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    Any and all things aviation. Im an A&P mechanic with an IA. Private pilot but no medical cert. Havn't flown as PIC for about 10 years but frequently go up for test flights after maintenance.
    Got a 2000 Moto Guzzi and love riding. In a past life, I was a glassblower / glass artist / educator.

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  1. Look in the last post here: Added skins are posted as an update file... no need to d-load the full Monty
  2. Congrats to Maus, Loopy and Gen! Thank you for the beautiful Merit award! It does take away the sting of missing the Red Eagle...πŸ’”
  3. We don't need no stinking permission πŸ˜‚ Hearty congrats "Gramps"! Something great to be on your "gratitude" list for Thanksgiving.
  4. Flying Circus skins updated. Added Flying Goat's skins and Vonrd's updated Entente skins. File: Flying Circus Update Nov 24 2019 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/13yh1sro865vqmv/AAB-HIKzH97N_Jjn0dbxXEGka?dl=0
  5. I re-did my existing Entente skins and added ones that I didn't have. Got rid of the checkerboard in favor of yellow and black stripe theme... much easier to align on the different parts of the aircraft 😁
  6. I'm happy with my Saitek X55 which I've had for several years. I think the latest version is the X56. Beware though... some people have had problems with them, the build quality is not the best and support is problematic.
  7. Vonrd

    Screenshot art

    Nice! So... the SPAD is a screenshot...yes? Is that you as the pilot?
  8. Sorry about the late response. @Heinrich, I don't dispute that your file naming idea is a good one and I could re-name them if those that might have already downloaded them are willing... they would have to delete them and install the re-named ones. Perhaps going forward the European skins could have something like "Eu Yellow 4" ? Or we could go with your idea as well since the only European skins so far are Baron's... as I said about the original re-naming thread: "The unfortunate thing is this will require the deletion of ALL of the prior JG1 skins (with the exception of Baron's skins. I didn't re-name his and it's up to him if he wants to re name them to this convention). " As for the current skins... I really don't want to do any changes.
  9. Great Battles skins updated. Added Heinrich's FW190s. File: GB Updates Nov 2019 No 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ea5631clx9z2v91/data.zip?dl=0
  10. Posting them in the Skinpack thread as GB Updates Nov 2019 No 2. Heinrich, I renamed them... for example: ! JG1 Fw190A3 Smr Yellow 4 The idea is so that if you get transfered or leave (I certainly hope that will never come to pass 😏) , whoever takes your place will have their skin still named as "Yellow 4" and it will simply overwrite. So, be sure to rename them in your GB Skins folder.
  11. Definitely check this. I recently got a new monitor and accidentally plugged it into the MB and had major low FPS... obviously.
  12. What are your machine's specs?
  13. It might have still been loading when you tried. I just checked and it's there.
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