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  1. Gen, Let me know when you're on TS3, I'll drop in on my phone. PC is not setup yet. S!
  2. Kameraden, Back from San Diego, bit tired and in the office. Will update everyone when I get a moment. S!
  3. Firefly, Thank you very much, this is great stuff. S!
  4. Kameraden, I moved everything out of the basement, carpet removed and underpad pulled up. Next I pull everything out of my office, prepare to start installing this: Most of this work is happening on the weekends and I'm travelling on business for two weeks mid June. S!
  5. Kameraden, The purchasing part of the basement project started today. And all 132 lbs of this: S!
  6. We are getting a good core group of racers, the Aussie Supercars with the tracks are all free mods and the racing is really good. Hope to see you online !
  7. Same FM at the MiG-15, the thing is annoying as hell in BoX.
  8. Kameraden, Round One - Melbourne at Albert Park is in the books, results here The racing is real, the battle for the 3rd podium spot between Snaggle (Jacobson) and Lipfert (Carey). This was very intense racing, full on stuff. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/421494979 S!
  9. Kameraden, Famed Grand Prix Legends track builder, Sergio Loro has released Eifel Sudstrecke which is the Southside of Nurburgring in 1960. Enjoy ! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/419329134 and https://www.twitch.tv/videos/419324790 S!
  10. Kameraden, Helicopter view from my perspective of the full 20 lap race. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/418396665 S!
  11. Kameraden, A bit of contact in this one, sorry Ludwig. I was not on the power yet and thought the spacing was good, guessed wrong. In car view, from both drivers perspective: Slow motion from my car chasing: S!
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