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    Hess got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in It is July 4th!!!   
    S! guys!
    Happy July 4th my US friends!
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    Hess got a reaction from BernTeas in It is July 4th!!!   
    S! guys!
    Happy July 4th my US friends!
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in Hermann Leptien, Jasta 63, mid 1918 - new D.Va skin   
    S! All,

    Pretty happy to arrived at the end of this skin story...
    After a request from @127Tom (a few weeks ago and many problem with this specific pattern for the D.Va)...
    I got great help from some fellow skin creators: Gooseh, szelljr, the_dudeWG and many others...  the official copyright of this skin goes to ( Gooseh )!
    I was able to finish today the skin of commander Hermann Leptien of Jasta 63, Mid-1918.
    - edited -
    This skin will be given as a personal skin to 127Tom, and will be shown for the first time live on Flying Circus this Saturday for Flanders in Flames event!
    Skin Name: V_Jasta63_127Tom_May1918.dds
    A little history of Jasta 63 and the skin

    7 victory ace Hermann Leptien's Royal Prussian Jasta 63 commander is illustrated (see photo A) with post May 1918 arm' balkenkreuz applied to the wings, fuselage and rudder. This is based on a rather indistinct photgraph which, although probably not showing Leptien's aicraft, does show how Jasta 63 interpreted the post May 1918 'uneven arm' balkenkreuz conversion on their aircraft. Herman initially flew with Jasta 21 where he was awarded 3 victories in late 1917 and early 1918 before being made commander of Jasta 63 in February 1918. Leptien's personal marking was the Wappen (heraldic shield) of the city of Kiel in Scheswig-Holstein, Germany.

    Unknown photograph of Jasta 63 and crew men.

    This photo possibly shows Hermann Leptien's Jasta 63 Albatros D.Va OAW aircraft before the eisernkreuz markings were converted to post May 1918' uneven arm 'balkenkreuz. Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph.

    Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph, 4rth from the left.

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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in DVD Airco DH2 - Flight of remembrance - Wickenby to the Somme   
    S! All,
    For those like me that love the Airco DH2... a short trailer of a real life flight made on the 11th, November 2011!
    The Airco DH2 based at Wickenby Airfield, is an authentic replica of the WW1 fighter biplane that rose to fame during the Battle of the Somme, between July and November 1916. Led by Major Lanoe Hawker of 24 RFC Squadron, the DH2 reclaimed the skies of the Western Front, and ended the reign of Germany's Fokker Eindecker. Wickenby's Replica is painted in the military colours of Hawker's aircraft, which inspired 24 RAF Squadron to invite the DH2 team to fly over the unveiling of a new memorial to Hawker in France, on 11th November 2011.
    ps: would love to see this plane in Flying Circus Vol. 2!
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    Hess reacted to Butzzell in IL2 update   
    S! All 
    good sized update today.
    Option available to restrict 3Dmigoto and reshade.  Update says that 3D migoto zoom not needed anymore. Zoom in game has multiple options.
    Update list here:
    Update 4.007  
    Dear friends,
    We've decided to release the new update 4.007 relatively soon after the previous one, because the fixes and improvements it brings, while not being major, are nevertheless important for the project as a whole. We have heard your feedback on the view system improvements, added new options to the multiplayer functionality, which govern the usage of graphical mods, in addition, we did additional research on the workarounds for the Direct 3D functionality not supported by one of the graphics cards vendors. Damage modeling has been improved to take into account the control systems damage (rods, wires, etc.). We have also added a new German pilot model in the early summer uniform. The full list of changes follows:
    1. Ju 87 D-3 dive bomber has been upgraded to 4K external texturing thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney, including two additional official skins;
    2. Aircraft control systems DM has been upgraded. The probability of losing control in a certain control axis depends on the control wires or rods configuration of a particular aircraft and existence of a reserve control channel (or its lack thereof);
    3. Workarounds for the remaining graphical artifacts on AMD cards (like black contour around the aircraft when viewed from its cockpit) have been implemented;
    4. New multiplayer server option “Restrict Injectors” allows the server hosters to restrict access for users with graphics injectors like Reshade or 3dmigoto;
    5. Five new mappable (RCtrl+NumPad_Del,1,2,3,0 by default) zoom commands have been added that allow quick zooming to various degrees (minimal, maximal and 3 intermediate levels). Zoom value set by a mouse or joystick axis or keyboard keys is not affected by the new quick zoom and after releasing a quick zoom button the FOV will return to the one set by an axis. These new commands work in either 2D or VR mode. The old 'VR zoom' command has been deprecated (its equivalent is the new maximum quick zoom, RCtl+NumPad_0);
    6. There is a new setting in the Camera options that governs the speed of the new zoom commands;
    7. Tank commander binoculars give three times more powerful zoom than before (they give a minimal FOV that is technically possible in the game);
    8. The current FOV (Field Of View) value is shown next to the in-game FPS counter (that is activated by Backspace key by default);
    9. Gunsight FOVs have been corrected for all tanks;
    10. German fighter pilots of the Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kuban have a new visual model and a sidearm during Summer (new Winter model, also with a sidearm, will be added later when it is ready). Because of this, the default camera position and user-customizable snapviews (.svc files) were changed on Bf 109-G14, Bf 109-K4, Me 262-A, Fw 190-A3, Fw 190-53, Fw 190-A8 and Fw 190-D9. The updater should overwrite the old files for these planes with the new updated ones for you, but in case this action was blocked by antivirus software on your PC and you see a wrong view in the cockpit of these aircraft in the game, please copy the new default .svc files for these aircraft from \data\LuaScripts\snapviews\defaults to \data\LuaScripts\snapviews manually. If you haven't customized the view positions on other aircraft, you can just copy all the files from  snapviews\defaults to snapviews folder;
    11. Bomb holders on both Bristol Fighters appear correctly depending on the ammo loadout;
    12. Pedals on both Bristol Fighters appear correctly in a neutral position;
    13. The issue that made the detached parts of Flying Circus aircraft invisible in the multiplayer has been found and fixed;
    14. Fw 190 D-9 canopy glass appear correctly at medium distances;
    15. Fw 190 D-9 oil on windshield visual effect has been restored;
    16. Destroyed static KV-1 model won't have white tracks when viewed from a distance;
    17. Tank turret turn indicator won't visually 'jump' when passing the back position;
    18. APHE rounds stopped by the armor won't damage outside objects;
    19. Train wagons won't appear detached from the locomotive in some missions;
    20. Guest crew members in multiplayer will correctly hear the sound of the tank turret turning;
    21. Guest crew members in multiplayer will correctly hear the sounds of the hatches closing or opening;
    22. Certain HE rounds explosions can be heard from an aircraft cockpit;
    23. The arm model has a correct sidearm in it in VR mode;
    24. The arm model won't drop a shadow when there is no body rendered;
    25. The arm model has the correct size in VR mode;
    26. Missing road segments that sunk inside the terrain have been corrected on Kuban map;
    27. Random CTD in multiplayer fixed in case when other player tank have been spawned.
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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in Il2 Great Battles - Easy Mission Generator powered by SYNDICATE v3.2   
    S! All,
    Don't know if you know this - Easy Mission Generator by Syndicate...
    But pretty easy to use and make yourself some COOP missions for all Great Battles & Flying Circus, Enjoy!
    Please find full details and downloads on this page:
    IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator
    And for instructions:
    What is it?
    A utility that will let you generate single, cooperative and even dogfight missions for the wonderful IL2 combat flight sim.
    For cooperative missions it provides coops slots for one side only (PvE) or both sides (PvP). Besides the configuration options there will be both enemy and friendly bomber & patrol flights, vehicle columns, ships, AAA, cloud patterns etc, which will all be randomly chosen.
    What is it not?
    A dynamic (single player/MP) campaign generator. These have already been developed by others. The underlying generator will not track planes/pilots/resources etc over time, although it possible to create multiple missions and run them in chronological order, with airfields and lines changing over time.
    Have fun!
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    Hess reacted to wheelsup_cavu in Private Pilot Ground School 2019, F-22 Flight Controls   
    Been awhile but I thought this would interest all the rest of the Aviation nutters that hang out here too.
    MIT Private Pilot Ground School 2019, F-22 Flight Controls
    Hour long but it kept my attention that full hour.
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in What are you guys listening to?   
    That helps.
    I found them on the Encyclopaedia Metallum: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Astaroth/9633
    But no details.
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    Hess got a reaction from Labroisse in What are you guys listening to?   
    S! Guys!
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    Hess got a reaction from Klaiber in What are you guys listening to?   
    Btw, the name of the music is “the alienated”
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    Hess got a reaction from Klaiber in What are you guys listening to?   
    Thanks Klayber, this song was part of my adolescence.  It's from a local band.
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    Hess reacted to Klaiber in What are you guys listening to?   
    They're pretty good Hess.  Thanks for posting!
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    Hess got a reaction from Klaiber in What are you guys listening to?   
    S! Guys!
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    Hess got a reaction from Klaiber in Zuper VR!   
    S! guys!
    Wow... but fa far far away from my pocket..
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    Hess got a reaction from Klaiber in Time to Download the latest Update for IL2 - FC & Great Battles - 4.006   
    S! guys!
    Small path out, check out.
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    Hess reacted to DeFreest Larner in New alphas?   
    Doesn't it suck?! 

    I just got done (or so I thought) with a big bunch of SPAD XIII skins to replace the outdated 3rd Pursuit Group pack. Among the big changes was a total re-worked and individual to every plane Alpha Layer. And then I saw THIS!!!!
    EDIT: Btw, @Vonrd and @Heinrich have you guys seen this yet? There's a Discord for IL2 Skinmakers, if you'd be interested in that sort of thing! 

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    Hess reacted to =GenMarkof007= in Time to Download the latest Update for IL2 - FC & Great Battles - 4.006   
    - IMPORTANT before downloading... please back up your game so that you don't loose anything until update 4.006 is stable!.
    If you have problems running the game after the update:
    1) First of all, delete 3dmigoto if you were using it, I really don't think the old version of it would work since the shaders are completely different;
    2) The same goes for ReShade and similar graphics mods, they may or may not work;
    3) Verify cache integrity if you're using the Steam version;
    4) If you have custom settings forced in the graphics card control panel for IL-2 or globally, set them to default;
    5) If you have Radeon, we'll try to find a solution to the squares of doom problem, for now please try different AA method or no AA at all.
    S! All,
    Just came out of the oven... go get it... it's still warm!
    Update 4.006 for Il2 FC & Great Battles.
    The list:
    Main Features
    1. Yak-9 series 1 Collector Plane is available;
    2. Yak-9T series 1 Collector Plane is available;
    3. SU-152 heavy assault gun is available for all Tank Crew customers;
    4. La-5 series 8 exterior textures, including damage, are in 4K quality now thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney;
    5. La-5FN Collectors Plane exterior textures, including damage, are in 4K quality now thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney;
    6. He-111 H-6 exterior textures, including damage, are in 4K quality now thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney;
    7. He-111 H-16 exterior textures, including damage, are in 4K quality now thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney;
    8. Two scenario campaigns, Kaiserschlacht and Spring offensive, are available for all Flying Circus Vol.1 customers for free;
    9. A huge (25 missions!) scenario campaign Lightning Strikes is available for all Bodenplatte Premium customers (you can also play it if you have purchased Bodenplatte Standard Edition and P-38J-25 Collector Plane separately);
    10. The graphics engine of the sim now uses Deferred Shading technology;
    Graphics Improvements
    11. FXAA or MSAA can be selected in the game options;
    12. New option - cockpit reflections;
    13. Metallic and lacquered aircraft surfaces reflect the light softer and more naturally;
    14. There are canopy and instrument reflections in the cockpit;
    15. The aircraft visual image won't suddenly darken when zooming out or at a distance;
    16. Damage textures won't light up too much when zooming out or at a distance;
    17. Rivers and lakes water visuals improved;
    18. Clouds reflections in water bodies improved;
    19. Excessive brightness of the high detail buildings on the Prokhorovka map has been reduced;
    20. Shell casings won't become transparent when too close to a camera;
    Crew Models
    21. There is a new pilot model on all Soviet fighters and on A-20 (pilot and navigator);
    22. This new pilot model has three uniform variations depending on the mission date (before April 1942, April 1942 - May 1943, late war);
    23. The new pilot model has a sidearm (press RCtrl+4 when the cockpit is open). Pilots of the other aircraft will receive it when their models are updated;
    24. Battle of Bodenplatte aircraft which have been also lend-leased to USSR (Spitfire-IX, B-25D, P-47D) can have Soviet crews if their country in a mission file is set to the USSR;
    25. P-40E (BoM), Spitfire-Vb (BoK) and Spitfire-IXe (BoBp) have American pilots if their country in a mission file is set to the USA;
    26. P-40E (BoM), Spitfire-Vb (BoK) and P-51D (BoBp) have British pilots if their country in a mission file is set to the UK;
    Player-controllable Tanks
    27. New quick missions for tanks - Tank Duel and Tank Skirmish;
    28. All player controllable tanks have the transmission from forward-backward and left-right user controls to the simulated tank controls corrected, which improved their turnability at high speeds and reduced the tendency to enter a skid;
    29. The commanders of the indirect fire capable self-propelled guns (SU-122 and SU-152 at the moment) can order the AI gunner(s) of their tank or tank platoon to fire at a set distance and direction;
    30. T-34UVZ-43 got two new modifications - additional all-steel internally sprung wheels;
    31. SU-122 OF-462 HE shell ballistics corrected;
    32. Death of a radioman correctly affects the radio functioning on player controllable tanks;
    33. When the turret ventilation system is off, you can see from the outside the smoke coming off the crew hatch;
    34. The smoke can be seen escaping the engine compartment of KV-1s and M4A2 after a shot;
    35. All Soviet tanks have animated oil pumping in the engine start procedure;
    36. Т-34UVZ and SU-122 have correctly looking headlights at a medium distance (without a block dot);
    37. Older Pz.III.Ausf.L and T-34-76-STZ-42 tanks have correctly damageable suspension and armament;
    38. All 45mm and bigger shells don't have tracers anymore if a real shell didn't have it (HE shells mostly and 122mm HEAT). This is true for AI units as well;
    39. All 45mm and bigger shells without tracers have a generic visual model (HE shells mostly and 122mm HEAT). This is true for AI units as well;
    Aircraft Physics, Systems and Visuals
    40. The maximum airspeed at which the pilot is able to bail out now depends on the vertical G-load acting on the pilot: the smaller positive G-load, or the greater negative G-load, the easier it is for the pilot to leave the plane;
    41. A G-load indicator is added to the HUD. When simplified instruments are switched off, G-load is indicated without a fractional part;
    42. A message about turret ammo replenishing and turret repair has been added to the technochat;
    43. A message about servicing the engine oil system or cooling system in the repair area is added to the technochat. The service is performed if the engine oil or coolant have cooled down significantly during the aircraft stop (previously in these cases the player periodically received information about the repairing of the corresponding system, which wasn't really clear);
    44. SPAD 13.C1: the roll oscillation of an AI-controlled airplane at a speed of about 200 km/h has been fixed;
    45. Yak-7B polar curve has been corrected (the critical angle of attack was reduced, the inductive drag at large angles of attack was increased, the turn rate was reduced, the maximum speed and climb rate remained the same);
    46. Yak-7B: the engine heat balance has been adjusted (the engine won't overheat as quickly as before);
    47. Yak-7B, Yak-1 (ser. 69, 127): the ailerons hinge moment and ailerons effectiveness at high airspeed were corrected (the roll rate is increased);
    48. Bf-110 (G2, E2): the airplane polar curve was corrected (aerodynamic drag was increased), the turn rate, maximum speed and climb rate are corrected to be as close to the values specified in the airplane in-game specification as possible;
    49. Bf-110 (G2, E2): aerodynamic characteristics corrected at supercritical angles of attack (the effectiveness of slats was improved, the drag was increased, and the nature of the stall was adjusted);
    50. P-38J25 landing gear doors are visibly opened in the hangar;
    51. Bf-109 G14 emergency engine power has been fixed (increased);
    52. An aircraft won't appear underground when a season is set incorrectly or undefined in the mission file;
    53. Sopwith Camel: when the option “Simplified Controls” is enabled in the difficulty settings, the automatic helper better stabilizes the plane along the roll axis at a high angle of attack;
    54. Spitfire Mk IX: excess struts on the pylons were removed;
    Aircraft Damage Model
    55. The piston engines' combat survivability has been adjusted - the protection from the engine casings has been reduced, bullets and shells cause more damage to the crank gear, while shell fragments cause less damage to the engine.
    56. All Flying Circus airplanes: hitting at the central section of the top wing now also leads to breaking the top wing (its left or right part);
    57. The geometry of wing spars of all Flying Circus airplanes has been checked and brought into strict compliance with known sources. In general, now it requires much more bullet hits to break the wings of World War I aircraft;
    58. The absence of visual and hearing disorders under the high G-loads for gunners in the single-player mode was fixed;
    59. A rare bug has been fixed, which caused the fragments not damaging the airframe sometimes;
    60. Pe-2 (ser. 35, 87): fixed rudders 'wobbling' when their control wires are broken;
    61. Pe-2 (ser. 35, 87): a bug has been fixed that caused the left rudder to react to the controls slightly when its control wires were actually broken;
    62. All Bf-109 fighters except E7 can now lose the left or right side of the horizontal stabilizer when hit at its central part (Bf-109 E7 has a central part of the stabilizer which can be lost by itself);
    63. P-38: fixed a bug due to which the oxygen system could erroneously take damage;
    64. Ju-52: fixed rudder 'wobbling' when its control wires are broken;
    65. Fixed a problem with repairing aircraft turrets;
    66. Fixed the undamageable machine guns in a number of aircraft turrets;
    Ground and Naval Units
    67. Ships have a more advanced physical model - they can be damaged by collisions, run aground, lay on the shore (and not sink into it), and lay on the bottom when sank;
    68. All naval guns and howitzers fire physically modeled projectiles (previously explosions were created in the target area), making their combat use much more realistic;
    69. All naval guns and howitzers have AP ammo available (around 10% of ammo reserve);
    70. AAA guns can fire at the ground area (if the mission trigger Attack Area is set on the ground level);
    71. The issue that made the first several salvos of an artillery battery too accurate has been found and fixed;
    72. The issue with AI aiming the guns of player controllable tanks has been fixed;
    73. Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 and Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G have their armor plates thickness corrected;
    74. Groups and columns of AI-controlled ground vehicles can stop on shallow slopes (previously they couldn't);
    75. Tank AI gunner no longer try to fire at flying targets;
    76. Ground vehicle AIs can't spot targets through a dense enough forest (if at least 50m of the line of sight to a target travels through the forest area);
    77. Field guns (AT and divisional ones) can fire at a maximum distance when given the Attack Area -> Ground command in the mission;
    78. Aiming tables for several AA guns have been corrected;
    Aircraft AI
    79. The firing accuracy at air and ground targets depends on the AI pilot level;
    80. View sectors have been corrected for Hs-129, Ju-52, A-20 and U-2 crews;
    81. The minimal fuel reserve calculations have been corrected (previously they could cause AI pilots to RTB too early);
    82. The audibility of hits on the own plane has been corrected when the cockpit canopy is damaged;
    83. New server-side option “Restrict tank AI gunners” blocks the ability of the tank commander to assign a dynamic object as a target for the AI gunner or order it to search for targets on its own;
    84. Tech chat and handling tips are now governed by difficulty settings that can be enforced on a multiplayer server;
    General Fixes
    84. The recently introduced error in the armor penetration modeling has been corrected (it made the projectile speed - armor penetration function graduated and could cause an armor penetration in a case when it shouldn't occur);
    85. Concussion won't cause the loss of hearing for too long;
    86. UK and US careers (Bodenplatte) will work correctly with the Simplified Chinese language selected;
    87. A rare error in scripted campaigns that could cause the progress to be lost after re-entering the game has been found and fixed.
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    Hess got a reaction from EmerlistDavjack in Gaaah... Murder Hornets!   
    S! guys!
    Thats why...

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    Hess got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in Congratulations, Cole Austin!   
    Prosit mein Freund!
    The world is yours 😉
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    Hess got a reaction from HotleadColdfeet in Congratulations, Cole Austin!   
    Congratulations Herr Austin!
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    Hess reacted to Vonrd in Congratulations, Cole Austin!   
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!    👍 
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    Hess reacted to US103_Tobin in Congratulations, Cole Austin!   
    I'm happy to be the first to congratulate our own Hotlead on completing all of the requirements for his college degree.  This being an extremely unusual year, he will more than likely be deprived of the standard graduation ceremony that normally would take place at any American university.  Regardless of this, he has his family who are undoubtedly and deservedly very proud of him.  I want to add my own congratulations for a person who I am sure will be able to overcome any challenges ahead.
    S! and Well Done, Hotlead!!  👍 
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    Hess reacted to Brigg in WIP DCS ww2 damage model   
    Posted by Glowing Anraam on the forums, here is a quick clip of the new damage model. 😀 
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    Hess got a reaction from US103_Tobin in Gaaah... Murder Hornets!   
    S! guys!
    Thats why...

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