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  1. Bit of a test tonight, new game for me at Brands Hatch in a Lamborghini Huracán ST S!
  2. LOL, Yes, get ready for a stiff neck. S!
  3. Kliegmann, Congrats, I'm amazed you actually were at the meeting !
  4. Glad you and your family are safe Vik.
  5. Labroisse, Correct, just working on driving stuff right now. S!
  6. Kameraden, We actually have a 1PzK setup in WarThunder, just haven't been into it much. The WWII tanks are Quake fun. S!
  7. Ferd, Here is the video with the settings: I worked through getting NVIDIA HD Audio working myself, didn't make a lot of sense as my computer really wanted it configured as a Communications device. If you want, we can get online and I can walk you through what I did. S!
  8. Kameraden, Sorry, it's been Year End and I've literally had no spare time to practice for these last couple of races. I did try one session, but was very much in the way and caused a wreck on the first lap. Sorry, hope things settle down by end of month. Honestly, it's been no fun busy. S!
  9. Kameraden, I've been offline since getting the Butt Kicker Gamer 2, it's been a bit of a process getting it working properly. Finally last night I had a breakthrough after watching a YouTube Video by 2Old4Forsa where he details using Sim Hub and his settings. The biggest single issue, was configuring a second Sound Source NVIDIA HD Audio through my Display Port Cable to my BenQ Monitor. I tried using the supplied splitter supplied with the Butt Kicker Gamer 2, but I was getting feedback in my headset which was awful. Now my headset is on the Sound Card in the computer and the Shaker is on the NVIDIA HD Audio, fine tuning in progress but it's already a big improvement. S!
  10. Kameraden, Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter was $70 off this weekend, so I bought it. Pretty close now, just need a free weekend to complete the flight gear build. S!
  11. Kameraden, Love this band, Filter. For my Canadian brothers, farm lads vs hockey players..... S!
  12. Kameraden, Let's rock ! S!
  13. Kameraden, Started getting the flight gear setup planned. S!
  14. I don't see a skin for Obvious?
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