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  1. On 2/26/2021 at 4:56 PM, Hess said:

    S! Guys!
    Attack to the strategic warehouse at Tarutino city, south west Moscow. The attack was carried on by 4. Stafell and 5. Stafell of II. Grupe (JG1 Oesau):
    Oblt. Heinrich (Bf 110 E2)
    Lt. Greif (Bf 109 F4)
    Obfw. Loopy (Grounded due mechanical issue).
    Stabsfw. Hess (Bf 110 E2).
    Target destroyed: 22 (Builds, vehicles and ammo depot).
    No losses. Wing of Liberty Server: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/mission/21014/



    @Hess, thanks for recording our sortie and posting the video on YT, very enjoyable to watch it back!


    @Hess and @Heinrich, FYI, the boxes that I strafed in my last attack and that apparently was the last item of the depot were the boxes on the left of Hess's REVI sight ar 21:50, which I shot coming from the East. At 24:43 the technochat mentions that I destroyed the hangar so either the boxes were part of the hangar object or the my rounds that hit the hangar behind the boxes were the straw that broke the hangar's back. It does look like (cannon) rounds do damage structures and can even finish them.

  2. It was a great evening, flying with @loopy, @=GenMarkof007= and @Etzel, very nice team work (thanks guys) and also amazing visuals: in the bombing mission we took off before sunrise in the dark and the sun came up on our way to the depot as you can see on Etzel's screenshots. Also, we had great results and even better: everybody did well, without losing anyone!

    19 hours ago, Etzel said:

    Highlight was the last sortie where Loopy and Gen where RTB with empty guns while my Tempest was damaged by the backseat gunner of a 110 and suddenly a 109 appeared on my 6... I managed to evade his bullets while Greif in some heroic action (as beeing out of ammo too as he just recogniced in that situation!) scared that guy by chasing his 6 very closely. Finally this 109 couldn't keep my turn and suddenly found himself in the devense position against 2 Tempests so he ran away while Greif and me were able to make it back home...

    This was the best. After hearing Etzel on coms about his predicament (out of bullets, 109 on his six) I went asap looking for him. As I approached Etzel with the 109 (K4) on his tail, I sprayed some bullets mainly to get the 109's attention, making him realise that his prey had a buddy that was now on his tail... only to run out with that very last burst! Even though the 109 persisted in his attack on Etzel, I figured that the best I could do is to concentrate on taking a menacing position, which wasn't too hard with the 2 to 1 situation in our advantage. I (like to) imagine that the 109 must have been intimidated with that Tempest on his tail, clearly in a good shooting position, (somewhat) leisurely following his manoeuvres without shooting, like a cat playing with his food :D. In any case, in sofar as he considered the possibility that his pursuer just ran out of bullets, he clearly didn't feel like gambling as he broke off to the West to my(our) relief. Followed him a bit for good measure to let him know he messed with the wrong Tempests with 0 bullets, after which we could return safely to our airfield and keep the evening with no losses on our side.

    Thanks again @Etzel for taking the time to making the screenshots (look good) and share the visuals and the narrative of our adventures on the forum, great fun to see!

  3. 2 hours ago, Snaggle said:

    @Greif It is in both.


    it is in both.


    Also the software that comes with the V3 motion compensates for that and actually has a VR compensator.

    So it is as if you’re flying when the chair moves even when your head moves the software knows that you’re in VR so it doesn’t provide any extra inputs to the VR to make it seem strange it’s as if you are actually in the environment moving Vr

    Amazing. I would wish I were able to give it a go to experience what it feels like. Thanks for quenching my curiosity with your explanations 👍

    You wouldn't happen to visit the Netherlands while taking your equipment with you anytime soon, would you? 😄

  4. 1 hour ago, Snaggle said:

    @Greif I have the Next Level seat mover MOTION PLATFORM V3 and have had it for over 2 years.

    In the virtual environment, I have the exact same feeling as you get actually flying, minus the 4 g pull outs. It however does impart the feeling to your inner ear as if you are actually pulling out of a dive in this example.

    Bottom line the closest thing I have ever felt to actually flying when not actually leaving the ground, or in a multi million dollar Navy simulator. 😁

    Impressive, and is that with DCS, IL2 or both?

    Also: is that in VR? One added complexity in VR seems to me that VR headsets use the environment as reference to determine how the user moves his head. When the seat moves IRL, the VR headset moves in relation to its environment, which communicates to the VR headset that the user moves his head while in game the pilot's head relative to the cockpit does not.

  5. These certainly look amazing and I admire they are able to make a 6 DOF motion simulator for these price points, really impressive.


    I do wonder how good the experience is and I always wonder if these try to simulate the forces tour virtual pilot experience or (merely) the relative position of the pilot in game. As an illustration: making a (tight) turn to the right in an aircraft would correspond to position change of the pilot's seat rolling to the right. In real life, an immobile chair rolling to the right corresponds to feeling the force of gravity rolling to the right, i.e. inclining seat position from _ to \ feels like my weight pressing straight on the seat shifting to my weight pressing on the right side of my seat. I think however that a tight turn to the right in the seat of a moving aircraft would (could) correspond to feeling your weight on the seat shifting to the left because of the (perceived) centrifugal force to the left when turning to the right, which would mean the seat IRL would actually have to roll to the left when the aircraft in game turns right in order to make the virtual pilot experience a shift of the forces to the left.

  6. 5 hours ago, Ludwig said:

    It really smelled like a pine tree which is I guess part of the problem.

    But, that's the best part! (besides the visuals maybe)

    5 hours ago, Ludwig said:

    Fortunately she knows that all I really want for Christmas (or birthday or any holiday) is a model airplane so she goes crazy and covers the spread.

    That is incredibly sweet :)

  7. 9 hours ago, Snaggle said:

    To all my friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Joyeux-Noel One of two Christmas Movies that are a must watch in my house the other is It's A Wonderful Life!

    German Lieutenant Horstmayer (Daniel Brühl, L) and French Lieutenant Audebert find a good deal to bond over despite their fighting on opposite sides during World War I, in “Joyeux Noël.” (Sony Pictures Classics)




    Given that my wife and I are just the two of us, we decided to give Joyeux Noël a go after Christmas dinner. What a great movie, very touching without getting (too) cheap. @Snaggle, thanks for the tip! 👍

    Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄

  8. 16 hours ago, Lipfert said:


    Let's see if this works, we have a small tree this year as the supply wasn't great. Hoping Christmas of 2020 puts this mess behind us.

    The tree:


    Christmas Story Lamp & Christmas Pickle:



    Your Christmas tree looks amazing, nice form and great decorations. Also my compliments on the pickle, I can't help but experiencing a strange form of pickle envie...

    Here's our tree:


  9. @Snaggle Good to hear that those horrible blocky crashes are a thing in the past for you and that you will now be able to crash in high resolution 😄

    Seriously, your positive impressions seem consistent with what I have seen online so far: I don't recall seeing anyone who was unimpressed.

    I have a request, though: would you mind doing some IL2 test runs, preferably on some busy servers (i.e. having many concurrent planes)? I would be very curious to know how your CPU + GPU handle the G2, what FPS you typically see as well as what your lowest observed FPS is. Also, about your configuration: do you know what your memory speed is?

  10. On 10/29/2020 at 3:18 PM, SCG_Neun said:

    Another mission set for this coming Sunday if anyone is interested.

    I already mentioned this in the debriefing in TS yesterday, but I had a great evening flying with the SCG and JG1 pilots. Because I would consider myself a beginner (WW2) pilot, the PvE missions are much more enjoyable for me as I actually have the time to experiment and learn flying the aircraft. When we fly PvP, I simply get eliminated before being able to try to improve and I make no progress at all. I hope that leaves enough of a challenge for the other more seasoned pilots when we fly PvE.

  11. FYI, I had such a blast yesterday.

    I love the joint missions; it is incredible to see the ground troups advance and do their thing from the air. Even better when there is actually some useful complementary action between the air and the ground troups. Also, it was great flying with the SCG pilots who were most courteous and hospitable. We had some great moments yesterday and I'm looking forward to repeating the experience when there will be another occasion to do so (soon?).

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