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  1. Sorry to hear about this Ted, I'm sure the guys can help you pick out new gear. S!
  2. Kameraden, Nice shots above, here is my present setup. S!
  3. Yogi, I love all the early plane sets released, I have it and might need a quick brush up but will fly anytime I'm around. Work & Life are very busy for me right now for the next little while. S!
  4. Jaus, I'm happy to assist some testing I could walk you though, specifically interested in Temps while in the game and turning the fan speeds up. When I fly IL-2 I put my fans at 100% as the game tends to heat up the GPU. S!
  5. Jaus, What make of GeForce GTX 1080Ti is it? S!
  6. Jaus, Are you running the GPU fans at 100% while in game? S!
  7. Jaus, Try these settings: S!
  8. My son loves these games, spends days on them. S!
  9. Barton, Just as long as nothing you program shows up at my front door, got it? S!
  10. Vonrd, Tanks only? S!
  11. Kameraden, I bought these pedals because my rig is narrow and my Crosswinds don't fit right now. Something I need to fix, but I don't feel like tearing everything apart right now. My impression is narrow, but not bad for the price to be honest. S!
  12. Kameraden, Sorry to hear this news, keep up the posts and let us know how you're doing. S!
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