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  1. g'day there Paul mate, sorry it's been soooo long since last post and your reply, thanks for that by the way, hope you are well during these trying times, had a few more operations after I had my right arm amputated and still in a shit load of pain but cannabis helps immensely as I cannot stomach , nor do i want to take prescription opioids, they do more damage than help so I just stopped what they were trying to keep me on, give me chillums, cookies, hemp tea and bongs any day ! looking forward to getting back into your wonderful DCG again. Sticking with BAT as it's the best so far too, I only update vanilla main game now when ever TD patches come out just to keep a copy relevant, who know what's around the corner eh ? ps, made a prosthetic attachment so I can still bat playing cricket, works good but throwing left handed is like a 6 yr old now, next is I am making one for gettng out on the longboard again, that will be interesting as it needs to float and not drag me down lol, I tried surfing with just the stump but paddled in circles with the left hand and getting up was a challenge short one arm, swimming in any decent surf is very hard too one armed don't get very far and rips are bad news foe . ah well , it makes life interesting and ya gotta keep trying and laughing at the world. all the bast to you and all there. Sharkzz
  2. As a newly disabled gamer/sim pilot & WOT commander, I was put onto JTKey by a helpful WOT admin, I used to be right handed till I lost my right arm in may 2018 after some very nasty times , with it all starting with losing my fingers, then the hand, a vascular bypass which worked for a week then, after too much pain, asked them to cut the dying thing off. So I am amputated just below the right elbow. SUX !, but it is what it is eh ?, I do have "spirit fingers' and can still feel and move them, flying isn't too bad, except for when I need to operate flaps and gear, and getting used to left hand is a trial as well, in WOT, i now "strap" my stump to my Jstick which frees up my left hand for aiming and shooting, setting the stick to the keys I needed was easy, and i can now , of sorts, get back into brawling in my tanks instead of being stuck in arty.still some tweaking needed, but a great little program and very versatile, my next go is to get some flight pedals and alias them. nice to see JTK mentioned ! cheers Sharkzz
  3. Hey there mate, cool thanks for that info, in my simple thought processes, I didn't even think of the way DCG was put together, my apologises, much more complicated than I realised. But if never ever ask, you never ever know .lol.& I am now just a tit bit more knowledgeable ,thanks again, love your work, cheers. Sharkzz
  4. G'day there mate, Just a thought, i had been reading about having to add ships and maps info to DCG, would it be possible in the next build (i hope), to have DCG access the the game being used's Ships ini and all ini for maps ? , just like in the set up, we have to "guide" DCG to where our game folder is , could there also be a drop down for us to point DCG to the game owner's maps all. in as well as the ship.ini ? or chief ini ?, then DCG could read from that direct, so those with the different maps, ships and aircraft wouldn't have to go and put them in manually. I thought it would be an easier option to have this done in the set up stage of DCG, this would also make it a bit more universal, as well as keeping the info needed in the DCG programmed files smaller, as DCG would ONLY need to use the owners own ini/property files. and it then wouldn't matter about having to please everyone with everything available at present. point DCG to the different ini and property files it needs to run campaigns, as many folks have different game set ups ie. ships, maps, planes, objects, etc. then DCG could use each individual owner's game "stuff". hope this makes sense. As I thought it would be easy to implement it, well reasonably, and also keeps DCG small too, as it would "read what it needed" from the owner's own game files.. this may also fix any patches updates Team D give out community. just like in karate and judo, use the opponents weight against them ... use the game files itself so DCG can use them for itself. if you get my drift. regards Sharkzz
  5. G'day there, with the new patch ie: 4.14.1m has fixed a few things that folks were having probs with when the new TD release came out, on reading the docs that came with the new patch, there was mention of your DCG, has this been able to now accept DCG ? I haven't tried yet, as I didn't want to stuff up my copy, () though i have a few patched up vanilla clean copies i keep close by(), there is a folder in the main game folder which has console exe's in it. but i am very unsure what to do with them any ideas would be wanderful ! thanks regrds Sharkzz ps I thought i ought to attach a screen shot of the folder/s i was talking aboot (i can also speak canadian lol)
  6. ~S~ To ALL. and G'day. BIG BIG thanks Lowey mate for all the brain numbing hard work you and others do and have been doing. Looking forward to using DCG again (I think lol).. two little question if I may please. Having just returned to HSFX (well combat flight simming anyways). it looks like DCG goes well with HSFX, (DCG work's in expert mode too ?) Can, command and control work with DCG ? or is it too many contradictings and vyings for control of misson/game programming ?. I know your views on modded game so I won't ask about will DCG work with the VPMod pack from SAS.(?) I don't want to fck anything up as I have JUST done some complete installs and patching of IL2 on our new PC.. as we all know, ain't THAT a lot of fun ! so I have some different version ie; stock 4.12m2blah blah and 4.13 blah blah and HSFX 7.03 latest.. (though this may be an end to HSFX as 242 site has closed shop). & though there is a French site still doing stuff with HSFX. thanks again ~S~ Sharkzz
  7. G'day all... Awsome work Lo bro. regarding the above.. could have there been a "friction" setting done on the base. if the friction is low , like 1.1 etc.. it would make the area within the base hard and smooth. make the base diameter smaller maybe ? just a thought and hope it helps. ~S~ Sharkzz
  8. Forums not working properly : ( wanted to post about SAS DBW and DCG
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