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  1. No joy. same results. firewall is off , virus is off
  2. I created an externalmedia folder within the swf folder. Restarted my computer. Tried to enter the fif winter 2020 practice 2 server. the "loading please wait " screen appears. after a few seconds pass, I am kicked back to the Coop / Dogfight page. I check my computer for the externalmedia folder. This folder has one line item "church bells". I restarted my computer again and then the FC game and then tried to reenter the FIF server. The same result, kicked to coop/dogfight page. Another J30 member tried this method as well with the same exact results. Both of us use Win7 x64.
  3. I just had one of my pilots who uses Win 10 Pro try and enter the server. He was unable to do so..... 10016 error. I agree with Luft, this may cause a problem for players and as a result participation.
  4. I use win 7 x64. Is this file structure just a Win 7 problem ? Or does it happen with Win 10 also ?
  5. Tried to enter practice server at 2:45 pm cst today 1/16/20. Received error message #10016 : can not save file to disk I was able to enter the J5 server. Then tried fif practice server again with same result. which returned me to the hanger and a message window error.
  6. Gen: I am not clear on what you need. But I have many RB / RB 2 / RB3 disks of all types. Lets talk on TS and I will send you what I have , if you need it. Rein
  7. the practice server is not working for me today. ( 10-24-18 at 12;30 cst ) the previous "odd" map worked but the current "even" map doesn't seem to want to load. it starts to load but then kicks me back to the main page
  8. Hawkeye The tourney of which you speak of in RB3d was called Flying Coffins. It played two times as a 6 & 8 week tourney's. Plus during the week it played as a two hour nightly open server game, which was quite successfule. It was as you say a new and fun game format that brought out the best of pilots tword each other. The tourneys only ended because the game server was no longer available to me. And RB was on its very last leg. J30 enyoyed creating and hosting this tournament and all the positive comments made it well worth the effort. S! J30<>Reinamann
  9. Yes it did...thanks. Couple more question: What is considerd 10 km ? One complete sector or half a sector or two complete sectors ? Also, will the trucks convoy or tanks units or traveling barge move out and beyonf the assigned area ? For example the screen says the unit in question is in sector 9.9. Will the unites travel or move to another sector ? say sector 10.3 or sector 9.1 ? or all the way to the front mud ?
  10. These are not rules type questions but more of a information type of questions. #1. I saw this item listed in the logs as being damaged, What type of target is a 'portblock_040' ? #2. What types of units are considered "Front line unit" ? What would I be looking for ? a trench, guns, tents, car, truck, building ? #3. What types of units are considered "Reserve Unit" ? What would I be looking for ? a trench, guns, tents, car, truck, building ?
  11. Hello Klaiber It is my understanding that both Fritzsche and Kaiser have registered with the forum, as requested. I also have another pilot who wished to participate in FIF XXI, his name is Gunter Umph. Please add him to the list. I have already asked him to register and expect him to do so before next Wednesday. Thanks Reinamann
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