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  1. The 172 is a VERY stable aircraft, and is actually very difficult to spin.  It isn't surprising that people are having problems spinning a 172.  When we did our incipient spin training in flight school, the first thing our instructors taught for 172 recovery is feet on the floor, hands in your lap, the 172 flies out of a spin.  Then we were taught the proper technique.  For CFI spin training we used a Citabria, not the 172.

  2. For the numbering system, because Klaiber and Brit are head of the Geschwader, they would be Regiment commanders, Numbers R01, R02 respectively.  Moxy and Vonrd, being the head of 2nd Group, would be 2nd Battalion Commanders, II01, II02 (roman numeral 2).  Staffel Commanders are Kompanie Commanders, Lipfert and myself 500 and 600, our XOs 501, and 601.

  3. Regarding the Panzer M, you need to use the correct tactics.  If you try to slug it out face-to-face, you're going to lose against T-34s and KV-1s.  A platoon to PZIII-Is and PZIII-Ms can give an entire T-34 platoon a nightmare if you attack correctly.


  4. I just finished setting up the server end, and tried it in my server.  Some things that you really need, hot keys for channel changing, and finding a place for the radio overlay (I minimized mine all the way down, and placed it in the canopy rails on a 109 to keep it out of my view).  There's 5 channels dedicated to red and blue, 10 channels total.  No freqs for obvious reasons (as of yet anyways)

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