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  1. I'm hoping that these will be the "Official" JG1 skinpacks... one each for Great Battles and Flying Circus. The naming of the skins had become somewhat haphazard. Butzzell and I, along with input from the JG1 community, came up with a naming convention (actually mostly Butzz 🍺). Here's an explanation of it with 3 examples: ! JG1 Bf109G2 Smr Yellow 11.dds ! JG1 Bf109G14 Wntr Stab Geschwader CO.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Luftritter B.dds There is a single space between entities... no underscores. ! This will place our skins at the top of the list (at least until someone else ups the ante with multiple exclamations). JG1 This will group all of our skins together. Bf109G2 I decided to stick with the name exactly as it is in the plane's folder for consistency, you can always refer to the folder when doing a skin. Smr / Wntr Self explanatory (some planes don't have winter skins so they won't have this in the name). Yellow 11 / Stab Geschwader CO The individual plane. B Subsequent iterations of the same plane for the same pilot will have the suffix B, C, D... etc. All skins have been renamed to this convention. The unfortunate thing is this will require the deletion of ALL of the prior JG1 skins (with the exception of Baron's skins. I didn't re-name his and it's up to him if he wants to re name them to this convention). The easiest way to delete them is to use the Windows Explorer search bar in (Wherever you have it)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins. Just type JG1 in there and it should bring all of them up. Select all, then ctrl/click to deselect the ones you want to save (Baron's). Then delete. These two skin packs (and maybe another one for Tank Crew if we get that far) will be the Master packs (Ver. 1) and will not be changed / altered. Any additions / changes by, for example, new pilots or promotions will be addressed by updates (Ver. 2... etc.) which will add and / or overwrite files. The bomber skins are a bit of a mess and will have to be dealt with at a future date. I decided to leave them in since they can still be used. It's just that they haven't been culled to remove non participating pilots and letters changed to reflect pilot shuffling. When I do get around to it they will also probably need to be deleted prior to updating. This is the best I could come up with and I foresee problems for those who don't regularly read our forums and don't delete the old files and install the new but there is no way around it. If someone could please check the files for errors (my vision is pretty blurry at this point) I would appreciate it. I propose that we have a "Skin submission" thread for others doing skins, Goat for example, to submit their skins. They can be double checked for compliance with naming convention and packed into an update. Here are the Ver.1 Skinpacks (at the time of this post they are still loading on Dropbox... should be done in an hour): Great Battles - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3y9hcbou2k1h2sr/AAC_l-3FYvEH8kRL_Xop6kWda?dl=0 Flying Circus - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8hlebtxjyftdnv7/AADZzPufRHGjnae_iKxd4_bxa?dl=0
  2. Hey Vonrd

    Ive been having fun with making skins. was wondering how to send them in to jg1 so everyone can see them? I have both German and Allied skins ive been playing with





    1. Vonrd


      Hey Goat,

      See what I just posted titled "Official JG1 Skinpacks. 

      Nice skins!

  3. Butzz and I talked tonight and he will post what our conclusions were tomorrow.
  4. Sounds like a good plan. Let's come up with a file name consensus. See post above.
  5. Yeah, the skins in BOx are going to be problematic. There are several threads going on in the forum with Larner / SharpeXb and others. There will probably have to be some of us as interested parties to monitor and put together skin packs. Perhaps the Devs could give us Moderator permission. I'm vacillating on whether to volunteer my services. It would have to be spread among several people. As far as the discrepancies in the file naming, I had noticed when I installed SCGs skins that they were prefixed with a number and the game gives precedence to numbers over letters so I began prefixing with #1 to put our skins at the top of the list. I have a program which makes batch re-naming files super easy and I could re-name all files to whatever we decide should be the convention. Of course, all JG1 skin files would have to be deleted and the new universal Skins installed since they wouldn't overwrite different named files. I would be happy to discuss this with any and all interested parties. I will try to be on TS tonight at the normal practice time.
  6. Halb skins, Brit's DVII (I included Brit's Alb DV also since I think I did some tweaks... can't remember). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fuarbeaf17gz3fh/AADrozgwVhuqR3xZoq52EEFMa?dl=0
  7. FC skins to date. Includes new Luft skins by Larner. Updated skins. New skins for Klai, Brit, Raz, Kleigmann, Gen, Etzel. Offer for Halb CL2 skins still stands. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8hlebtxjyftdnv7/AADZzPufRHGjnae_iKxd4_bxa?dl=0
  8. Was there for about 15 min but crickets... Will check back in a bit. Edit: Snag's in JG1 FC 2nd Edit: Snag, Maus, Raz, Baron and Pfeil attended along with several non-JG1 and a good time was had. Thanks guys!
  9. We should be doing testing on Klieg's tournament map tonight. I plan to be there by 19:00 Pacific.
  10. Vonrd

    FC Skins anyone?

    I wouldn't worry about it, it's a common wheel design (probably because it's so easy to do 😏).
  11. Vonrd

    FC Skins anyone?

    If anyone want's to try the CL2 template here's the link to the GB forum post: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53117-4k-halberstadt-cl2au-template/
  12. Vonrd

    FC Skins anyone?

    Here's just a few screenshots. I'm working on compiling the zip file for complete FC skins to date.
  13. Vonrd

    FC Skins anyone?

    Done and I think you'll like it.
  14. Vonrd

    FC Skins anyone?

    I've been working on a HalbCL.II template and it's almost finished. I will post the template in the GB forums for anyone to use... (Larner??? 😉). Do any JG1s want a Halb skin? Also, I have a bunch of other FC skins completed and will be posting very soon.
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