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  1. 3 fighters, 2 dive bomber and 1 Torpedo bomber squadrons are assigned to each carrier! I have currently two US carriers in the campaign, and i fly always a dive bomber! Squad density = full Flights/Squads = 2 And i currently start a campaign only over the "Run" and "Generate Campaign" option! Have no extra DGen files!
  2. Hi Paul! First nice to see that you are still in service with your DCG! Hats off! One thing is the player air start in 3.49, the other thing is that ALL carrier based Fighter Escorts started delayed up to 7 minutes (or later) after the bomber! So the Bomber are without any Fighter cover at the beginning! The player group, because of the air start, at least are half the way to the target without cover! Happened always when i create the first missions with DCG 3.49 and a selfmade carrier campaign in modded 4.12! Thanks for your time!
  3. Have flown another subcampaign with a combo of srd and prd routes! IJN carriers have spawned again although they were previously sunk in both route types (with Ships remain sunk off)! When the option is active, all remain sunk! Currently not tested with US side or other ship types (CVE,BB,CA,CL)! Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi, Have flown one of my older DBW 1.71 campaign where two IJN carriers were sunk in a srd route! But next mission both carriers were spawned again! Happened in DCG 3.48, Ships remain sunk option was off! Shipnames file, have marked the sunk carrier types: (Maybe there are too many entries?! Its a bigger campaign!) [USSEssexCV9] CV Carrier_USS_Essex [USSHornetCV12_1944] CV Carrier_USS_Hornet [USSWaspCV18_1944] CV Carrier_USS_Wasp [USSHancockCV19_1944] CV Carrier_USS_Essex [USSIntrepidCV11] CV Carrier_USS_Enterprise [USSIntrepidCV11_1944] CV Carrier_USS_Intrepid [USSYorkto
  5. Hi Moezilla, Thanks for the explanation, but this works also with the "off" setting! Had "TCapture" and "RoadBlock" commands in my "Overlord" and "Solomoms" campaign and it worked without problems!
  6. Sorry its me, just saw it . . . I think you should rework your ship routes that every route works as a circle! Example: From home harbor to beachhead: [Dieppe_Red1_Harbor to Channel_Red1_Sea] [Channel_Red1_Sea to Ramsgate_Harbor] And now the Tramps moves back home after they have unloaded their troops: [Ramsgate_Harbor to Channel_Red2_Sea] [Channel_Red2_Sea to Dieppe_Red1_Harbor] Remember, red forces moves always against the waypoint numbers, so they cant move the same route back home! Also I have never set Timetable to
  7. Set the loaded tramps via timetable in the penultimate ship route before they reached the beachhead harbor! Then they should be later all unloaded!
  8. Hi, Set the "Transite Altitude" to "1000" and see how it works!
  9. 92 pages! Yes, has also surprised me . . . At SAS or freeil2modding in the campaign sections but i must admit its currently not a good time for DCG campaigns with DBW! All campaigns i have made are only tested with DCG 3.47, so if you want to play with DCG 3.48 play better the stock campaigns and use the modified DCG files (class.dcg, payloads.dcg and allpayloads.dcg from my Carrier Operations campaign)! If you need help PM me!
  10. Hi, We have many great maps in DBW 4.10 but not many DCG campaigns for it (at least not for public)! This is the main reason why i always make a map and shortly thereafter a campaign for it . . . I can only recommend learn to build DCG campaigns: http://forum.jg1.org/topic/3793-dcg-download-site/?p=20855 Take the class.dcg, payloads.dcg and allpayloads.dcg from my Carrier Operations v1.3: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,26232.0.html and start with your campaign! Happy campaign building! Edit: If you need any help please PM me!
  11. Ja, that was it! It looks like there are many others i have to add from the timetable also to the shipnames.dcg . . . Thanks Paul! @x man No, but its not the problem! The ships class is hardcoded but not the shipnames, they are free given! Trying to say I must add all my free given shipnames with the related class from the timetable also to the shipnames.dcg, no matter which file i currently use! And I still use 4.10 DBW, maybe some classes have changed till then . . .
  12. Paul, i have sent you a mail with the first .mis file, dcgerror file and all entries from the timetable of the coral sea subcampaign for the usn!
  13. It seems when i try to include for both sides carriers via timetable into a .srd route with there squads, DCG ignore it! All carriers are in the right place but not the squads! But sometimes it works, mostly when only one carrier is in that misson or the squad has the same hardcoded ID as the carrier like VB6 to Carrier Enterprise! Also sometimes one carrier is available in the "airfield/carrier" selection of the Squad editor panel when the squad starts from an airfield (off map or regular) after the first mission is created! If carriers are in the .mis file and DCG place them without timeta
  14. Yes, have the same problem . . . After some testing with final 3.48 no aircraft of both sides (player or Ai squads) start at the beginning of the first mission on a carrier! Although all carriers are in the right place (.prd or .srd) in the .mis file of the first created mission, they not appear in the Squad editor panel of DCG under "airfield/carriers" as a selection! Also the timetable "movesquad" command has no effect at least in my campaign (DBW modded 4.10m)! I must admit i use 3.48 final the first time (still have 3.47, I mail you a link to the .exe for comparison)! Short questio
  15. This behavior appears sometimes also in DBW (modded 4.10m)! If you make a short mission with 4 planes in FMB which take off and the first waypoint (after take off point) lay straight ahead of the runway direction, nothing happends! But if the first waypoint lay abeam (tested 90 degree) of the runway direction almost always the second plane shows this behavior! So i personally thing it has only indirectly to do with DCG more with the AI! Would be interesting to know if this happened also in unmodded versions . . .
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