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    Any and all things aviation. Im an A&P mechanic with an IA. Private pilot but no medical cert. Havn't flown as PIC for about 10 years but frequently go up for test flights after maintenance.
    Got a 2000 Moto Guzzi and love riding. In a past life, I was a glassblower / glass artist / educator.

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  1. I will be out of town this week and won't be able to participate. Can someone take the helm?
  2. I like the FMs. Speeds seem to be spot on and turn radius seems good too. A couple of issues: I keep getting "engine overheat" in technochat for the Alb with rad at 100% and temp good at 70 deg C. Still can't trim SE5 for level flight at full throttle. Maybe it's historic but I was hoping that having pitch trim would enable to do so. What's the point of having trim?
  3. Yow! In that case I am honored and humbled to accept from my cell in prison. BTW, the Brits only have watered down tea and ... Mein Gott!... Warm Bier! Once this war is over and I get back, I will gladly buy numerous rounds of proper Deutsche bier for all! Edit: The above may sound a bit flippant... I can't resist my form of humor. Rest assured that I am Truly honored.
  4. I'll probably get it also.
  5. Wow... thank you! I just saw this... for some reason the "unread content" button isn't bringing up everything like it used to in the old forum. @ Klai: I looked at the awards spreadsheet [link] to find the explanation for "Merit" awards but didn't see it. Can you give us some background?
  6. The Doctor has left the house... gone from the meat world to the spirit world. RIP Doc.
  7. Vonrd

    Almost got got

    Maybe Limburger... stinky cheese
  8. I'm hoping that we will be doing another session of testing tonight at the normal time. Wing Walkers are interested in attending. I'm hoping to get off work on time today.
  9. Where can I purchase those pants? My pants seat seems to be faulty. πŸ˜†
  10. Do you use hat switch? It seems that you use hat until engaged then you switch to TIR. Just wondering.
  11. Congratulations Loopy... Ace in a Day! Well done! Butzz and Luft... your families will be proud of your selfless sacrifice πŸ˜ͺ I'm honored for the Max and will gladly accept it but I feel I had a bit of an unfair advantage over the other 2 seat pilots. I've been flying exclusively as a bomber puke for the last many missions (I forget for how long) where there is the opportunity to rack up lots of kills in one session as opposed to those doing recon, spy, prison rescue or General capture. Those are pretty much one point missions with a great amount of risk. It also helps to have flight members who are Flak magnets who will sponge up the AAA while I get to waltz in for the kill (thanks Butzz πŸ˜‰). I'm really in awe of those who got the Max in air to air... That being said... Thank You! I will wear it proudly. Salute! To the O Club for beers all around (enlisted ranks are welcome for tonight) 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
  12. I may be late tonight. Our shop manager broke some bones and I'm wearing two hats. I'm pretty sure that Wing Walkers are planning to attend.
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