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  1. Awesome, Vonrd! You sir, are a machine. Thank you, very much.
  2. Last minute decision to play Post Scriptum with Klaiber. We'll be on TS, starting now
  3. Perhaps I can make it, this year. Is there a signup, yet?
  4. These look great Vonrd! Could I also put a request in for a Halb CL2 as well as the D.VII and D.VIIF? Please use the red X theme, like the Dr.I. And thank you, very much!
  5. Getting on for some ArmA III. Mission should kick off in the next 30 minutes.
  6. Nice landing, that plane is one of the hardest to make a smooth landing, in my opinion.
  7. Gen, I think I can do Sunday, say 1800 PDT? First, I'll need to verify that I have ArmA installed, lol! However, I have time. Be advised that the link you shared is only accessible to JG1 personnel, any outside members can't see that thread.
  8. Here's a thread for anyone to announce any intention of getting online to play. Just give a little heads up here and maybe get a group together. This is in the public area as it's open for anyone to announce their intention and for others to join, in and outside of JG1.
  9. Britchot

    FC Skins anyone?

    The only other custom skins done for me was the Dr.I and my P.DIII by Vonrd, both with solid red rims. The Dr.I is in the download file but the Pfalz didn't make it, though the proof was approved in March, I think. Sorry for the quick VR hangar grab, also has 3, thin red stripes on the horizontal stab and elevator, aligned lengthwise to the fuselage. The yellow/black ones were pretty much carried over from Buttzell's original skins for me in RoF, when I was in Jasta 10. I was moved to Jasta 11 when I was appointed XO and started incorporating red into my skins, along with yellow to show that I was in both. I don't recall the other RoF skins and, since VR took over my life, I don't have that game installed on my PC. If @Vonrd would like, he could mix some of these elements over the Alb, above. Which would leave you with the only yellow/black rims. Which I'll roleplay as you idolizing your favorite, former J10 pilot
  10. Britchot

    FC Skins anyone?

    I love it Vonrd! The white makes it pop! It's just the wheels, Luft, no encroachment considered. As Klai said, it's a pretty simple design and probably easily duplicated in real life. Fred made my first skins, by the way
  11. I did the same. It also changed something in my volume, oddly. However, the 3dMigoto mod still worked
  12. I spun it and hit reverse, trying to get to recover quickly but noticed the group coming. I opted to play it safe, not messing anyone's race up, and waited until they passed. That turn kept getting me, ever since I figured out I was going to run out of fuel before the end of the race (about 1/2 way).
  13. The only consistent airplanes we fly on Friday nights are the MiGs, Mirage 2000C, and Harrier. We dabble in the Tomcat, Hornet, and a spattering of other, personal preferences.
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