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  1. June 21st through July 14th, 2019.
  2. Thank you to the fellas in 2.JS. They did all the heavy lifting, allowing me to tag along for one quick practice and then the show. Hopefully the next one will happen before I move, again!
  3. Here are my favorite Su-25 videos: The second one is called "The Rooks Arrived" by Nikolay Anisimov, and the lyrics are translated: Urgent mission now, as always. Looks like our guys got caught. We are flying days and nights At own peril and own risk. Marking place in my map-holder In that square like in a birdcage Our recon gasps for air Trapped in damned mountains Got objectives on the briefing - Need some luck to start completing We’re pushed for time or else Whole platoon is gonna die. Engine start - no time for runup The technician in old suit Slaps my aircraft’s wing edge And two “rooks” are taking off! We can not admire the landscape - We should be on guard while flying Making turns between the mountains Come on, bro, don’t be so slow. We're flying round the hill and Taking look while in a pullup. Whoa! What a gangbang’s there! Care, wingman and stay tight! Hey, down there, hold on dogfaces Time for us to take an action! - ”Gatlings, 30 to your left!” - Shouts the “ground” in headphones Making turn and laying HE-s And while breaking over target Craft is suffering heavy bumpings Like I’m driving country road Traces round me like the web strings I’m maneuvering on toes What a story do we have here - Like the Rooks by Savrasov We arrived for the rescue Getting very warm reception But the “ground” is keeping silence, Come on, recon, speak to me! Somersaulting and rolling Upteenth time I'm telling: I’ll retire after this one, Don’t want coffin in my home. Why on hell to military? When in civil - different story I would have a car, a mansion And be piloting a "bus". My poor “rook” got heavy damage I will bite them back for this one And i see in my direction Flying purple-colored balls Though the miracles still happen - I’m alive, but being hit hard Smart in eyes from perspiration And no refuge from the heat. Getting hot - it’s not just warming Sending “presents” to the ground Very hard to fly the flag Under such a hail of lead Air gun is like a tank’s one - Bark and bumpings from it firing Like I'm mouse in a tin can Being pummeled by rock drill!!! Let’s not get into the reports For them not to drink for our souls’ Squirming like snake on the panful All my ammo have been used. Simulating air attacks Time to get out of this battle Fuel tanks are close to empty And plane’s cracked all it’s ribs. Shivers ran down my spine: "Rook" is nodding like he’s tired So, my life is open question - Craft is absolutely wrecked. But it's still alive and breathing Like there's someone up there helping And i hear in the headphones: “Hey, flyers… Thank you, guys!” On back bearing, decrabbed Left behind all shells and bullets Law invented by Bernoulli Keeps my “rook” in the air Craft holds on on wing and prayer And the blood from nose is running Looks like i’ll get in med.unit A good healing grue from doc. Outer, inner5 and the landing Drag chute smacked behind, deploying After taxiing i’ll step backwards And don’t touch me for some time. Somewhere’s fight, but far from here And around is such a summer… Tech will give me cig and fire Cheer up, guys, life's going on!
  4. Forum post: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/?do=findComment&comment=782083
  5. After the tournament, i may just be purchasing and flying this beaut!
  6. Couldn’t resist, even though it isn’t in Russian
  7. I have a wonderful, limited edition WWII autobiography that I wish I could, share, as well.
  8. Fantastic, collection, @Firefly! I now have a huge list of clips to watch. I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to move this to the Video sub-section, here in the public chat. With all the references to the aircraft we fly, I think it might avoid being buried there. Also, for those that may not have noticed, we can now post more than two embedded YT videos!
  9. To go all the way back to home, I’ve been scrolling to the top and clicking on the Jagdgeschwader 1 banner. Good find with the line spaces, though I have already become accustomed to it.
  10. I'm going to be moving this week, myself. Safe travels and good luck with the remodeling.
  11. Might have to do with the forum update 🤡
  12. Welcome to the forum, Firefly. If you’re looking for MiG-21 lovers that span European and American timezones, you've found the right place. Our Commander will be along this thread shortly and will be sending you some emails, as well.
  13. Next month’s gaming budget will be on this and the -190A-8 😎
  14. Sort of? It is the first step and is certainly related.
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