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  1. Kameraden, TOMs Modelling, stunning concept and execution. TOMs Modelling YouTube Channel S!
  2. Kameraden, Is it better? S!
  3. Lipfert

    ROF v. FC

    Good question, I never really flew against AI. I forgot how much I loved the control mapping. S!
  4. Sorry very sorry to hear this.
  5. Lipfert

    For BernTeas

    Total satisfaction when you do manage to take off properly though !
  6. Lipfert

    For BernTeas

    BernTeas, After we discussed DCS and the Bf 109 K-4 last night, I jumped in and did a quick stream of "The Channel" map and getting the Kurfurst airborne. Keep an eye on the control display during the take off roll. Kurfurst Startup S!
  7. Kameraden, Not planes, but man is this guy good at CGI. S!
  8. Kameraden, I've been wanting to have proper functioning MFD's for Falcon BMS and DCS for awhile now, I had spec'd out the components and was looking to 3D print the parts and build from scratch. Recently found the Cube Sim folks and turns out the product was cheaper than the parts I was purchasing. Here's a little bit of the work I'm doing to get these going, I'm using the MonsterTech MFD mounts. I will have to do some milling to open up the vent fan and mounting cutouts on the back. It is possible that I could mount a 3rd one for the F/A-18 setup, since I have the grip as well now. Unpacking after arrival: Initial setup: Protective cover still in place: Socks: Both bad boys: Test install with keyboard shelf (super handy): More to come.... S!
  9. Klaiber, Based on the device ID I think you should be fine. You can always reorder if need be with a utility, pretty simple. My biggest USB issue is the WindowsStore app breaks TARGET combining the Thrustmaster controllers, use powershell to delete it and fixes it until it auto re-installs again. Microsoft just hates the fact that TARGET combines devices and it actually fights with the USB port. I'll be online tonight if you have any questions. S!
  10. Lee, Not yet, just working on the new release by Team Fusion. I'll circle back, as I would like to run an Air Transport career in a DC-3 or something similar. S!
  11. Sorry to hear that Goat, was a rough ride on the east coast. S!
  12. Lipfert

    Tank skins

    Gen, Thanks so much for taking the lead on the tank skins, one small request for my Pz.IV Ausf G. I'd like to go with just the white crosses, I think early on they went with white/black and then later on with just the white. I don't think they used both very often, I'm good with the white cross on the skirtzen and I like the number / cross combo on the turret skirtzen. Thanks again for this. S!
  13. Congrats Hotlead, nice seeing some good news for a change ! I've just celebrated 32 years and although it took me awhile to find the right one, I think it worked out pretty good. S!
  14. Kameraden, I've slowed my TrackIR acceleration down for Tank Crew, halved it. Can use it in Binocular View now. S!
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