmovik - Tank Crew Keymapping - with most controls for the game

    Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 - download links:
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in SRS is now active on J5 Flugpark server...   
    S! All, 
    I just saw this post from J5_Baeumer on Il2 Strumovik Forum:
    SRS is active on Flugpark.  Add the IP in the picture below to access when server is running.

    Add to your
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in FC New Skins Submission Thread [DISCUSSIONS]   
    Hi Guys,
    For all JG1 skinners, especially those who have made there own paint schemes for Flying Circus, please be aware of the new color standards:
    These were created to do three things:
    Standardize colors within the squadron so that we look uniform (regardless of skin author) Attempt to come close to historical colors used on real aircraft Look good with in-game lighting. A color correction update to the skin pack is incoming soon.  There are some cool changes in it, so @Vonrd, @Heinrich and I can't wait to share it with you!
    If you've made your own FC skins (@AngryGoat, @Butzzell, @GenMarkof007, @EmerlistDavjack, @Jaus, etc.), please consider adjusting their colors to match the above guide.  Your personal markings are 100% approved and don't need to change!  We just want to see the colors match.
    Post below with any questions.  And thanks in advance!
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in So this is interesting   
    Invisible aircraft have been a huge problem in Flying Circus.  I've heard that it happens in WW2 as well, but haven't personally seen it.
    I think it has something to do with view distances.  Though 1CGS has been very quiet about how they hope to fix it.
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    Hess reacted to Britchot in Remembering Joint-Ops   
    I was clearing out my inboxes and came upon my certificate.  I spent a lot of time in their courses, finishing all but the last bomber course, I believe. It was a wonderful flight school based on IL-2:1946. I met a ton of fine pilots and instructors and I hope they are all doing well.  I only know of a few that are no longer with us, such as Lily.
     I wish I had all the material they had, it was all great theory. 

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    Hess reacted to Vonrd in More changes for Mission Builders   
    Posted by BlackSix:
    In the upcoming version 4.008, we'll fix the incorrect value of the height for the entire BoM maps surface. It will be brought to real values and increase by exactly 50 m. It really needed to be fixed. In this regard, we'd like to provide you with the fastest and easiest algorithm for adapting your missions and campaigns for BoM to this change.
    So, after the update 4.008 release, you will need to take the following steps:
    1) Back up all your BoM missions and campaigns.
    2) Load your mission and check that all categories are displayed by clicking the Object Filter button.
    3) Select everything that is in the mission by pressing Ctrl + A, then hold Shift and press PgUp five times. This will raise all objects where you can change the height (except cloud cover) by exactly 50 m.
    - this action affects even objects in closed groups;
    - don't worry about Vehicles, Trains, Artillery, Bridges and Blocks, they will automatically be put to the surface, as the change in their height is blocked;
    - you will need to check the height of all your effects (usually there are various smokes), they can rise 90 m instead of 50 (due to their special properties), you will need to manually set them to the surface by selecting them and pressing the Set on Ground button.
    4) Since the height of all waypoints has increased by 50 m, you will need to check the height of the cloud layer and, if necessary, also raise it. If you indicated the altitude of the flight and clouds in briefings, then adjust your texts as necessary.
    This algorithm was applied to the official BoM campaign and showed its effectiveness and safety. We hope that you will not have any difficulties either.
    Warning! Do not take any action before release 4.008.
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    Hess reacted to Firefly in World's finest airshow   
    Day 3: 

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    Hess reacted to Pfeil in BOx 4.008 is out   
    8. In a multiplayer game, the next steps have been taken to eliminate the problem of invisible planes that appear only at the moment they start to shoot. Because reproduction of this problem is extremely difficult, please help: if you encounter this problem again, be sure to report it and attach a flight record to your message;
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in BOx 4.008 is out   
    I've just installed.
    For everyone here is the link:
    If you're familiar with DCS Simple Radio, it's identical.
    For those who aren't, set up is easy.  We'll walk you through it.
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in BOx 4.008 is out   
    The adding of SRS to IL-2 is big.  Once the app is released, we'll have to play around with it and check out functionality.  This will really help with cross-comms!
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    Hess reacted to Firefly in It is July 4th!!!   
    My dear American friends,
    on this special holiday please accept this gift of sizzling bacon from your European colleagues. 
    XO II.JS, JG-1 "Fritz Schmenkel".

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    Hess reacted to Labroisse in It is July 4th!!!   
    Mmmmmmm, bacon.
    Happy 4th !
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    Hess got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in It is July 4th!!!   
    S! guys!
    Happy July 4th my US friends!
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    Hess got a reaction from BernTeas in It is July 4th!!!   
    S! guys!
    Happy July 4th my US friends!
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    Hess got a reaction from Firefly in It is July 4th!!!   
    S! guys!
    Happy July 4th my US friends!
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