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  1. I'll take a Halb, usual colors w/Black nose & tail
  2. Have I just missed it all this time, but has anyone noticed there's a V-2 in the hanger screen in IL2 GB?
  3. PE-2 Defensive armament: Top: 7.62mm machine gun "ShKAS", 750 rounds, 1800 rounds per minute Belly: 12.7mm machine gun "UB", 200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Side: 7.62mm machine gun "ShKAS", 225 rounds, 1800 rounds per minute
  4. Congrats guys
  5. This issue is in the forums. This has been a problem for quite some time, and it only effects MP. If you attack in SP, the gunners are ALOT less accurate. People are always using the PE-2 as their example, but I am curious if the problem is across the board, or is it just the PE-2, or Russian aircraft in general?
  6. I have 6.0 (I keep up to date on PWCG, and using it to create the weather in the GS mission. I'm willing to give it a try. I am learning how to load pilots into the game right now as we speak
  7. Too bad the 25 is gonna be AI only in Bodenplatte
  8. For my Alb Dv I request the same markings as my PD3, black spiral (Jasta 4), w/Black tail and blue ailerons. The DVIIs, Black Nose (Jasta 4), black tail w/ blue Ailerons. Thanks, you've done awesome work
  9. Kinda looking at the F-5, but hemming and hawing right now
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