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  1. Beneath the tree of light and life, a blessing at this season of Yule!

    To all that sit at my hearth, today we are brothers, we are family, and I drink to your health!

    Today we do not fight, we bear no one ill will.

    Today is a day to offer hospitality to all that cross my threshold.

    May the Gods look favorably upon the path that you travel.

    Merry Yule and Happy Holidays.


  2. 8 hours ago, Firefly said:

    That's an apt metaphor, with computer-driven design becoming de rigeur we will be seeing new designs coming out in no time at all. I wonder if the future of air combat will involve automated factories pumping out drone after drone, with incremental changes taking place on the production line rather than generational leaps being made. 

    Anyone who has seen Terminator knows that could possibly end badly

  3. The 172 is a VERY stable aircraft, and is actually very difficult to spin.  It isn't surprising that people are having problems spinning a 172.  When we did our incipient spin training in flight school, the first thing our instructors taught for 172 recovery is feet on the floor, hands in your lap, the 172 flies out of a spin.  Then we were taught the proper technique.  For CFI spin training we used a Citabria, not the 172.

  4. Regarding the Panzer M, you need to use the correct tactics.  If you try to slug it out face-to-face, you're going to lose against T-34s and KV-1s.  A platoon to PZIII-Is and PZIII-Ms can give an entire T-34 platoon a nightmare if you attack correctly.


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