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  1. Kameraden, I'm now using Sim Shaker Wings, really easy to setup. S!
  2. Posted a Justin Bieber song did you?
  3. Kameraden, When you're just support for the woman with the voice "Hannah Reid" S!
  4. Raz, Find this, drink this: S!
  5. Kameraden, What video card are you running, getting the visibility to the best possible setting is super important. Lose sight, lose the fight. Personally, I'd start with 2D and we can look at VR after as the game is trying to sort out some issues around VR Zoom. VR looks amazing, gunnery is much better and plane identification is a bit of a nightmare right now since 3DMigoto got nerfed. You'll need to burn aircraft ident into your brain, check that link out. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29567-identificationrecognition-aircrafts-of-bosbombok/ S!
  6. Ted, I'll be out for the afternoon / evening. But when I am online would be happy to assist, can you give me a bit of a run down on the setup you're using? S!
  7. Please, Please, Please ! My Birthday is August. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Jets&make=MIKOYAN&model=MIG+17&listing_id=2382482&s-type=aircraft I like the fact the guy selling it is named Vlad and since it's built in 1960 is close to being out of early access. S!
  8. Ted, Reach out if you'd like to try a sortie or two, I'll keep Discord open and an eye out. S!
  9. Kameraden, I've always loved this band, this latest studio release is so incredible. I know Klaiber's a big fan. Here's a couple. S!
  10. Kameraden, Much better with NVIDIA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 (running fans full blast), NVIDIA Profile Inspector set to default. Thanks to Sheriff for sharing his settings. And I did this..... S!
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