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    Any and all things aviation. Im an A&P mechanic with an IA. Private pilot but no medical cert. Havn't flown as PIC for about 10 years but frequently go up for test flights after maintenance.
    Got a 2000 Moto Guzzi and love riding. In a past life, I was a glassblower / glass artist / educator.

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  1. Welcome Jaus! Good flying with you and looking forward to more of the same.
  2. Looking in my files it doesn't look like I ever completed it. The screenshots were proposals. I'm not sure how soon I can get to it so it will probably be a while.
  3. I gave it a try but when I entered to code FREEBOOKS1 it said it isn't a valid code. Maybe it hasn't been activated yet?
  4. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    Updated with green rudder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew7lm37325p5d6s/! JG1 AlbatrosD5 Barton.dds?dl=0
  5. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    Easy peasy. I'll get it done tomorrow. Now that you're back flying, what do you want for the other planes? You currently have a DR1 but I think it's ported over from ROF. Is it still what you want?
  6. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    So, just change the V stab / rudder to red?
  7. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    OK... still, take a look. It actually looks pretty good to me. The stock FC looks a bit washed out IMO.
  8. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    Oops... I missed the red v stab and rudder request. Will change that in the final
  9. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    Take a look and let me know of any changes you want. I increased the saturation of the purple and green to more closely match the image above. Maybe too much? https://www.dropbox.com/s/frfngcmotxov5kx/! JG1 AlbatrosD5 Barton.bmp?dl=0
  10. Vonrd

    FC Skin

    I'll give it a shot. Joker on the side?
  11. The way things are going I'm not going to see a barber for a while... gonna let my freak flag fly!
  12. Vonrd


    Heh heh 👌
  13. Clicked on the link and it had a Trump campaign ad as the lead in. I'll refrain from making a comment.
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