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  1. Ah my bad. Time will tell but it feels like we’re in for an exciting time with REDFOR modules in the next couple years.
  2. On the subject of Su-17/22, I came across this in the Razbam discord server. It’s from Leathernecks Christmas newsletter or something but it teases something rather cool. Now to me this looks 100% like a Fitter. It doesn’t match the MiG-21. Note the flat nose, humpback behind the cockpit, elongated tail and in particular the vertical slats along the edge of the wing root. Unsure if any of you have seen this but it’s new to me.
  3. Ok, I might have overestimated the impact of it on further reading. I still think its pretty unecessary, and I stand by the point I've never witnessed or known anyone complain about cheating in DCS in over a decade of play. It will hamper some mod programs that wish to create new weapons to go with them for offline play. I was quite interested in the F-35 mod, looks like a bit of harmless fun alongside the F-22.
  4. I did see that site, looks like good kit. Was a little worried about the lack of https from a Chinese site however. I think my next purchase will be a Buddy Fox UFC panel, looks like a terrific piece of kit for a reasonble price point. I just need to find a way of resting it at a slight angle on my desk below my monitor. You can get mounts for it and a flat stand, but it would be preferable to have a slight angle on it as to make it easier to use from a normal seated position. Not an issue in the real A-10, as the UFC is up at the top of the front dash.
  5. As title explains, ED have decided to encrypt and hide almost all the .LUA files, so modding is essentially dead. Why you ask? Because of "cheating"... I'm not sure what this "popular demand" is all about, smells like BS to me to be quite frank. In the fifteen plus years playing DCS/LOMAC I've never come across anyone cheating online, nor have I spoken to anyone who's ever complained about it. With things as they are now, the A-4 Skyhawk community mod would be impossible, and it's hard to know how this will effect it going forward. Really idiotic and tone deaf move from ED here, inc
  6. Oh I agree on RAZBAM and their reliability, it's why I'm still very skeptical on the F-15E. The Harrier however has come a long way and I really enjoy flying it now, next to the F-16C it's one of my favourites as its so unique to fly compared to other modules.
  7. Saw these today on Discord, the exterior model is looking really nice: I really can not wait for the early access on this module, it's been a long time indeed since we got a full fidelity REDFOR jet. It just needs an F-4C to fight against :).
  8. What kind of scenario did you have in mind? The Golan Heights has some really cool terrain and defensive positions to have a large scale ground force conflict. Would be heaven for CAS/ground strike.
  9. Seemingly the 2.7 update massively increased performance on Syria for a lot of people, I was watching Spudknocker on YouTube and he said it performed much better since the update with vastly reduced stutters.
  10. I bought Syria last night, spent forever downloading it so didn't really get to play it until today. Holy hell... WOW! After flying on the Caucasus for so many years this is a real step up in fidelity. Frame rates seem to be alright too all things considered, so much low down detail flying the Mi-8 over Damascus and towards the Golan Heights etc was a real treat. The Hind is going to be unreal fun on this map, same goes for any low level work. I hope somebody does a full IAF paid campaign with voice overs etc, so many historical events you could cover with the IAF's F-16 fleet.
  11. Seconded, I've always been a mud mover at heart. Plinking MiG's from 25 miles with AMRAAM's gets boring after a while, wild weasel runs NEVER get boring lol.
  12. Su-22 would be rather cool :). Would be a great attacker aircraft!
  13. Again... not helping . Maybe next month...
  14. Oh man don't show me that lmao, I'll want them! EDIT: This is the A-10C UFC I was talking about. Very reasonably priced and looks the part. https://www.buddy-fox.com/
  15. I finally threw caution to the wind and splashed out on a pair of the TM Cougar MFD's, tragically however I only had one spare USB slot on my hub so I've ordered a larger one. Too many peripherals for simming!!! As a result only one is powered up but it looks really awesome. Will have to print off some inserts that better reflect the F-16C in DCS, think I'll print off one for the FCR page and one for the HSD which looks quite a bit different. I fear this is but the beginning of me building my own sim pit as I've been looking at UFC panels too, there's a nice one for the A-10C which
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