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    Any and all things aviation. Im an A&P mechanic with an IA. Private pilot but no medical cert. Havn't flown as PIC for about 10 years but frequently go up for test flights after maintenance.
    Got a 2000 Moto Guzzi and love riding. In a past life, I was a glassblower / glass artist / educator.

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  1. This It's not that much of a PITA once skins are submitted and makes it more likely that all participants will have the skins installed if it's just one download rather than a bunch of individual files which may or may not have been put into a consolidated zip file with all skins in their proper place..
  2. I'm planning to do a FIF skin-pack which will include all participants... individuals and squads... who submit threads.
  3. In order to keep the updates down to a reasonable level, I will be doing updates on a monthly basis. The next one will include submissions from 1/1/20 to 1/31/20.
  4. Vonrd

    Screenshot art

    So, I was working on another screenshot where the subject is a 109 having it's guns harmonized by the armourers on the ground with the cowlings off. I needed a 3/4 view of the MG-17 nose guns but couldn't find a satisfactory image. This is the raw inspiration image. I thought that it couldn't be too hard to do a 3D model of the guns, that way I could rotate it to whatever angle I needed and take a screenshot to use in Photoshop... yeah, how hard could it be... 🙄 I downloaded Blender and started checking Youtube tutorials... but Blender just changed from 2.7 to 2.8 and lots of the tools and shortcuts have been changed so any of the earlier tutorials were confusing... I'm slowly getting a handle on it though and really enjoying the process. Here's what I have after a couple of weeks of head scratching: Still have a long way to go though. Anyone here have Blender experience?
  5. Added Luftritter's Cl2 skins. File: Flying Circus Update Jan 5 2020. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x106vwvmcpe06e9/AACvbxgzNdobJqMnSiKFmCPta?dl=0 This is in the OP above.
  6. The couple that flies together.... well, let's all hope for the best...😉 Seriously, a most hearty welcome to you Lady!
  7. I like them Luft! Give me a little time to put them in the skins download section, somewhat busy due to Holidays.
  8. Santa? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8l06wO
  9. Look in the last post here: Added skins are posted as an update file... no need to d-load the full Monty
  10. Congrats to Maus, Loopy and Gen! Thank you for the beautiful Merit award! It does take away the sting of missing the Red Eagle...💔
  11. We don't need no stinking permission 😂 Hearty congrats "Gramps"! Something great to be on your "gratitude" list for Thanksgiving.
  12. Flying Circus skins updated. Added Flying Goat's skins and Vonrd's updated Entente skins. File: Flying Circus Update Nov 24 2019 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/13yh1sro865vqmv/AAB-HIKzH97N_Jjn0dbxXEGka?dl=0 This is in the OP above.
  13. I re-did my existing Entente skins and added ones that I didn't have. Got rid of the checkerboard in favor of yellow and black stripe theme... much easier to align on the different parts of the aircraft 😁
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