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  1. Added US103_Larner's Albatros skins.
  2. Klaiber

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    Can't wait to use these.
  3. Klaiber

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    This is great Larner, thanks so much!
  4. FIF 2019 "Spring Campaign" - B3 Results (Saturday, 22 June 2019): Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 9 Destroyed Central Factory Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed Destroyed Central Bridge Destroyed Central Aerodrome Central Moving Train Destroyed Wreath Drop Completed Front Line Unit Destroyed Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 16 Espionage Completed Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed Destroyed Entente Aerodrome Entente Moving Ship Destroyed Destroyed Entente Factory Destroyed Entente Bridge Central Prisoner Rescued Destroyed Entente HQ Strategic Recon Completed Espion Target Destroyed Reserve Unit Destroyed Front Line Unit Destroyed Off-Road Entente convoy Destroyed Wreath Drop Completed HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (to date): Blue Team = 13 + 14 + 9 = 36 Red Team = 13 + 11 + 16 = 40 . . . Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/8929/ . . . Server Screenshots: [no Central Page 1 screenshot taken]
  5. Hi Catfish, Sorry that I'm only seeing this now. You're now registered on the Red Team. The Red Team uses JG1's TeamSpeak. When you login to the forums again, you should see the Red Team Discussions area of the boards. The pinned post at the top of those private forums has JG1's TS info. Let me know if you have any trouble locating it. The tournament calendar is here: And when the tournament is running, we meet on Saturdays at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC. On mission day, my advice would be come a few minutes early. The server password is always passed out through TeamSpeak. And you'll need to collect your mission orders for the team commanders. Looking forward to flying with you soon!
  6. Here's my addition: An interview with Lt Colonel Jyrki Laukkanen, a retired Finish Air Force pilot, who flew the MiG-21bis. Lt. Colonel Laukkanen is also an author of a number of books, the most readily available in English being Finnish Air Force 100 Years.
  7. Great opportunity for people to pick up the aircraft they've had their eyes on.
  8. I've never really listened to Sabaton before. That was really good. Very catchy.
  9. S! All, The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session B2 of Flanders In Flames 2019 "Spring Campaign" (flown on 15 June 2019). Congratulations! . . . German Army Report Lt. Wilhelm (Wiley) Luftritter, Jasta 10 (session #B2, 15 June 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [great streak - 9 air victories, and 4 ground victories, over 8 sorties.]
  10. You just need enough Legos. And maybe a small motor.
  11. That's the great thing about Legos... you don't need a kit or an instruction manual. You just create. When's your wind tunnel test?
  12. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. Thanks BvM! Everyone told me how much fun it was to run interference for your flight. We honestly should do this more often! If you're interested, here is @Britchot's stream of the event: Watch [DCS] Red Alert in the MiG-21bis. Live network test. from Britchot on www.twitch.tv We're hoping to get some more dedicated dead-is-dead missions going in the future. Would you and others be interested? I'm in the process of contacting Alpenwolf and the 104th. I'll keep you posted.
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