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    Treetop64 reacted to Lowengrin in DCG 3.49 Open Beta Test   
    The first beta for 3.49 has been posted.
    Additions to Version 3.49

    Updated links to online website and support.  Improved logic for long distance missions.  However, for best results, users should use the Aircraft Class Settings Panel to update the ranges of all active plans to their historical stats.

    Note: After installing, remember to reset your basic options and, if using DGen or NGen Replacement modes, make sure these options are re-checked before running IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters or 1946.  Mods which have made changes to the event log may not work with IL2DCG.
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    Treetop64 got a reaction from Lowengrin in DCG 3.49 Open Beta Test   
    More amazing that you still stick around to support it after all these years.
    Imo, there's not much point to IL-2 without a DCG campaign, especially for offliners.  A dynamic and flexible "big picture" adds immeasurable depth and immersion to the sim.  Thank you.
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    Treetop64 reacted to Lowengrin in DCG 3.49 Open Beta Test   
    Latest beta should prevent Western Allied units from transferring to Soviet bases on the Berlin and Balaton maps.
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