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  1. Unfortunately, I haven’t used AMD in quite a few years. Sorry
  2. Sure, I’ll share what I’ve got up. I do have one Fw-190 from II./JG1 with a fragment down for repair and another from Pearl Harbor (The Last Torpedo) that needs a new frame. Sorry for the glare, the sun finally came out today. Here’s one from my dad’s collection. I’m expecting a larger one with a poem he wrote. And lastly, pixel art from the airframes I’ve flown for the Army.
  3. Do you use Razer Cortex? If so, try shutting that off.
  4. Thank you for following up on the recruitment thread. Our CO will be along to welcome you and send some additional information to get us started. Welcome!
  5. Due to my next DCS tasking, I had to keep motivated. This photo gives me motivation:
  6. Facebook truly is the anti-hero of all things good.
  7. That is a tough decision. I wasn’t aware they aren’t updating the Rift but I hardly touch mine (it’s on the wife’s PC and she prefers the monitor).
  8. I’ve jumped out of one of those!
  9. Of course Klaiber would want to fly MiG-31s... "Russian MiG-31 Foxhound Shot Down Its Wingman During Disastrous Live Fire Exercise" Great detail. What if she's flying?
  10. Start typing your response then drag and drop
  11. I switched to Nvidia a long time back (2014?) because Cliffs of Dover drew a circle around my airplane where near and far terrain was rendered on my AMD card. I simply stuck with them after that. Not a glaring review, but it’s my reasons, lol.
  12. is it 2x8 or 4x4? if it's 2x8 you can probably get another 2 sticks of the same spec to bring it up to 32.
  13. I'm not sure of your RAM count, but her current one is 32MB. That helps with DCS, a ton.
  14. That rig would probably run a Rift S, no problem, and allow you to keep your current Oculus library. My wife’s current computer is an i7-4750k and 1070G1. This will keep you tethered to the computer, though. I am not personally sold on the value of the Quest, it just seems to be too much of a compromise for portability.
  15. Currently on my work laptop:
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