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  1. So guys WHO ARE READY TO FLY THE NEXT ROUND of our small "London" event?

    This time London strikes back - English Handley-Pages go to bomb German objectives. Start as usual at 19:00 GMT. Come everybody, fly for any side!


    To Entente:

    In order to stop German bombers raiding of British ports and factories, the British command decided to strike back. The main and largest airfield of the Germans on the French coast - Oye, located near the town of Gravelines, was chosen as the target. Last German raids on Ramsgate were carried out exactly from this airfield.

    We know that the coast is heavily guarded, and the air is constantly and intensively patrolled by enemy fighters. For that reason, it was decided to attack the target at night. Fortunately, it is now full moon and pretty clear weather, which will definitely help our bombers to orientate. We hope that under cover of night we will be able to approach unnoticed, or at least our forces will be detected only directly on the approach to the German airfield.

    Thanks to our French allies, we were able to get a pictures of the airfield from the air. The French recon plane, coming from the south, managed to take some photos of the target before it was discovered by German fighters. Even though the recon was badly damaged, it managed to get away heading the Canal and successfully land on the water. The French crew was picked up by a passing English fishing boat, which delivered the brave aviators and such important for us pictures to the English coast.




    To our surprise, to the east of the airdrome there were river docks and adjoining storage facilities. Most likely, the Germans had recently built them in order to speed up the delivery of ammunition and fuel to the Goths airfield so that they wouldn't be transported by land from Dunkerque or Calais. For this purpose, they used a river canal leading from the coast straight to the town of Gravelines, from which they could easy reach the airfield.

    The command thought it was not worth missing this opportunity and tried to kill two birds with one stone. As you have already guessed, in addition to the bombers' airfield, the transport point on the river canal to the east is an additional target.

    Nevertheless, the priority goal is still the German heavy bombers' airfield. Attack docks and warehouses only after making sure that the airfield infrastructure has been successfully destroyed.

    Our bombers take off from the airfield, located north of Folkestone. If necessary, the bombers can be escorted by S.E.5 fighters also based there as well as by Felixstowe flying boats standing in the port of Folkestone.

    To Germans:

    The British are suspiciously lurking. For several days, there were no active actions from their side, both at sea and in the air. The only thing that was noticed were the more frequent flights of single planes along the French coast. The enemy keeps a distance from the coast and immediately turns away to the Island, if he notices our fighters. Most likely, they are carrying out visual reconnaissance of the location of our forces directly within the French coastline.

    Our reconnaissance in England also has some actual information about the plans of the British. We have reason to believe that the British will either start offensive the coast soon, or are preparing a mass bomb attack on our positions. The last one is confirmed by the mass relocation of English bombers and clear weather in recent days. As we know, the British prefer not to fly in bad weather, as our brave pilots do, because the British bombers are less adapted to it than our planes. Sure, they would not miss an opportunity to fly on such rare clear days.

    In any case, the command has assigned several cruisers to patrol the northern coast of France permanently. The newest German Pfalz D.XII fighters were also sent to the Calais airfield to intercept possible British bombers. They will complement Hansa-Brandenburg hydroplanes and Albatros D.V fighters based in Calais. In addition, it was ordered to disperse ground-based air defense forces, so that their protection cover the maximum possible area adjacent to the coast.

  2. German heavy bombers once again bombed British Army supply sites. This time, the target of the bombing was the port of Ramsgate and a manufacturing plant in the near of the city.

    Taking advantage of the heavy clouds and evening hours, German bombers, divided into three independent groups, bombed from different directions, forcing the already small forces of the English Defence aircrafts to disperse the forces. What's more, due to the negligence of the English troops and the rainy weather in recent days, the flares of the observation balloons were dampened, which was not seen in time. As a result, the observers were unable to warn the defence forces of approaching German bombers in time.

    However, thanks to the ingenuity and foresight of the British pilots, they decided to advance towards France in the hope of intercepting Gothas departed from the mainland. The decision proved to be a success. Around the middle of the Channel, the first group of Gothas was spotted. Having escorted them to the coast of England to take advantage of coastal air defence support, the British Hanriots successfully shot down two Gothas out of five and damaged the remaining three. Despite desperate attacks by the British, the bombers managed to bomb the railway station in northern Ramsgate. By chance, the station's main building, as well as the adjacent warehouses, were not damaged, as well as the ammunition and materiel unloaded on the aprons. The raid resulted in the destruction of three locomotives and maintenance personnel.

    Busy by the first group of bombers, the English fighters missed the approach of the second group of Gothas, that bypassed from the west. Being much higher than the defence fighters, the four Gothas bombed with impunity, first the factory and then  the ships in port. Fortunately, the bombers reached the southern part of the production complex, where the storage and auxiliary facilities were concentrated. The bombardment destroyed three warehouses, two workshops and a boiler house, which were not a significant and critical part of the factory. At the retirement, a couple of Gothas dropped bombs on ships in the port. Due to the good positions of the vessels, which were not closely grouped, only three vessels were destroyed - two transporters and one coaster cargo ship. The blast wave did not hit or damage refuelling tankers and the cruiser standing in port.

    Considering that German bombers were no longer expected to attack and exhausted by continuous fighting, the British fighters made the decision to land - as the third and last group of Gothas had been spotted at the same time. After making a significant detour hook, Gothas unexpectedly approached from the north - the target of the bombing was the damaged factory. The raid of the third group was more successful. Almost the entire western part of the factory complex was destroyed, including the main workshop, factory railway station, warehouses and even the standing, fully loaded and ready to depature train. The British fighters were much lower than Gothas, could not offer proper resistance and only watched powerlessly German bombs falling on the factory.

    Another - and quite successful - raid by the German Goths on the English port resulted in the destruction of almost half of the production complex near Ramsgate, the destruction of railway trains at the town station and several ships in the port. Only because the trains were almost completely unloaded and the unloaded equipment was not damaged during the bombing, as well as the most transport ships and tankers weren't destroyd in the port of Ramsgate, the supply of British, French and Belgian troops remains uninterrupted over the next few weeks. It is unlikely that the production plant at Ramsgate will be able to be rebuilt in the near future, or possibly before the end of the war. Production of armament, ammunition and equipment will be set up in other factories situated farther from the coast, which will definitely have a negative impact on the frequency and speed of supply of the Allied forces in France and Belgium in the future.

    The British Command has given serious thoughts to stopping such attacks by German aviation and has begun to prepare a plan for a retaliatory strike against strategic German targets on the mainland ...

  3. As nobody signed himself for the next event I'd suppose that nobody from you will fly Gotha event this Friday (sure I hope that you will join us).

    Anyway, I leave a small story background for the upcoming event.


    To German pilots:

    Fascinated by the success of the last German Gothas raid on the English port of Dover, the German command decides to consolidate the success of the next transport point - the port of Ramsgate. A large British manufacturing facility is situated not far from the town. Manufactured technic, ammunition and ammo are delivered directly from the factory to transport vessels in the port of Ramsgate. There are no storage facilities at the port! The targets are ships in the port and a railway station on the north side of the city.

    Moreover, the command orders to attack the factory itself and not only the port and the railway station.

    As there was little time for preparation, our forces were unable to perform good reconnaissance on site and had to limit themselves to aerial photography. Unfortunately, our reconnaissance aircraft was detected by English fighters on the flight to Ramsey and we were unable to take enough detailed photos of the port, and any photos of the factory complex at whole. However, the received photos show the shape of the port piers and the location of vessels in the port, as well as a railway station in the background.

    The British industrial complex is located exactly between the towns of Ramsgate and Margate, north of Ramsgate. The factory covers a fairly large area and should be well visible on the way to the coast of England. The Command believes in the professionalism of the Gotha crews and is confident in the success of an attack on the factory even without the necessary intelligence.

    After the raid on Dover, the British increased patrolling and protection of coastal towns from both air and sea. Stand by for enhanced air defence and fighter countermeasures.






    To Entente pilots:

    After the German heavy bombers attacked the port of Dover, our command suggested possible subsequent attacks on other coastal cities, especially those from which convoys to France and Belgium were being sent.

    Unfortunately, the fears were justified. A few days ago, a German photo recon plane was spotted near the town of Ramsgate. Our fighters tried to intercept the enemy aircraft, but it escaped. There is every reason to believe that next target for German bombers will be the port of Ramsgate, especially given its importance due to the close proximity of one of our largest munitions and military equipment factories.

    For this reason, several cruisers from Dover and Felixstowe have been dispatched to defend the port of Ramsey, and air defence has been strengthened, both in the city and at its approaches. Furthermore, in order to enhance air defence, several Hanriot HD.2 fighters, including a Felixstowe F.2A flying boat, were sent to Margate port north of Ramsgate. In this way they will complement the region's air force, consisting of Nieuport fighters and several two-seaters Bristol F2B F.II, which are currently based on the airfield near Minster.

  4. @Butzzell @Heinrich @Dudley 

    Thanks guys for the paticipating in our small cozy event! 

    Here is small gift for you for your coming :)



    Guys flew for Entente have received their own awards.



    Maybe this also helps to attract another pilots of your squad to join the next round. I remind it will be on Friday this week, same time at 19:00 GMT. There will be same massive Gotha flight to an English town to bomb strategic targets there. An Entente defence is included :) This time, there will be another town, more targets to bomb and another weather conditions.

    Hope see so many of you as possible! Everybody welcome for any side!

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