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  1. No.204_REDMAN no affiliation ( would like to fly with Cuban and Shot on red team) GMT+4
  2. BTW, that "defensive maneuvers" video you made saved my butt yesterday Lone Sopwith Pup fends off and escapes from 3 Alb D.II's with altitude, for a safe RTB. Felt great to make it out of that situation alive. Thanks! I bet
  3. I went with first one, something new to learn and keep me busy thanks again danudet.
  4. I take that back it's not free but looking at it anyway.
  5. lol, I was just looking at that and as long as it's not too complicated I might give it a try. it is free after all Thanks danudet
  6. yea everything brand new.
  7. Does anyone have a suggestion for a movie maker I can download. When I upgraded my computer I lost Windows Essentials 2012 Movie Maker and they stopped supporting it as of Jan. 10 2017. I'm not crazy about anything in the APP store. Thanks in advance Rotermann.
  8. lol just busting your chops Butzzell.
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