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  1. Ah, the Widowmaker! Love that aircraft.
  2. Thanks all! I'm still balancing the teams at the moment. So far (as of this post) we have 49 pilots registered. I will contact everyone with their team assignments within the next week. FIF starts on Saturday, 10 October 2020 at 6PM UTC (2PM EDT). No forum permissions on the JG1 boards will change! All team discussions must happen on FIF's Discord: https://discord.gg/GRErqzP
  3. Moved over to the TNS section. Unfortunately, your PNG appears broken to me.
  4. I've posted the TNS discord on the IL-2 boards.
  5. Hi All, Here is a link to the information Butzzell posted regarding Tank 'N' Spank on the IL-2 Boards: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/65282-tank-n-spank/
  6. All are welcome: https://discord.gg/FcpURGU
  7. Hi All, I've created an FIF discord server: https://discord.gg/GRErqzP It's designed to be a quick and easy way to get the teams communicating, without the need to login to the JG1 forums all the time. It's also a great voice-to-voice supplement. Feel free to join!
  8. Me too. I've watched it about 100 times. And have now resorted to watching other people react to it. I know. I'm sick.
  9. Welcome, Plank! Looking forward to flying with you.
  10. Your In-Game Name: JG1_Klaiber Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) Your timezone: EDT
  11. @Ace_Ivo, your registration has moved here:
  12. @Plank, your registration has been moved here.
  13. Welcome to the Flanders In Flames Online War! FIF is moving back to Rise of Flight. As a result, our two teams (Blue and Red) will need to be recreated from scratch. All new and returning pilots will need to register for the FIF2020 Fall Campaign! This includes pilots from the host squadron, JG1. No one will be grandfathered in. . . . Please post the following information: Your In-Game Name: [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible): Your timezone: Your post within this thread is very important! It gives us a headcount for the event, as well as a clear idea as to who to give access to. After posting within this thread, please be patient. I will not post a complete list of who has been assigned to what team until we are closer to the 10 October 2020 start date. Also note that the Blue Team and the Red Team are not affiliated with either in-game side. Rather, the Blue Team and the Red Team will often switch between Central and Entente, allowing everyone to fly all aircraft.
  14. FIF 2020 "Fall Campaign" Objectives: FIF 2020 has 12 objectives per team per mission night. The purpose of these additional objectives is to add some variety to the tournament, as well as new challenges for experienced pilots. It will be difficult for the teams to accomplish all 12 objectives within one session. Part of a team's strategy will be in prioritizing what objectives should be attempted within the two hour mission window available. For further clarification on how to complete certain objectives listed below, please post within the FIF Rules Questions forum: https://forum.jg1.org/forum/45-fif-rules-questions/ Or, contact @Butzzell or @Klaiber. . . . Primary Central Objectives: HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Espionage (Espion) [spy pick-up] Destroy Entente Factory Destroy Entente Bridge [destroy gun on bridge] Destroy Entente Aerodrome [destroy gun in oil drums] Artillery Spotting Destroy moving Entente ship [target of opportunity] Reserve Unit Secondary Central Objectives: HQ Recon Secondary Objective Front Line Unit [Artillery Spotting Secondary Objective] Espionage Target [destroy hidden target found during Espionage mission] Destroy Entente HQ vehicles [HQ Recon Secondary Objective] . . . Primary Entente Objectives: HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Reconnaissance of front lines (Trench Map) Destroy Central Factory Destroy Central Bridge [destroy gun on bridge] Capture the General Destroy Central Aerodrome [destroy gun in oil drums] Artillery Spotting Reserve Unit Secondary Entente Objectives: HQ Recon Secondary Objective Front Line Unit [Artillery Spotting Secondary Objective] Trench Attack [Trench Map Secondary Objective] Destroy Central HQ vehicles [HQ Recon Secondary Objective] . . .
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