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  1. Finally. Now that that is over you have more time for flying. Seriously, big CONGRATZ!
  2. Salute to the Flight Sim Community. Normally we would be offering Flanders in Flames Spring Campaign. Unfortunately we are not going forward with FiF at this time. The recent changes to the DM have created a huge disparity in plane survivability. We have made a commitment to FC as being the next generation WW I flight sim but do not want to put forward an event based on a sim with obvious problems. The developers are aware of the situation and are actively seeking a solution to the DM problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. At that time we will re-evaluate. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  3. S! Welcome. Our CO will be sending you some information regarding membership, shortly.
  4. S! All The original project was a skin file that started at time zero, All skins in use at that time were included. The goal was that new skins would be updates to that folder. Original big- follow on small. Within that overall goal was the idea future skins would be along the line of historical skins. Within that parameter some basic JG1 schemes were made. We are using those parameters for future skins, People doing skins will be guided into these schemes and given freedom for some personal variation. NO ONE wants to go back and redo skins. We also do not want people constantly tweaking their skins. When approved, new skins will be put into a pack and posted as an update. So, If you like your skin, you can keep your skin. promise.
  5. S! All The program has been running on the server for a bit. There was a suggestion that instead of Thursday night Flugpark we look over the next FiF. I am going to restart the server at 8:45. Would like to get multiple impressions from people on size and shape etcetera.
  6. Sorry, I got lost. I thought I had posted files for Davjack. Just unzip into the appropriate folder. ! JG1 AlbatrosD5 E__Davjack.zip ! JG1 PfalzD3a E_Davjack.zip
  7. Sorry, I thought I had posted the files. I take it those are OK?
  8. S! All Due to big disco session three is not being counted. Blue team was practically wiped out of planes. Red team still had planes and Blue had some people still flying, so the session went to the end as something to do for fun and to test the scoring system. It was fun and the tally system worked as expected. We will move on to session 4 and not replay session 3. We do not run into time set for Bloody April. The number of allowed players was set to 90. We had less than 60. There were no problems with people getting on the server but due to lower numbers it was not a real test.
  9. Same weather as session 1 Session 4 same as session 2 It makes it fair for the teams switching sides?
  10. S! All As Klaiber posted, please check times. Personally I wish we would get rid off the whole daylight savings time thingie. A brief update. I think I have found why the totals page is not correct. I thought it was a function of counting the actual missions. The missions were being counted correctly. It was a link deep in the actual display array itself. It now works as expected. There was a bug in the Central HQ recon where it would sometimes display the HQ location incorrectly after the plane returned to base. There was a duplicate function that was fighting itself. The Central HQ mission now works as expected and the error is not reproduced. There was a problem with people trying to get on server. Server was set for 70 players. Updated server for 90 players.
  11. S! All First big CONGRATZ to Blue team on a stunning phase A victory. For phase B we start with Blue team Central and Red team as Entente, One minor change .... maybe. I have a new practice map. Looks the same but I adjusted the hit points on trucks. Famous last words..... you should be able to kill trucks with machine guns. I am afraid it is going to take a while to get things working as expected.
  12. S! A few weeks back we ran a German defend. (Not Bruay) This week I was thinking an Entente defend. (Not Metz )
  13. S! All We had some really great fights as shown by Daedallus in the video he posted. There were 59 players on the server at the same time. The server was running an SPS that bounced between 49.9 and 50.1. The tick delay was 11.2. There was a problem in the Spy pick up mission. The practice server is up with three Central airfields in the rear of Entente territory. They are air start so people can quickly do specialty missions. If you want to restart the mission on the server you kill the balloon at the two seater base. When the server restarts the mission it takes almost 2 minutes to go through the target selection process. Wait a couple of minutes before spawning in. Please remember that the special missions require the use of the plane named for that mission. An HQ recon can not do a Trench Map recon mission. We dearly miss the RoF recon program done by AnKor. FiF uses a limited plane set. The purpose is to make people remember that their life and plane are special. The overall goal is to have fun flying. Red team ran out of scout planes. The main reason for this is that they got shot down. Curse you Blue team! The other problem is that people are surviving crashes much easier than in RoF. In the past many people that were shot down died. Also as mentioned above we have more players in the session. It may take some time to figure out the appropriate number of planes. For now we want to keep people flying that can fly. The plane availability is being increased by 6 planes for each side. We will see how this goes.
  14. S! All I had trouble getting screen shots at the end. Was anyone able to get screen shots?
  15. This is a terrible situation. If you make planes will people buy them. Yes but is there enough sales to pay for the cost of production? Would there be more sales of FC vol 1 If FC vol 2 was announced? That is the real question. Are people holding off on FC vol 1 because they do not see a commitment. About 90% of purchasers play the off line career. To really sell it they need to commit to a career. Personally I feel they should pay Pat Wilson and build his career program into the game.
  16. The badge is a good idea. Checkers on the tail and lower wing gets into the " clown wagon" region. You no longer see the plane. You see the checkers. I know we have a few of the old ones that come close to that but we are trying to look a little more authentic? Colorful yet distinguished? The single band on the upper wing, fuselage and wheels is reasonable yet not over done. Easy to recognize and no need for sun glasses.
  17. I did one with the black going back to the tip of the tail. It did not look right for some reason. The wood color gives better definition of the shape.
  18. S! All Locking weapon mods. Sorry, Kinda new at some of these features. In the past we have had "Honor rules" in which we ask people not to take certain load outs or weapons mods. With FC, the game can take care of this. It has taken me a while to figure out but available weapon mods are locked and you still get to pick what you want instead of being forced on you. Banned weapons, like the Becker are not available. This should work as the player expects. You pick what you want. Two seater pilots can pick the bomb load that fits them best. Please recheck the server and see if this is what you expect or if changes still need to be made.
  19. WIP Is the yellow too dark on the alb?
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