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  1. Kameraden, On the truck for delivery today. S!
  2. Kameraden, No PSU yet, that package was delivered by to a 3rd party that gets it from KY to Ontario. Let's hope this doesn't drag out... I'm bummed out šŸ˜’ S!
  3. Kameraden, My Alienware Aurora R4 875W power supply should arrive via Fedex on Wednesday, hopefully Customs does not slow it down. Sourced it from Texas with a 6 month warranty for $70. Don't feel bad at all about it, now I can build the new system over time. S!
  4. Kameraden, You must run Discord as Administrator, if not when you start IL-2 the "Push to Talk" stops working. You can do that by right clicking on the program icon, going to properties>compatibility and check the radio button, then Apply. S!
  5. Kameraden, I'll be moving to this product, retiring my original Oculus. Better performance is one reason, but the relationship between Facebook and Oculus has always been a big negative for me. I'll feel better now not having my Facebook account linked, in fact I can delete the thing now. S!
  6. Are you running the latest firmware?
  7. Kameraden, Thanksgiving Sunday, I'll be busy today. S!
  8. Bridge City Sinners Perfect 2020 band.... S!
  9. Kameraden, Some great JDF Phantom action. S!
  10. I have to remember how to reset my controls in RoF....
  11. Kameraden, TOMs Modelling, stunning concept and execution. TOMs Modelling YouTube Channel S!
  12. Kameraden, Is it better? S!
  13. Lipfert

    ROF v. FC

    Good question, I never really flew against AI. I forgot how much I loved the control mapping. S!
  14. Sorry very sorry to hear this.
  15. Lipfert

    For BernTeas

    Total satisfaction when you do manage to take off properly though !
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