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  1. For Monday, just for the the Europeans. NA has the practice map up on Thurs
  2. For our current practices, we are flying the 109 f4, Fw-190 A3 as we are getting ready for the Aces of Crimea part 2 campaign.
  3. I've modded my TW: Empire with Darth mod. Makes the game 100 times better.
  4. So seems, we're gonna be getting The North East front (Leningrad) and the Port Odessa map. They said they cant reveal what the new project is yet, but they showed a Corsair and a B-29.
  5. The Aces over Crimea dry run is tomorrow 10/21/23 at 2pm Eastern. Server goes live 1:45pm Eastern
  6. For those who want to participate in the Aces over Crimea Campaign, head over to the ACME discord Register and pick your side. The dry run begins on Saturday 10/21
  7. Yeah its easy to forget that some of these airframes are reaching 100 years old. They will all eventually be found to be unairworthy
  8. Wonder, if they are doing the 153, think we might get the SB-2 eventually?
  9. Unfortunately the I-153 is coming too late for my Crimea campaign
  10. Pic #2 I was off by 1 year, and pic #4 I got the exact date
  11. Hadn't noticed until now that the 737-900 by PMDG was out, so I picked that up as well. So now I have the 600-900 737s
  12. The PMDG aircraft have skins built into the downloader that you can choose
  13. https://www.msfsaddons.org is a good place to start
  14. Now comes the fun part, setting up MSFS graphically and your aircraft controls. I have multiple control profiles, one for single engine, one for twins, one for twin jets, and one for the dc 7 (and eventually the Connie when I pick it up)
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