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  1. S! ALL


    This week we start Phase B.   Blue team will be Allied and Red team will be Axis. Tank battle areas are reset to the original positions. We are still using the compact map with HQs and airfields moved closer.

  2. S! All

    This Saturday is the last Dry Run before hostilities begin.   

    Some changes

    1. F2 functionality will be removed. It was accidently on in the first dry-run.
    2. The commander tank is a resource drain. It has been removed. Right now, all flags are pure capture.
    3. We added new aircraft for people without Bodenplatte: the Bf 109F-4 (BOS) and the Yak-1 series 69 (BOS)
    4. Because Red team has few people in tanks, air and ground battle-zones will now be restricted to just one sector at a time.  Once a sector is captured by a team, the game will select another sector to open.  It will keep doing this until all sectors have been claimed.  This can be changed back in the future.
    5. We added an extra wooden bridge in the Northern sector to allow crossing if the stone bridge is destroyed.
    6. Despite the request, we will not add the free tanks.  There are too many bugs.
    7. I've added a Blue Team section to JG1's TS.  Everyone recheck your whispers!
    8. Tank spawn defenses have been widened.
    9. This will be Dead is Dead for pilots. This will give us info on plane numbers.
  3. S! All


    We added pictures of the aircraft spawn locations. This should help orient pilots to their location relative to the runway.

    You always spawn at the end of the runway and perpendicular to the runway. You will need to pull forward some 50 m or so.

    When you spawn in. look for the wind sock. When you pull onto the runway, turn towards the windsock. This should give you the maximum length of runway.


    Pictures are here in the map section.

  4. On 3/9/2021 at 1:24 PM, Klaiber said:

    Thanks for posting, Gen.  I know that we have Tanks In Flames on the same days.  However, their event starts at 4PM EST / 9PM UTC.  And ours starts at 2PM EST / 7PM UTC.  So, people could probably do both if they're judicious about their time.

    They say they start at 1600 UTC.  Is that 11 AM EDST?  8 AM Pacific? 29:76 Twilight Zone?



    Some one needs to do The Confused Elmer Fudd talking to the game warden. "What season is it?" "It is Daylight savings time season."  He starts shooting clocks. 

     Where is my shotgun?



  5. S! All

    TiF will be open server this Sunday.

    Due to time changes it will be run on Daylight Time - 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC.

    This is the result of last session action. German forces captured Allied base in the South.



    This session starting positions. Allies have fallen back towards their Ammo base.




    Detail of southern location showing German Advance.


  6. This was an interesting session. Below are starting and ending maps. The German team was able to capture the southern Allied base.

    The Germans had many tankers but few planes.

    The Allies had many planes but few tankers.

    The Germans were able to control all flags but only able to destroy the southern allied HQ at the end of session,

    The Allies were able to destroy the Northern HQ but could not maintain control of the flags.

    The map also shows that when a base is capture, the bases in the middle become active to extend game play.


    Almost a stalemate.



  7. S! All


    Update on Phase B session 2.  


    Rule :

    "The bombing of Icon targets may only be performed by two-seater aircraft that have been designated as a "bomber". Bombers may drop ordinance on any ground target. This includes factories, shops, bridges, ships, supply convoys, supply trains and special airfields to attack."


    Red team used an arty spot plane and not a bomber to bomb the factory. The factory mission has been removed from Red team score.

  8. S! All


    Ready to start Phase B.  Plane set has been updated. A minor change from the original set. The S-22 has been dropped and replaced by the HP-400.

    Blue team is Central and Red team is Entente.

    Please remember that NO weapons mods are allowed. 

    Plane mods such as wing cut outs are allowed.


    Many thanks to 1PL-Husar_1Esk for the suggestion that changing the forest distance from "Maximum" to "Very Far" to eliminate the forest from flashing in and out.


  9. S!

    I was surprised to see people flying the S-22 and the Gotha. The videos and streams were very exciting. The S-22 was included because it is the Russian map and it can survive against the early planes if escorted.

    My judgement may be clouded by my personal experience. I find all the large bombers very easy to shoot down. While I like flying the big bombers, many of our targets are very small and some are moving. Not ideal for high altitude bombing. That is why the largest number of bombers available was 10 FE 2B for Entente and only 8 Roland Cl2 for Central. The Roland is faster and a bit OP for the plane set. Lower numbers combined with a lower bomb load was an attempt to even things out. 

    I would suggest however that the replacement for the S-22 would be the HP- 400

  10. New from the front.


    Der KreigenBlatt

    The Russian winter continues to take its toll on our men and machines. Our forces at Schindelsmertz made good advances early in the day. Territory around Peskovatka was under our control. It was not to be. Overwhelming Soviet forces swept around from the south. Our brave men put up a good fight but were eventually over run by Soviet forces. Schindelsmertz was lost.


    Although our forces in the south were greatly outnumber they held out. We were able to get some planes in the air. These few dealt several blows to the enemy as well as protect our forces. The day was almost done when our Japanese comrades switched sides and stabbed us in the back. As the sun set, a blood curdling BANZAI !!!!! cry rang out. A lone pilot destroyed Gertrude HQ. Demoralized, our tired and frozen men were forced to fall back to protect our supply area. Forward base Gertude was captured by Soviet forces.

    Pray for our men that were captured by these Cossack fiends.

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