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  1. Yes mother and son are doing great, they're headed home as I type this. There was one small hiccup with my daughter, but she's good now. @HotleadColdfeet, yup first one
  2. At 11:12 am on 11/26, my daughter gave birth to the newest member of Jasta 4 and Staffel 6.
  3. Well if Nov 23rd goes OK, then things mess up on Dec 7, it will truly be a "Date which will live in infamy"
  4. I have it, but unfortunately, I no longer have a CD/DVD player on my computer. If I want any of the games I have, I have to load it onto a flash drive from either my wife's computer or from my laptop
  5. For the prison rescue, we already use airfields, we can just use unused airfields. Regarding the "soggy" ground, wonder if it has to due with the winter maps (which we dont have yet). Sinking into the ground sounds like something that would happen in snow???????
  6. I have mine turned down to 8 (In game only) and I can see everything just fine. Turn it down too much and you're gonna run into problems on early morning, or night maps. Jumping around inside the cfg file every time the map time changes is just asking for trouble
  7. glad I have a rocker switch on my yoke. I just ties ALL elevator trims (no matter what they're called) to the thump switch, and all is good in my world.
  8. Sorry about not making it last night, got waylaid at my daughter's house longer than expected.
  9. Thanks, my "little-one" isn't so little anymore, especially considering she is due in November 🤯
  10. After discussing it with my wife, we should be back between 8:30 and 9:00
  11. Regarding still on? I dont know. My daughter's b-day is today, and I am unsure when I'll get back. She typically goes to bed by 8pm, so I am banking on that to be back by. Regarding being close, yes VERY close. I've been plowing away at it over the last week, and added the northern battle ground. The northern battleground (at this time), aside from airdropped AT guns, is AI free, meaning it is a Player Only fight. Just so one side doesn't think of getting the drop on another, and take a territory unopposed, anyone who spawns into a tank, on either side, kicks off a random timer to announce the attack to the opposing side. It wont be long before the 3rd and 4th Panzer Gruppe, along with Luftflotte 2, and the Russian 5th and 30th Army with their VVS will rain destruction across the Russian countryside
  12. I agree with what Etzel is saying, but based on a single line of Jason's text, "And some maps are almost impossible to make too due to distances " seems to me they wont be working on a pacific theater (at least in the near future, unless they plan on the East Dutch Indies or China, which in my mind would be the only places in the Pacific they could go, with possible small maps like the Lupino map featuring Hawaii or Midway). Battle of Britain, Africa or Italy seems to be the logical immediate battles/locations to me. Watched a video that claims they accidentally leaked the next 3 collector planes will be Yak-9, Yak-9t and a Hurricane variant of somesort. Which if true, would lend credence to Etzel's surmise of the Battle of Britain.
  13. The heart reminds me of Voss
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