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  1. That was a fun match, gunfighters in the stratosphere!
  2. I hope this new group will make a good impression. I'm excited to see this one.
  3. I’ve been tasked to travel for an unspecified amount of time, starting this weekend. It will probably be about 2 months away. Therefore, I will miss the remainder of the races.
  4. I finally watched the video and I'm not going to lie, I teared up a bit. And laughed. To all my friends online, I'm glad we've found a way to socialize online, long before it was necessary. Stay safe, you're all loved!
  5. Just the -16? Any other plane crashing? I recommend deleting your metashaders and FXO folder and running a repair.
  6. @Labroisse What's going on? Which game(s)? Let's work on this.
  7. Yes. It is in "Early Access" so it's not released to Steam but works with Open Beta. Honestly, I'd recommend going all non-steam for DCS, it releases patches earlier because the Steam users get a more stable verson. Most of us (and tournaments online) fly Open Beta, for better or worse. Just realize you're getting all the bugs with the new candy. I finally did the tutorials for the F-16C and it's a simple plane. I understand your reference.
  8. ED does not dictate what YT picks as ads. I’ve run YT Red for years, now, so it doesn’t show to me.
  9. My thoughts, exactly. it did make me map and go through the Viper tutorials, though.
  10. Here’s an endorsement from Nvidia for the same program: https://www.gamesradar.com/amp/nvidias-calling-on-gaming-pc-owners-to-put-their-systems-to-work-fighting-covid-19/
  11. Speaking of Blue Flags, is there a way to move the pop-up visual cue from the top left? I know my CC should call it, but I do not wish to mistake a fast opponent making a positional pass and a lapping leader, if the program fails.
  12. Good morning, BernTeas. I’m pleased to hear you’ve stumbled across us, through Google. Our primary flight sims are currently IL-2 Great Battle series, IL-2 Flying Circus, and DCS World. We do have several members that came from the Red Baron days and we still have some flying Rise of Flight and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover. We meet throughout the week on a regular schedule as well as pilots meeting in their own time. Weekends tend to house tournaments that we participate in, for the various games. Our CO will be along to send you some more details, but let me be the first to welcome you.
  13. Having issues getting LadyBrit to run the mods. I can get on Interlagos with a 'Vette but not any of the 1975 cars. I did the same install as Britchot except she doesn't have the dream pack, so no Lotus to copy over. Wait... Is the Dream Pack 3 a requirement to run these mods? Yes, it is.
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