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  1. Curious if any of you gents have any aviation artwork hanging on the walls? I confess I'm a sucker for stuff like this, if I bought every piece I went "ooohhhh" and "aaaaahhhh" at I'd probably need a second mortgage and a small section of the national gallery gallery to hang them in . I've got one relatively "cheap" print from the folks at Aces High in Buckinghamshire (next to RAF Halton where I used to live), they had a signing event and I managed to get lots of former RAF chaps from WWII service (BoB and onwards) to sign the print for me so it's a bit special. I imagine most, if
  2. Damn, that's rough luck. Will the place you bought it from be able to provide a replacement for you?
  3. My "Aircraft" folder just got a little bigger lol. Some gorgeous wallpapers in here! My current wallpaper: Have quite a thing for the Spitfire at the moment, been reading quite a bit of material about her as well as getting to grips with the LF Mk.IX in DCS. Some other shots from my wallpaper folder are in order however! Hope you like them :). By the way, @Firefly do you have any higher resolution shots of those pictures you listed? The E model 109 and the Spit look stunning!
  4. Vogel

    BOx Sale

    Aye, they only just recently finished a sale too! I picked up the "Achtung! Spitfire!" campaign, and the one featuring the A-20. Also got the Spitfire Mk.Vb and P-40E collector planes :). I thought about getting the 109 G-6, but given we're getting the G-6 late in Normandy I didn't think I'd bother. The value is ridiculous to be honest, the base game is like £5.50 or something bonkers.
  5. I picked up Roland Whites new book "Harrier 809", following 809 NAS's antics during the Falklands war. It's been extremely fun to read so far. The way he writes makes it flow like a fast paced story, but manages to cover a lot of historical details on events in a very factual way. A welcome break from some books which are very turgid and hard to read. His previous works including "Vulcan 607" on the Black Buck raids and Phoenix Squadron describing Ark Royal and her Buccaneer squadrons flight to Belize to disuade Guatamala from invading the isolated colony. All great books and recommended
  6. Curious if any of you are into the Paradox games like Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings etc? I'm playing a bit more HOI IV these days, curious if anyone wanted to give a go on multiplayer at some point?
  7. Nice screenshots! Sorry that Spit slipped by us, the blighter was going hell for leather on the deck so it was hard to spot him. At least I made them both pay for it afterwards xD.
  8. I do love a good screenshot thread, these are mixed bag of some of my favourites in my folder. Hope you like them . Loved the colour of the clouds against the aircraft in this one, the lighting really makes it. Keeping up relations from the RIO seat, where'd I put that Polaroid?! Hawkeye against the ocean. China Lake skin is so clean! Cabbage crates coming over the briny!
  9. I think the Shinden-Kai would be more than capable of going toe to toe with late war allied fighters. They could take the A7M2 also, despite only 8 examples being completed. It all hangs on how much documentation survives for such aircraft. Also we see people outplaying other pilots in inferior machines all the time in any sim. MiG-15’s hunting down modern jets in DCS or taking early war fighters like the Hurricane Mk.II up against the best 109’s and 190’s. I’m sure in the right hands a good pilot will be able to take A6M5’s etc and kill “better” allied aircraft, just how allied pilo
  10. Very fair points, I was only looking at win/loss ratios in general.
  11. There are several options available. They could even set it in the early Sino-Japanese war period on mainland China and the surrounding islands, the issue here though is that the aircraft that flew in that campaign (P-40's, Buffalos etc) were WOEFULLY inadequate versus the Zero. So if you were flying and allied aircraft it would be a bit of an unpleasent experience. However, something tells me there could be difficulties getting that scenario to work given how fragile the CCP are about depictions of their nations history, factual or not. In light of that, the Guadalcanal campaign would be
  12. The aforementioned one sided slaughters is why I think an early war scenario would be best for any Pacific theatre scenario. The IJN would still have an intact aviation air wing along with their CV’s. That, and the A6M2’s etc would be more on par with the main US offering of the time, the F4F Wildcat (which I adore) plus P-40’s and whatever else. It would be amazing to see the Dauntless, Avenger and Devastator also, some fun options for multi-crew.
  13. Lovely, guess what I'm buying tomorrow . Hyped that they're adding the Mosquito and Typhoon into the sim, the Tiffy is a awesome aircraft. I love the "Razorback" P-47's too, the bubble canopy models just don't look right to me by comparison.
  14. Was having a little go in the Bf-109 G-14, getting used to the torque on take off and putting in that right rudder and a bit of right brake. However I was finding it very difficult to slide my pedals how I wanted to whilst also putting downwards pressure on the toe brake to ensure I was taxiing in a straight line. I used the Saitek Pro Flight pedals for years but they broke and I heard they got really shoddy construction quality (they were already iffy) under Logitechs wing after Saitek got bought out. Wishing I'd saved up some more for some Crosswind pedals :(. Unsure if it's just m
  15. Roger that Klaiber, cheers. Ended up buying Tank Crew and the Hurricane . You think the early access for Normandy is worth it? Or should I just wait for general release?
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