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  1. The more I've been thinking about it, the more I could see SC or Elite Dangerous being a blast with a collective. Up/down for vertical strafe. Throttle twist for forward/back. Still, I would probably only buy that if you absolutely love helicopters and want to fly them more.
  2. This right here. It's a great way to get more immersed with a helicopter. It could be used for other things, SC could be fun for vertical strafe, but it's certainly more for the helicopters. That said, due to the new router I had to buy, a collective must wait for me.
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/271491-mi-24p-armament/
  4. The things that caught my eye with the SIMple SIMpit chair is the lack of castors and arm rests. The arm rest definitely needs to go if I'm going to install a collective. I'm waiting on some money back from a cancelled tool order. Once I get that, I'll inquire about one of these. Probably go Gray/Black, just to keep it simple.
  5. Colors are buyer's choice, many options for the metal and brown or black for the chair. Here's the reddit article that caught my eye: The maker is only on Facebook, but for those with the account, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/SIMpleSIMpit/ That MiG-29 ($599) stick is amazing, but I'm doing alright with my current TM set. I might order the chair ($299) without the throttle stand and use my current set-up, probably adjusted with an extension on the TM sticks, and quite possibly mount one of the collectives that are out there!
  6. Great info, Raz! I moved this thread to technical support so it’s easier to locate in the future.
  7. LOL, gives a ton of advice (with links!) and apologizes...
  8. The first Hind I ever saw in person (and the Hip I was a door gunner in):
  9. I’m sure, it was the early fielding of the -24P.
  10. I found a great tutorial and (finally) made a thread for Mi-8 tips:
  11. Slight change of pace with some peacekeeping instead of explosions. However, it does give a great shot of the crewmembers in addition to the helo.
  12. Do you have the Hip? That's a beast to fly but damn she's fast. I'm learning the Ka-50, finally. I've only owned it for 10 years or so and only sat in the cockpit once. I figure if I need to do single pilot, modern map, helo CAS, that'll be easier than the Mi-24. Then again, bring a MiG-21 in hot!
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