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  1. I use the mouse. For DCS I believe it’s in the Settings>VR, something like head as cursor or mouse as cursor?
  2. Childhood favorite. With this, I think I'm going to get back into their catalog and binge. Thanks @Karl Spackler
  3. The “Air Quake” part is referencing the public servers that cater to air to air engagements and the population tends to pick the aircraft with the highest chance of winning (currently the Hornet). The flight winds up being takeoff, fire everything you have, probably get shot down, respawn and repeat. This is opposed to objective based servers and servers with limited virtual lives over several hours that make survival an incentive.
  4. This aircraft should thoroughly humble the Air-Quake F/A-18 crowd. I can hear the cries to nerf the Meteor and IRIS-T already.
  5. I’m just gonna put this here. Looks like TrueGrit is working with Heatblur and things couldn’t have gotten better.
  6. The G1 (I guess?) has a similar issue. I have a handful sitting on my lap in order to keep the weight off the ground. Ceiling mount is not really an option for me, as I’m nearly underneath a fan.
  7. Some clarification on the forums: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/277265-mixed-air-to-ground-weapons-loadouts/
  8. I just made the connection between this thread and my discord PMs. WWFalcon = Chris Herr = Chicken Simulations Yes, we definitely came across at VMU-1 in 2007. He got back from EP training to be transitioned to an automated system.
  9. Thanks for the bump! I missed this post when it was originally put up. I was a new father, probably quite busy with the 1 month old, at the time. @Karl Spackler and I trained both transitions from RQ-2 Pioneer to RQ-7 Shadow for VMU-1 and -2 in 2007/8. If WWFalcon was there during that period, we definitely crossed paths. Small world.
  10. I'd be all in on an OV-10, also.
  11. I definitely remember it, though it took those opening credits to jar it. I kinda want to see if I can binge that at home.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Our CO will be along shortly to send some additional information and get you introduced to our policies and set up follow-on meetings.
  13. Great quality shots! I thought the Mirage couldn’t mix ordnance load outs.
  14. Get in where I can fit in. Thanks for playing hooky with me, @Klaiber!
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