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  1. Ferd! Good to see you! I was just telling Klai I had done a lot of flying with you guys since the Red Baron days. Just trying to learn how to program my Cougar again. I know it's simple but have to learn it all over again.
  2. Klai let me look and see what I have. I have the entire website but not everyone's pilot logs.
  3. Witt! I'm doing great! I can't believe it's been so many years ago we were flying RB and then RB3D! Couple more years and I'll have LOTS and LOTS of time to fly!
  4. Klaiber! S!~ I got an email from the IL2 dudes with the new FC info. I dabbled with ROF for a bit awhile ago but had a crappy computer so gave it up. Have a screaming Alienware laptop now so thought I'd try it again when I heard about FC. I actually coined the term "Flanders in Flames" and co-wrote the first rule set. I'm really happy to see it still going on, it's been close to 20 years! I joined JG1 in August 1998 and assumed command of Jasta 4 in April 1999. I think it was Jan 2000 when I assumed command of JG1. I was looking for a good pic of my old D7 and the one with Ri
  5. Greetings Gents! I heard my long lost beloved D-7 was left in the hanger here. Has anyone seen it?
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