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  1. Salute gentlemen! I wish to show our appreciation of the great turn out for Happy's memorial, the Wing Walkers and Happy salute you all!
  2. No worries, at least we can manage them out
  3. Salute! Over the last few days we've been getting some miscreants and general asshole types on our TS server making things uncomfortable for us and our friends. So to alleviate this problem we've decided to put a password back on the TS server. The password is the same one as used to join the WW Battles online server. Any clarifications on the PW please pm me. Sorry for the inconvenience but ultimately it makes things enjoyable for ourselves and our friends.
  4. Thanks guys, Have to admit that it was a lot of fun, pretty evenly matched as well with 8 per side. With Gen leading the way as a bombing maniac, we were all worrying that you'd take out all our infrastructure and win the war yourself All in all I think it was darn good for our first attempt at something like this, and we're looking forward to switching sides on the next one. We'll also look into the suggestions that everyone put forward last night and see how we can improve on the next map rotation, we'll keep you posted on how that goes. Here's a couple of shots of the stats which show that the Red side eked out the win with a total score of 2480 to 2212, nicely done fellas! Hmm, can't attached the pics, says the file is too big, so here's the link to the AW stats, http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/mission/526/
  5. Guys, I apologize for not giving you some additional details, no excuse on my part. I know some of you have flown this one with us previously so I made an assumption that you'd remember what the objectives were, bad assumption on my part So here is the mission brief and combat tasks.
  6. Salute! WW Battles is a concept that we've been kicking around for a while and not really having an opportunity to implement until now. We ultimately envision these battles as a squad v squad event, one side plays Red, the other Blue. Play the same mission again in a couple of weeks and the squads switch sides from what they played previously. For this coming Tuesday, Vonrd suggested that JG1 might go Russian pending numbers of members wanting to fly Russian crates. Dubya suggested that if necessary we could flesh out the sides with WW members such as myself who don't particularly care what side we fly on. We'll leave it up to you guys to decide if that would work for JG1, there's also the possibility of having some of the Danger Dogz participate as well and I know that quite a few of them fly Russian birds. Again we can jointly decide if we'd invite them to participate. I've asked our guys to respond with what side they'd prefer to fly, Red or Blue and/or go where needed. I'll keep you posted on the count. So, here is the map we'll be using for this Tuesday. It's winter so dress warm, bring the vodka and lots of bombs and ammo. There will be AI flights for both sides, so if you get tired of killing WW's there will be plenty of them around for you to take care of. We'll keep it no icons, externals permitted in addition to gps enabled. If you want it different let us and we'll work it out. Mission is called Airfields Battle and was hijacked from Wings of Liberty, modified with AI flights by our friends in the Danger Dogz. Geezer notes: Not sure I'm attaching files correctly, this map isn't very big or clear. Visit our forum for a better map view http://www.wingwalkers.org/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=212&t=18362
  7. No worries Vonrd, I believe that just our flight leads are set up in this manner. As long as one of you can set up, it's all good.
  8. Here's a link to the little tutorial Sittingduck put together for us https://youtu.be/47YC8N-DGwk, works like a charm.
  9. Salute JG1 pilots!! Orders added, very similar to last week's approach, major difference; Red flight with JG1 as escort will head out minimum 5 minutes prior to Gold & Blue departure. That should give us enough time to stir things up. If Red survives and clears the factory complex, we'll move onto the airfield and have a go at the base AA. Second change, Blue flight will move into target area ahead of the bombers when 5 minutes from target, give yourselves a chance to kill everything or drag them away from the factory. For Griph & Gold WWGriphos wrote: ↑Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:55 pm I wonder whether it might make sense for Gold flight to head in first, from the north, before the enemy has woken up, so to speak. Red and Blue flights could be ready near to engage any fighter resistance and also attack AAA and other ground targets of opportunity as Gold begins the target run. It seems to me that if Red flight heads in first, the bombers are flying into a hornet's nest that's been stirred already, and they don't have a lot of leeway since the targets are where they are and so that's where they have to fly. Option, if the previous flights have not managed to clear out the AA and EA, you have the option to divert and hit the Objective C ships, or even, stand off and wait for the second wave of suicidal nuts from Red, Blue and JG1 to come back for a return engagement.
  10. Salute JG1!! Was nice having you gentlemen flying with us this evening. Always good to fly with professionals Like Geezer said, we're flying each Tuesday, different types of missions on a rotating basis. Still have a bunch of missions that the mission tweaker guys will be fixing up for us, once done we'll slide them into the rotation as well. I guess we could throw it out that JG1 has enough pilots flying with us that we could probably work together to determine your own flight with it's own specific objectives. Don't to keep you shackled in my poor flight all the time, we don't always seem to survive our sorties We usually will have a mission brief ready by Sunday evening, made up by either Geezer or myself, we'll make sure we get it posted up here for you guys to peruse beforehand. None of this stuff is written in stone, so if you have any suggestions to make the missions objectives more achievable, let us know. If any of you are interested in how you did, mission stats and sortie info can be found here http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/ Cheers, Craven
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