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  1. I don't like Larner. Put me opposite of him.
  2. May I suggest that you edit the first post to include all the future updates as well? I almost left without getting the new ones thinking the "main pack" was most up-to-date.
  3. Yeah that last one is really good!
  4. Hey guys, Looking to create the next FC Thursday night fly-in video. If anyone has any good JG1 flightline or really good combat clips (in flames, breaking apart, etc.) can you upload to a google drive and PM it to me? Just need a bunch of cool cinematic fights, both German and entente, no matter. Thanks!
  5. Pretty much only way to see folks is be zoomed out all the way. It's kinda weird because it makes the plane look way closer than it actually is.
  6. Ok so if you guys rename all the files, will there now be a bunch of old jg1 files sitting in my folder needing to be deleted?
  7. To each his own I suppose! Mines on my throttle quadrant thingy anyways.
  8. Just have a button that centers to the sights while you hold it.
  9. I now know where Maus gets his zeal from when he's flying... 😉
  10. That's badass man! Where are his medals, awards, etc.? I hope they were passed down.
  11. Hit f1 again. I figured that out just the other day lol.
  12. I honestly didn't know it was so taboo. I don't do the WW2 sims and FC is the first WW1 with chutes I've played. I still would have posted that vid anyways, haha. As for that "tactic" I don't see the use unless you really want to be a dick to somebody. I never really thought about it until yesterday, haha. Right now I see FC more as a novelty where there aren't really any rules and everyone is really just trying to sort it out.
  13. I mean, I must have kicked a puppy along the way to Youtube.....geez. You know I love you guys. Don't take anything I say seriously...mmmk?
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