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  1. Funny thing is, flying an airplane IS multi-tasking, which women are better at then men.
  2. New update is out. Seems they added crew and accessories to the free tanks. They may have also fixed the invulnerability issue with the free T-34.
  3. Beneath the tree of light and life, a blessing at this season of Yule! To all that sit at my hearth, today we are brothers, we are family, and I drink to your health! Today we do not fight, we bear no one ill will. Today is a day to offer hospitality to all that cross my threshold. May the Gods look favorably upon the path that you travel. Merry Yule and Happy Holidays.
  4. We dont have the tree up yet, but we've made progress on the house. Wife still wants to put lights up around the lower windows, and in the dormers.
  5. Anyone who has seen Terminator knows that could possibly end badly
  6. For any mission builders, the update screws up any missions you have. You have to go to the "Tools" menu and resave all missions in folder.
  7. Von said he pulls the emblem directly off the roster. Are you able to do that? If not,
  8. The 172 is a VERY stable aircraft, and is actually very difficult to spin. It isn't surprising that people are having problems spinning a 172. When we did our incipient spin training in flight school, the first thing our instructors taught for 172 recovery is feet on the floor, hands in your lap, the 172 flies out of a spin. Then we were taught the proper technique. For CFI spin training we used a Citabria, not the 172.
  9. I've been flying around the Bonanza and the Baron
  10. No, the rings around the barrels of the main gun, are kill rings. They would paint one for each tank they would kill. Both the tiger striped cammo 614 tiger and panther have kill rings.
  11. Are you going to leave the kill rings as they are, or are you going to update them each time someone kills a tank?
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