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  1. I am not sure if you saw my response, but are you able to delete my posts and merge them into one? Or do I can I delete them? Sorry Sir, I do not know about forum posts.

  2. Erhardt, these would be a lot easier to look up later in a single thread.
  3. These guys were on my plane from ATL to SYR, yesterday. I didn't recognize any of them but knew they were a rock band by their various styles. The drummer fit the bill the most. Definitely look nothing like what I remember:
  4. It would be a fantastic area to RP cold war events.
  5. My favorite model of my favorite aircraft of all time (the F-4 specifically). I need to get up to Ottawa to see it in the museum.
  6. I'm apparently still on 62, so I'm good.
  7. As I shut down last night it said it was updating. Frustrating because I disabled automatic updates. I’ll take a look tonight when I get home.
  8. That was an anthem from my youth!
  9. I used to know from the hook up perspective but I only did it in the school and never in practice, so I lost it.
  10. Weird that it links to a leaving YT splash page. "Fixed wing exclusively"... how does that feel?
  11. Stable, a.k.a. "Plain", was updated to OB, therefore Multi-Thread or Single Thread is an option to everyone. We were on OB and there is zero changes to what we were used to. Now any game breaking update will break it for everyone, not just us. However, campaign designers don't have to worry about people on Stable having to wait an excessive length of time for a fix to their missions.
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