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  1. Kinda looking at the F-5, but hemming and hawing right now
  2. I wont be there either, my daughter is getting married tomorrow.
  3. Word on the AH2 forums is that MS is going to pull the same market strategy that they tried with MS flight, pay for each small section of earth you wish to fly into, as well as additional aircraft, locking it out so only they and 3rd party who pays them for the "privilege" to make additional aircraft. Some are also saying that they may also try the "Service" route and charge $10 per month to access the sim
  4. Had a whole write up response, but what's the point
  5. In my mission, I have a group that counts the number of vehicles entering a zone, then (OnObjectEntered) is sent to a series of 1 second timers, that then go into my supply counter group. You could use a complex trigger, or proximity trigger to "count up" the number of objects entering a zone, then have another slightly larger one to count when they leave. At certain points along the counter group, you can have activate and deactivate linked to spawners.
  6. Yeah, I've found the 109 has the glide path of a brick
  7. I'll talk to Butzzell and get the improved one up and running tonight for testing.
  8. The problem with the event happening too close to another event, and one not registering is still a problem. I have several facilities that require the destruction of multiple targets within the facility.To calculate battle damage to the facility, I have the OnKill event linked to several Millisecond timers that go into counters to prevent this. Regarding the detection of units, one of the things you have to be careful of is resource use. a single complex trigger uses more resources that 2 prox triggers, or checkzones. I personally use checkzones for things like spawning AAA, or ground targets that dont move. The current problem with checkzones is they dont work in MP unless youre using a Deserver outside of the game launched server. I use complex triggers for the detection of specific units, like planes labeled "Recon", or detect the take off of a 109, instead of the take off of a 110, ect. Anything that can be mass detected, like all german aircraft, I'll use checkzones. One of the problems with a counter, is it can only count up, or reset, as far as I know right now. I know there are two new Modifier MCUs, but I have yet to figure them out.
  9. If you're using IL2, one of the easiest ways, is if you're able, join us on Weds night, around 8 pm central. We're currently testing for a WWII tourney, and you can see my logic in action, and also get a copy of it, cause the mission DLs with the mission. But anyways, I use a simple complex trigger attached to a specific **Named** aircraft, and connected to subtitles and activations and deactivations. VERY simple. The "Recon" Aircraft passes over the target, this registers to a counter and the first of 3 subtitles. When the recon plane passes over the target a third time, it activates the target, and turns off the recon ring. As a side project I have started on a timed feature, so the recon acft has to remain in a designated area "taking pictures" for a period of time, but that it still in its infancy.
  10. I can always answer any questions you may have
  11. Nevermind, read the rule change wrong
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