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  1. Still on my wishlist, but b-day and dad’s day has passed. Maybe xmas?
  2. The F-4 Phantom II was one plane I really wanted to fly. It was gone before I was out of HS, a big reason for my loss of desire to be a pilot. I remember seeing one that was being used for a target that had to stay overnight at Libby. One of her last flights prior to being shot down in training/testing.
  3. I was clearing out my inboxes and came upon my certificate. I spent a lot of time in their courses, finishing all but the last bomber course, I believe. It was a wonderful flight school based on IL-2:1946. I met a ton of fine pilots and instructors and I hope they are all doing well. I only know of a few that are no longer with us, such as Lily. I wish I had all the material they had, it was all great theory.
  4. Such a short lived streak, but damn it felt good to bag a Tomcat.
  5. I flew a drone fixed wing and a helicopter that had Wankel rotaries. The helo sounded tough as hell for only having a 10’ rotorspan. Also had a friend with a 2nd gen RX-7 that took me for a trip through the curvy roads in Virginia. So much fun.
  6. Just keep in mind, some servers will not let you have reshade or 3Dmigoto.
  7. Here's a different F/A-18 campaign, I've had the privilegec of recording voice for:
  8. Definitely start with TrackIR. Having limited head movement in a flight sim will lead to a quick and frustrating death.
  9. I flew a Hornet against Erhardt’s MiG-29 in DCS and it made me realize how superior DCS’s VR graphics are to IL-2:GB. Pretty disappointing, since IL-2’s initial VR “feel” was much better.
  10. Hey, Ted! I hope you're able to get in some flight, we can certainly iron out any questions you have. Klaiber will be sending an introductory email, soon.
  11. I did a fresh install of the game, I had some shader conflicts that had to go, anyway. The new VR zooms aren't all that great for what I used Migoto for. Identifying aircraft is once again pretty difficult, but visibility is hit/miss. I only have one day in it, but I did like that I could bump all my settings up a couple levels with whatever improvements they made. Maybe I'll be able to see better with higher settings (altered after practice).
  12. Great mix of all the different peripherals! I’m bringing home a couple left hand sticks for space games, now I need to figure out what to do with that. Probably swap with the throttle, but will definitely be looking for more permanent solutions when I move, this fall.
  13. Guess I need to go on a deployment, soon...
  14. Tom, please keep in mind what you have asked was a charity from a group that you aren’t associated with. I’m sure your intent of this phrasing was tongue-in-cheek but a more professional, polite method would go much farther.
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