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  1. *** Fixed *** Duplicate button mapping was the problem.
  2. I am very glad to hear this, welcome Obviousman to JG1RT. Now let's see if we can catch these fast guys, suggest a group get together on Sunday evenings to discuss setups and tracks. S!
  3. Luft, I'm thinking it's probably a duplicate control mapping causing the issue. Just need some quiet time to review and or recreate. The new version of il-2 Sturmovik has always had issues on my rig with mapping in game. TARGET has always had issues and I've had to use single buttons or direct HID in the game, any combination has always been problematic. S!
  4. Luft, I ordered the narrowing spacers from Milan, they are coming from Croatia and I figured the cheap pedals will get me through. I'm using direct HID mapping with the Track IR, so no conflict in game. S!
  5. Kameraden, In getting setup again for flying, long sad story as my MFG Crosswinds are wider than the Next Level Rig is wide..... So I picked up some interim pedals, that are really narrow Thrustmaster T. Flight Rudder Pedals. They setup no problem, all good. I'm four versions behind on the 3dmigoto and need to tweak, so decided to hookup my TrackIR 5 just to get online. Everything runs fine, until I get in game and when I unpause the TrackIR it locks up il2 Sturmovik. Has anyone ever had this sort of issue before, seems really odd to me. It used to work just fine. S!
  6. Kameraden, I know everyone was talking about this last night, found this today and thought it was interesting. Expert Visibility S!
  7. Kameraden, I flew Warbirds with 416 RCAF as Buzzbe, remember we paid per month for it. S!
  8. Gus, Willkommen, thank you for sharing. With any luck I'll get a few minutes over the holidays to stop working and get the flying portion of my setup finished. S!
  9. I found this video of my original Mechwarrior Online Unit "The Remnant" Put together by Celestial with us scripted to walk around and some battle footage thrown in: S!
  10. Gen, Same track in Assetto Corsa Competizione driving a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo. Assetto Corsa Competizione - Brands Hatch - Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo S!
  11. Gen, External replay of you at Brands Hatch in the Praga R1. Gen's Race in the Praga R1 at Brands Hatch S!
  12. I like them lined up like that for shooting..... 😋
  13. Snaggle, Not at all, VR is great IMHO and it feels very solid with some published settings. I'm ok with GT3 as it's my favourite Class of racing. S!
  14. Bit of a test tonight, new game for me at Brands Hatch in a Lamborghini Huracán ST S!
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