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  1. 1 hour ago, OBTable said:

    Now I looked through the utility "il2_ru.exe" (for editing ru.properties and any .txt) and saw that the lines you inserted were distorted in grammar. Maybe the formatting broke when copying?

    My unicode encoder was coding the <XXXX> tags too so I had to re-add them manually.  I may have made a few mistakes.  :unsure:

  2. 5 hours ago, OBTable said:

    Подредактировал ещё раз. Дело в том, что многие слова имеют привязку к событиям или к определенному контексту, а в нашем языке от этого зависит, какое слово или построение фразы будет выбрано. Я подчеркнул спорные моменты. Надо в игре смотреть, тогда понятно станет, что имеется ввиду )


    I edited it again. The fact is that many words are tied to events or to a certain context, and in our language it depends on this which word or phrase structure will be chosen. I emphasized controversial points. You need to look in the game, then it will become clear what is meant)

    Thanks!  I will add them as given, but if while playing, they seem strange/controversial, please let me know and I will change them.  :)

  3. No translation is required for words between < >.

    Here they are (sorry, more than I thought!):

      Sea Patrol Mission
      Carrier Strike

      Details determined by players.
      Select your airbase and aircraft before proceeding.
      Select your aircraft before receiving the day's briefing.
      Fly a sweep between <TGTNAME1> and <TGTNAME2>

      The squadron has been re-named <SQUAD>.
      <PILOT> has transfered to <SQUAD>.
      A <PLANE> was damaged beyond repair.
      Glider troops seize <TGTNAME>.
      The following pilots have five or more kills.
      <PILOT> based at <BASE> has <COUNT> kills.
      <PILOT> based aboard the <BASE> has <COUNT> kills.
      Squadrons currently based at <BASE>:
      Squadrons currently based aboard the <BASE>:

      damaged <BRIDGE>.
      destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded.
      sank a <TYPE> and is hereby reprimanded.
      flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>.
      having bailed out, hitched a ride back to the airfield.
      was seriously wounded.

      Damaged <BRIDGE>.
      Destroyed a friendly <TYPE> and was reprimanded.
      Sank a <TYPE> and was reprimanded.
      Flew as a <PLANE> gunner for <SQUAD>.
      <PLANE> damaged beyond repair.
      Was seriously wounded.

      Wind at <WINDSPEED> km/hr, <WINDDIRECTION> degrees

      Squadron Information
      Airfield Information
      Ace Information
      Campaign Victory Conditions
      Player's Crew
      Last Mission Debrief
      Pilot Losses
      Awards & Promotions
      Other News
      Active Airfields
      Server Information
      Distance to Target

      Friendly forces must capture <TGTNAME>.
      Friendly forces must take <TGTNAME>.
      Sink <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s.
      Hold out until <DATE>.
      Destroy <PERCENT>% of enemy <TYPE>s.


  4. 45 minutes ago, OBTable said:

    Oh, just now I realized that I misunderstood, it seemed to me  - "Message File Not Found for Russian" 😀

    It's looking for files called rank_ru.properties and award_ru.properties which you probably don't have as your rank.properties and award.properties are already in Russian. 

  5. Trying to fix the issue with Unicode displaying properly in the game (Russian, for example) for ranks and awards.

    Unicode is expected to be in the format "\u9999" 

    This is the format as found in the ranks_ru.properties and awards_ru.properties files found in the campaign folders.

    Characters not supported by ASCII will show as "?" in DCG as it doesn't support unicode.  :(


  6. Okay, I'll take a look, but it's hard for me to debug this one as I don't have the Russian version. 

    But can you do me a favour and copy and paste the award.properties and rank.properties files that you have in the game's "...\Missions\Campaign\DE\" folder?  Thanks!


  7. Thanks.  It wasn't a bug until recently.

    I just looked and the game now has two files for ranks in Russian.  The original "rank_ru.properties" and now a new "rank_ru.txt".  And they are in different formats.... 

    The same goes for awards.

    I'll fix in the next beta.

  8. Hi Sharkzz, I'm keeping well, thanks.  Being on an island has it's benefits (no big pandemic outbreak here). 

    Hope DCG helps in some small way to take your mind off these bat crazy times.  Any questions on it, you know were to find me.  ;)



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