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  1. Kliegmann


    Welcome and thank for applying. Our commander will be along shortly.
  2. Need to add another test item.....Time needed to refuel, rearm, repair.
  3. For the paradrops I have an idea to try
  4. Testing for 03/21/20 - Mission Start: 15:45 CST (30 minutes after FIF concludes) 1.) Verify repairs are actually repaired. 2.) Airfield Supplies: Fighters should use 3 SP, Attack Aircraft : 6 and Bombers: 9. As an airfield is damaged, these numbers increase by 3 per 25% damage. Verify these are still correct. 3.) Retest fuel refill after fuel tank destruction at Myatlevo (I set up a message for when it is destroyed for testing) 4.) Take Camera screenshots. 5.) Find and attack Factory, railyard, trains, convoys
  5. After FIF tomorrow, I would like to test the WWII tourney, EIF (Europe in Flames). Most of the pieces I have verified as working, so I want to load up a server with pilots and see what happens to the mission. Things to test 1. At mission start each side has a "Destroy enemy building" icons located at intersections of 4 sectors (ie: 2204, 2205, 2304, 2305). This indicates a target is located somewhere within 1 of those four sectors. The side only needs to fly near one of the targets, then they get a message "Enemy target has been found", and the old icon disappears, and the true target icon appears. These need to be verified as working. 2. I need suicide, err, I mean dare-devil pilots, to attack an airfield. Each airfield has fuel depots, ammo depots, and a HQ base (almost ALWAYS located off base, near a nearby city). If you kill all the fuel depots at an airbase, the enemy pilots can no longer refuel at that base. Killing the ammo depots stops rearming, and killing the HQ no longer allows the pilot to heal their wounds. 3. The player ground war elements need to be tested as well.
  6. Unless you have heard something, or someone else has seen him, unfortunately Jocassee might need to be moved to Reserves as well

  7. I still need my ju-87 skin added back into the bundle
  8. As nice as it looks, I prob wont buy into it, cause it sounds like its a purchase + monthly fee
  9. My son is giving me guitar lessons, and this song is my practice this week, playing it only in Triades
  10. Amazing bit of flying, my hats off to you sir
  11. Yes mother and son are doing great, they're headed home as I type this. There was one small hiccup with my daughter, but she's good now. @HotleadColdfeet, yup first one
  12. At 11:12 am on 11/26, my daughter gave birth to the newest member of Jasta 4 and Staffel 6.
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