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    Any and all things aviation. Im an A&P mechanic with an IA. Private pilot but no medical cert. Havn't flown as PIC for about 10 years but frequently go up for test flights after maintenance.
    Got a 2000 Moto Guzzi and love riding. In a past life, I was a glassblower / glass artist / educator.

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  1. Vonrd

    BOx Sale

    75% off on BOS, BOM and BOK https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54947-pre-release-celebration-sale-bosbombok-campaigns-75-off/?tab=comments#comment-836163
  2. Link to topic on BOx forum: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54968-cockpit-photo-as-checklist/ Does anyone know where to find the RPM limits for WWI planes?
  3. I'm going to miss it this week. Going to see my mom for her 94th birthday.
  4. Testing for Kliegmann's GS EIF campaign map tonight. Pilot numbers needed.
  5. No registration needed Hess. Just show up on our TS. The password is issued then.
  6. A reminder of the Wing Walkers tournament starting tomorrow - Tues 10/8/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern. Try to be there on JG1 TS 30 min prior... (easy for me to say... I most likely will be late... back on overtime 😥).
  7. in here https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7247-a-new-generation-of-skinners/?tab=comments#comment-53107 KEEP THE SAME NAME... DO NOT RENAME That way it will overwrite the existing skin and everyone won't have to delete and install new.
  8. It does (I think I got them all... let me know if any are missing... also, the templates are available on the BOx site... you can paste stuff from the JG1 psds into them... of course, that's what I did). Some of the psd templates might still be 4K... remember to resize the final dds to 2K... 2048 x 2048.
  9. It's gratifying to me to see that several members have taken interest in making their own skins. I am completely in support of that! For quite some time myself and Hess (and Butzzell for WWI) were the only ones who seemed to have any interest. Probably because of my enthusiasm and willingness to dive in to making JG1 skins I became the JG1 "Skin Guru". I am still more than willing to make skins for JG1 members who would like a skin and either have no interest or knowledge to do so and I am also willing to be the "Guru" but I do not want to be the sole arbiter / critic of whether any member's self made skin is accepted and installed in the JG1 Skinpacks. That being said, until we come up with a current official acceptance policy, any skins submitted, unless they violate any of the basic requirements noted below, I will add to a skinpack update. Skins must comply with this naming convention: The naming of the skins had become somewhat haphazard. Butzzell and I, along with input from the JG1 community, came up with a naming convention (actually mostly Butzz 🍺). Here's an explanation of it with 3 examples: ! JG1 Bf109G2 Smr Yellow 11.dds ! JG1 Bf109G14 Wntr Stab Geschwader CO.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Luftritter B.dds There is a single space between entities... no underscores. ! This will place our skins at the top of the list (at least until someone else ups the ante with multiple exclamations). JG1 This will group all of our skins together. Bf109G2 I decided to stick with the name exactly as it is in the plane's folder for consistency, you can always refer to the folder when doing a skin. Smr / Wntr Self explanatory (some planes don't have winter skins so they won't have this in the name). Yellow 11 / Stab Geschwader CO The individual's plane. B Subsequent iterations of the same plane for the same pilot will have the suffix B, C, D... etc. How we vette the submitted skins will be one of the subjects in the upcoming October command meeting and we will work something out. Also, we will be discussing the JG1 skin policy... the current policy can be seen here (and will most likely be updated): In recent discussions we have come up with the basic skin requirements (No. 1 relates to Richtofen): Does the skin have a Jasta color on it, along with personal color(s)? The answer should be yes. Does the skin look like a clown car? Subjective I know, but the answer should be no. Does the skin violate our code of conduct document regarding hate symbols? We're looking for a big no here. (No swastikas, etc.) Do the colors on the skin look correct when in game? No glowing skins, no holes due to overuse of black, etc. (I can provide some sample colors with RGB numbers of colors that seem - on average- to render best). If it happens to be historically accurate, even better. But it's not required. (But historic "palusability" is certainly highly encouraged!) I am happy to provide any assistance within my limited level of expertise. Looking forward to what you guys come up with.
  10. Here are a fraction of my psd files. Honestly, I have lost track of what I was actually using but these are what I think are the most likely ones. Beware... these were working files for myself with no editing for public use and are probably (belay that... are surely) pretty messy, but here they are if anyone has interest. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ojkb82394q7eoh3/AADtzitfw-kEc650Ql44zcdga?dl=0
  11. Looking good all. Will get to them this weekend.
  12. Slightly better if you want to have trim as an axis. I use hat switch for all trims though so it's just an initial PITA for me just to re-do the mapping. Why they have to separate it into several names of something that does the same thing... pitch trim is pitch trim no matter what actual mechanism accomplishes it. Adjustable stab or trim tab... doesn't matter... it's the same damn thing as far as what the pilot needs to accomplish and if the pilot didn't know how it was done he wouldn't be able to tell you what causes the plane to do his bidding. Basically, the ways to trim pitch are: Trim tab... most common Adjustable horizontal stab... "full flying stab"... Pipers and supersonic aircraft. Adjustable tail assembly... the whole tail moves... Mooneys use this... weird... I think there's also a jet transport that used this setup. Bungees or springs in the elevator control run... tightening / loosening changes the "neutral" position. I have used them all and (other than the fact that you are using a trim wheel or a hat switch to trim) they all do the same thing.
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