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  1. Actually, it’s less stiff than using TrackIR. Instead of only moving +/-20°, you use the whole turn. It’s a little hard to check six but leaning forward and around compensates for the lack of peripheral. Check out https://vr4dcs.com/ for a ton of tips directly for the Reverb. It’s geared for DCS but IL-2 can use the same setup. Also, I highly recommend using https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-sight-strengthened13-features/ for IL-2. Only downside is you have to stay on top of updates, totally worth it, though. I’m home in 2 weeks and can help out more directly, but those two sites are gold. If the Reverb isn’t “2nd Gen VR”, it’s 1.9, for certain.
  2. Britchot


    Welcome to the forums, Voight. I know Klaiber has been in some communications with you, recently, and will follow this one up with some more formal emails. Your interests in the DCS modules closely resembles the majority interest of our DCS squadron and I think you will find a good fit with our European members. As far as your English, I’m sure it is better than my Deutsch, but I’m always looking for refreshers.
  3. Welcome to the forum, Ataribaby. As mentioned, the States are on holiday and Klaiber and I are away from our computers. However, you should expect a welcome email in the next 12-24 hours to the address you registered here. Our European Jadgdstaffel is growing and we have some exceptionally knowledgeable MiG-21 enthusiasts in that section.
  4. I’m so glad you mentioned this, I didn’t realize it was on sale. My hangar is now complete!
  5. @Schäfer, I believe you have a skewed sense of what has actually transpired regarding your skins and the recommendations to improve them. They were implemented over two weeks ago, as is, and Klaiber explained what we’re looking for regarding the upcoming standards within the PM conversation. If you would please take a step back and look at the all the communications, you will see that we aren’t on a witch hunt, nor do we have a vendetta against anyone developing their skins.
  6. The last module I bought from IL-2 was over a year ago. To continue to support them, I found it easy to buy the new one. I expect another year before this one is complete, and I’m okay with it.
  7. This topic is for the discussion of skins and we should take recommendations as constructive advice. I have seen too many critiques turn into a perceived personal attacks. Please understand that having personalized skins in any of the sims, recognized and distributed by the squadron, is a privilege. It isn't our intent to limit personalization, but to keep to a standard. The major fault lies in the fact that the standard hasn't been made clear. This will be rectified going forward.
  8. Funny you mention this today. @Karl Spackler, just picked her up, yesterday. Also, @Klaiber, @Erhardt, @Jonne, @Razwald, and I, all have the Tomcat. There may be a few others. If you’re interested, we can add you to the Fritz Schmenkel sections, where we focus more on DCS jets.
  9. To clarify, are you talking about IL-2 or DCS World? Both of those sims have these aircraft.
  10. Those are the minimum specifications, I'm afraid that would probably be required in order to run the game at the lowest settings.
  11. @Wittmann, the Multi-function Display is a replica of the cockpit computers in most modern aircraft: https://www.amazon.com/Thrustmaster-Cougar-Flight-Control-Panels/dp/B002HH9TRY
  12. Those specifications are for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles / Flying Circus.
  13. A lot of games have utilized CPU processes over GPU processes for lower settings, for players with older GPUs.
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