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    S! Flybert, AS Wurger said we are getting it together. It was good seeing you online the other night. We are getting our server operations in order. Another week and we will have it down. Our forums need some additions and then we will be set to revive FiF. Right now we have about 10 pilots that are flying. We have some of the old guard getting the urge to become active again. For some preliminary info on FIF , go to http://home.nctv.com/jojo/FiF%202.html See ya soon, S!
  2. S! Ok computer program lesson time : "back door" "A backdoor in a computer system (or cryptosystem or algorithm) is a method of bypassing normal authentication, securing remote access to a computer, obtaining access to plaintext, and so on, while attempting to remain undetected." I am willing to post a list per mission in the members only section. This would consist of a non publicized target who's destruction would cause the mission to end. For Dh2s vs E3 ( Which by the way only runs 70 minutes, I just did not want to change the text and I think 30 minutes is too short, how about 45?- Let the hageling begin !!! ) or any mission for that mater, I could place a balloon that is vulnerable at the German airbase. Killing it would end the mission. That way JG1 pilots could control the mission rotation without having to access the server. S!
  3. S! Hett Thanks. The more we do, the more we learn. S!
  4. S! All We are uploading a new mission to the server and are having a little problem with the ini file. It might take a little while to figure this out. That is just part of the learning curve for new software and systems. Thank you. S!
  5. S! All Hett does it again !!! He has a Paypal account set up for JG1. It accepts Paypal and most major credit cards. When you click the donate button you will be directed to the DtR business Paypal and see an entry for JG1 server donation. You do not need a Paypal account and for credit cards or other forms of payment, follow the link at the bottom of the invoice. The link for the donation page is : Server donation S!
  6. S! Great job Hett. Love idea #1 some questions... Should the server have it's own page where we can advertise the server service? Would a seperate server page like that be a good place not just for the donation button but a description of the missions that we run on the server? A monthly donation/ server fund totals report sent to HQ sounds good. Donations should be kept private. I would not want people that are unable to donate feel any preasure to donate. Right now, times are very tough for a lot of folks. We want people to be able to join and fly with no expectations or obligations. I know we have enough interest to come up with a few months service to see how the server handles with a full load of 40 people. That will allow us to evaluate the bandwith situation. I do not believe that we will have any problems but I am an optomist. I am curious to see what the server interface is like. I presume it will be a simple text dialogue box where we upload missions and can change the ini file. Simple but limited. S! and well done !!
  7. S! All Big news. Rolf Hett has been doing a CONSIDERAL amount of work investigating the various options for JG1 to be able to operate a dedicated server. He has found a company in New York city that will allow us to operate a server for $2 per player. That is not a per player charge like World of WarCraft. It is a charge for the total number of players online at any one time. At this time, final details of administration are being finalized. If all goes well, we will have a dedicated 24/7 server that can hold 40 people in the next week or so. The number 40 came up because it looked like what we would use for tournament play. Depending on interest and total activity, that number could eventually be raised if necessary. We all owe Rolf Hett a big thank you and a night at the HoffBrau for taking the initiative and doing a lot of work! S! Herr Hett and a great big THANK YOU !!
  8. S! Strik Good to see you. Try and be a good boy and ask Santa for a new computer.
  9. S! All Because the offer discounts for bundles, I did not think they would have any more plane sales. Well, I was wrong. Plane sale is going on now. I am not sure if they still give a discount for bundeling them but it is worth checking out. S!
  10. S! All Because the offer discounts for bundles, I did not think they would have any more plane sales. Well, I was wrong. Plane sale is going on now. I am not sure if they still give a discount for bundeling them but it is worth checking out. S!
  11. S! All Please be patient. At this time the site is being re built. The immediate goal is to get functionality for the II/JG1 forums. This really means linking after action reports with a kill board as well as a few other things. Once the framework is done, it will be easy to transfer it here and change the skins to an appropriate sheme. Thanks,
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